Gina Rinehart – Are You Kidding Me?

September 6th, 2012 by Michael Tabor
This woman has a lot of audacity for publically telling poor people not to grumble about their poverty-stricken circumstances. How dare you, Ms. Heiress who inherited literally billions of $$, open your mouth! It’s almost impossible to NOT get it right in terms of turning a profit when you have that much money to play with, except of course you are the clown, Donald Trump whose only real accomplishment was that stupid show of his.
Nobody is naïve to the fact that wealth creates more wealth and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a business venture going if you don’t have some money to invest. I don’t mind real entrepreneurs and legitimate rags to riches business people i.e. Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet giving advice, but this woman has no business opening her big fat mouth, especially in this economy. I have nothing more to say about this woman, I have nothing but contempt for her.
So what do you think ? WhaDaYaThink ? BTW, a friend sent this link to me written by the incredibly privileged Gina Rinehart Yes, she gives 21 suggestions to strike it rich but she forgot the most important part: have the right parents and inherit a billion dollars.

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14 Responses to “Gina Rinehart – Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. Son of Walt Says:

    Those filthy, rotten, selfish, spoiled rich people. How dare they be so rich.

    Why do people hate the rich so much? Even rich people hate people who are richer then themselves. Is is because they study harder in school and went on to professionals like being a doctor? Is it because they were more creative and became a famous actor or rock star? Is it because they were more ambitious and developed new innovative ideas like the iPhone.? Is it because they took more financial risks and became billionaires like Warren Buffett? Or do they perceive that the rich are somehow happier and had an easier life? Or is it just jealousy?

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Son of Walt, and glad to see you back, you have been away for a while. Just to let anyone reading this know, I personally know Son of Walt, we went to high school and college together, he majored in accounting (yuck) and I in journalism @ the same university. Son of Walt is one of the very few people I know who has not felt the pinch (mildly put) of this recession and is fairly well off financially. There were no hand outs for SOW, he worked very hard, got his CPA and has an important job with a great company. In a nutshell, SOW has a big house, some deep pockets and he has EARNED every single penny through hard work and perserverence. I know his position and I certainly understand why he feels the way he does, it’s the “I did it, I made sacrifices, so why can’t everyone else do the same”. It’s human nature to think this way.

    However, though SOW has worked very hard, there still was a little Lady Luck involved. SOW graduated @ a time when the economy was flourishing and if you had a degree in accounting it was very easy to get a job. Today, the young men and women with acounting degrees are working at Pathmark as a grocery clerk making minimum wage. So this is a whole new situation we have on our hands.

    Here are are my thoughts on what SOW wrote:

    1. Do we all hate the rich ? I don’t think that’s exactly the case, sure if we did all the right things and are still struggling, then sure, it makes us angry to see Paris Hilton prancing around.

    2 .Ahh becoming a doctor – don’t complain, just be a doctor. I agree with SOW here in terms of the prodigious sacrifice doctors make. A doctor doesn’t make a dime until he’s 30 + he or she has a 1/2 a million dollars in student loans, etc. Drs. make the big bucks and they deserve it. However, to become a dr., obviously you have to be SMART – top of your class smart (it helps if if your parents are doctors 2), and so not everyone has the intelligence, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY WORK, to be a doctor. Lots of variables here – Hard work and sacrifice but you have to be gifted + not to repeat myself, but wealthy parents to guide you through the long hard journey is a blessing.

    3. Becoming a rock star or artist is 99.9% is luck. Just go on youtbe and you can see all these incredibly talented people who have NOTHING.

    4. I’ll end this with my personal viewpoint. Life is not fair – accept it. The sooner you come to this realization, the better off you are. I don’t care one iota about people with $$$; I suppose there are people who are jealous of the rich but it doesn’t apply to me. What I want, which is what I think most people want is to not have to worry about losing your house or paying all your bills, etc. I’m middle class and happy (and lucky) and I don’t want to be rich. I do feel for poor people though – it sucks being impoverished even after all the hard work and sacrifices you have made. So, work hard, do the best you can, don’t be envious, and tell an heiress like Gina Rinehart to F**K OFF !

  3. magdalena tabor Says:

    Well, said Michael. My sentiments exactly. What’s especially refreshing is to see rich folks putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to helping the poor, not just by contributing monetarily (for tax write offs) but by getting in there with their sleeves up and helping people for reall. For example, commendable contributions by members of the British Royal Family who actually invest their own time to physically interact with the poorer sectors of society. And of course, important and heratfelt services by our US celebrities who have gotten their arms as well as their sleeves dirty helping out the unfortunate Katrina victims, etc…..No, we’re not sour grapes about rich people. But when the attitudes of the rich go sour, it’s enough to make you sick.

  4. magdalena tabor Says:

    And as an added note, no one chooses to be poor. Their are circumstances in life preventing people from grabbing the brass ring. Everyone needs a lucky break but there are few get it. Life isn’t fair and that’s just the way it is. It’s loathsome for someone as wealthy as Ms Rinehart, who has never felt the pinch, to utter a single word against those less fortunate. Imagine how just a small portion of her money could halp in vast and wonderful ways!

  5. le duke de fromage Says:

    michael,1. some people hate rich just because they are rich
    2. A distinction should be made between self made rich and inherited wealth,with the former usually tolerated
    more than the latter.
    3. some rich are obnoxious bores who flaunt wealth and deserve the loathing directed against them
    4. Honestly if i were rich i probably could care less of what people think
    5. However i happenen to know Son Of Walt is single and i have a neice , the family equivalent of SNOOKI, and we would love to set up a intimate dinner, strictly platonic of course and let nature take its course.My sister would be very grateful.

  6. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Le Duke – agree with all of the above. #5 is a great idea !!!! Son oF Walt is a good guy.

  7. Son of Walt Says:

    Thanks for outing me Mike!

    Rich is relevant. Everyone on this blog would be considered rich in the eyes of those living in a 3rd world country. Yet, how many of us rich bloggers on here, complaining about the how the rich are not helping out enough, have actually contributed anything themselves?

    I know a woman from Peru, who grow up much poorer than we did in this county. She thinks everyone in America is rich. Including all those in the working class town that the sponsor of this blog and I grow up in. Yet, not once, have I ever heard her complain that the rich should do more to help her. Americans are spoiled.

  8. rick Says:

    Le Duke is right on inherited and actually worked for. People who usually inherit money waste it, people who earn it spend it more wisely.
    Its true most poor people dont intend to be poor, but whats poor mean in this society? Cable, Big screen tv, medicaid, food stamps and more goodies. I believe this system keeps some poor—-richly poor. Its a corrupt system that demonizes the true needy.

  9. Michael Tabor Says:

    Food stamps are goodies ? I had 5 siblings and only my father, with a high school degree, was able to work and, yes, we had food stamps. I remember being so embarrassed to to pull out those “green tickets’ so I could eat lunch. People made fun of me for being from a poor family, but I absorbed the assaults and I have no shame for filling my hungry belly.

  10. Rick Says:

    Food stamps are being given too anyone today and the amount of money on those cards is much larger then when you were young in comparison. PS- I never made fun of you.

    Cable, Big screen tv, medicaid, food stamps and more goodies.

    Dont twist my words like a typical libeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeral

  11. Rick Says:

    PSSSSS- your father worked. End of story

  12. magdalena tabor Says:

    SOW, regarding your comment on how many “rich bloggers” on this site actually contribute……are you kidding me? I contributed to Katrina and charged it to my credit card because I didn’t have the money. I contribute $10.00 here, $10.00 there toward organizations I believe in almost every time I get paid, after I can just barely pay the bills. I contribute to the guy down and out on the street even when I know he’ll spend it on booze just so that his horrible existence will be a little more bearable. What makes me REALLY SAD is that I can’t do enough, that my meager earnings don’t put a dent into making a real difference. And THAT’S why I get down on those who can truly help but don’t.

  13. Rick Says:

    married to Mike the richest man I know, how can you barely pay bills. Hes good for 7 figures at least. I heard his singing voice!

  14. magdalena tabor Says:

    He’s rich in many other ways and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. Bills be damned.

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