September 30th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
Last night’s performance by Neil Young at Central Park’s Great Lawn cannot fall to the wayside without acknowledging the greatness that made the man the legend. The preceding bands, while talented, simply pale in comparison and it’s no wonder they saved the best for last. The song “I wanna walk like a giant on the land” started out simple enough but we all know the man is much more complex; the ending encapsulates his typical grunge style taken to levels of such extreme we literally quivered in the wake of the giant’s footsteps. WOW ! What genius. Neil, while considerably older, has traded his glorious youth for the masterful art of his craft.
Neil, you put the STARS back into our eyes. Thank you. You are a

Jim McMahon, 53, Has Brain Damage; What is the NFL Going to Do About it?

September 28th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

Yes it’s true – the two – time All American from Brigham Young University and the incredibly cocky and handsome QB from that amazing “Super Bowl Shuffle” 1985 Chicago Bears team is suffering from dementia. We human beings are not built to absorb repeated blows to the head – period. Everyone knows about boxing and Muhammed Ali, etc. but the NFL has the same problem and it’s starting to get SCARY.
This is Lurie Navon’s description of her boyfriend, Jim McMahon, today- “He has a slow shuffle (sadly, no pun intended), an empty stare, and responds to my questions in non-sequiturs.” According to the article in Sports Illustrated, 9/10/2012, Jim sometimes stands confusedly in front of his house and doesn’t recognize it. He also bursts into senseless rage and is on a daily dose of antidepressants to deal with the situation. Lurie insists on having many pictures taken with him, because she’s afraid that he’s going to wake up one day and not remember her. Well, I can go on, but it’s just too sad….
There are a multitude of stories not unlike Jim McMahon’s and the plaintiffs representing the ex-players who are afflicted with dementia are filing a class action suit. The sad truth is that no money in the world is going to bring their memories back. What’s also unfortunate, is the league is certainly aware of the monumental problem of concussions, brain damage, dementia, etc. but what else can anyone do but manufacture safer head gear. I don’t have any answers except for the aforementioned and it’s clear that the NFL doesn’t either.
So whaDaYaThink ? What do you think? Does anyone out there have a solution to this seemingly difficult dilemma in which NFL finds itself? Please, I’d love to get your feedback.


Sick Passenger

September 28th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
I awake suddenly
From my seat
On the train.
I’m aware
Of a dull ache
In the pit of my stomach.
The elastic at my waist
Is binding, I reason.
I tug at it
But it’s no good,
The aching persists.
I begin to feel weak.
My head at my knees
To alleviate
The light headedness.
I’m too warm,
Tugging at my jacket,
Rummaging through my purse
For something to fan with.
It’s a brochure
Of the Frisbee House,
A favorite place.
The fanning helps.
I begin to cool,
Feeling better
By degrees.
The mystery illness
I read the brochure
As if nothing
Ever happened.


September 27th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor


The Question to Which Nobody Has the Answer

September 26th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

If you are a religious believer, you know what question I am going to pose: If you claim that “God” created the world then it stands to reason to ask– Who created God and  who was the intelligent designer who created the God who created God, ad infinitum – an infinite regress. Conversely, what was going on before the big bang? What banged and why? A plethora of scientists can explain what happened 1/1000 of a second before the bang but they’re all clueless in terms of what was going on before – perhaps, nothing? Can anyone wrap his or her brain around absolutely nothing existing for a long period of time?
There is a Russian physicist, Andrei Linde, who claims that we humans, will sometime in the near future, be able to create our own universe in a lab if we like. He has a theory called chaotic inflation, which in a nutshell states that we need 100 thousandth of a gram of matter and some negative energy and BAM – we’ll have created billions and billions of galaxies – no supernatural abilities necessary. However, is this something we would want to do? And, wouldn’t making another universe crowd in on the one in which we live now? Actually, Linde stated that the universe would just simply expand into itself, so there would be no danger of the aforementioned. How about this: would you want to have some sort of control over your creation – Creator and Creation just like the religions (myths) we have now. Just think (this is out there, but…) our world maybe some higher power’s physics project,  after all our world is VERY weird and it’s certainly far from perfect. “Your grade for the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy – C-.”
The real question is – Why is there something rather than nothing? To think about this too long can literally drive you crazy. Sir Bernard Lovell claimed that “pondering it could tear the individual’s mind asunder” and William James said that this is the “darkest question in all of philosophy.’ Some physicists are now asserting that there is something to nothing – it’s actually something you can measure, something akin to dark matter.
So does anyone out there have a clue about creation? Since the beginning of mankind, all civilizations have had creation myths i.e. Christian- Judea has Adam and Eve, etc. This is quite interesting – there is  a tribe in Africa called the African Bantus who claim “The entire contents of the universe e.g. sun, stars, land, sea, animals, fish, man, woman were literally vomited out of the mouth of a nauseated god called Bumba. ” Sounds crazy, right ? But is it any crazier than the whole Adam and Eve rib story? What do you think ? WhaDaYaThink ?


Howling Mad

September 26th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor

An article appearing on today rankled me enough to protest the senseless slaughter of an entire wolf pack in Washington State consisting of no less than 8 wolves. And why??? Because rancher Bill McIrvine has not done enough to protect his cattle grazing on public land. His convoluted idea that there are radical environmentalists conspiring to introduce Gray Wolves to the detriment of ranchers who lease grazing land is absurd, when it is he who has done nothing to prevent the wolves from doing what comes naturally. The Gray Wolf, on the endangered list, has only just begun to proliferate over the last ten years, and now sadly, an entire pack must be destroyed because of the stupidity of just one person.
Long a subject of controversy, Ranchers versus Conservationists advocation of wolves, the two can readily co-exist by separating wolves from domestic livestock. It’s a no brainer – open land, open hunting. Wolves don’t understand they’re not supposed to do this. Man with his brain has to delineate the line by making it a visible one. We have McIrvine to thank for not using his and compromising an entire species for his ineptitude.
74% of the public vote NO in the decision to eliminate the pack. They are being destroyed as we speak. Get smart, America. Endangered or not? Extinct or not? It’s up to you. Make McIrvine assume responsibility for his non action. He wants grazing rights without lifting a finger. Then points it at us when the end result is what’s to be expected. Go eat a burger, you foolish excuse for a human being. Get yourself endangered with a huge topping of cheese.
So……….whadayathink? What do you think? Even ranchers have commented on McIrvine’s lack of wit. As ranchers, they expect a certain number of cattle to be lost to wolves but they use preventive measures. Even so, they are not opposed to wolves. If they can understand we’re all part of the chain, why can’t McIrvine?


Happy Oktoberfest !

September 23rd, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor


Forever Young

September 22nd, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
I remember my very first concert. Impressive only in that the sheer number of events attended should have clouded over with time. Not so. At least not entirely. The 70’s produced the best rock and roll of all time and I was there for the ride. It’s one of the rewards for being this old.
An ardent Neil Young fan of his Buffalo Springfield days (no, I’m not quite that old. Just happened to own a copy of Retrospective), I bought and devoured the Harvest album as soon as it hit the shelves. That lonely haunting quality, both in voice and melodic lyrical content,  struck a chord so deep it resonates to this day. So, in 1972, when my new boyfriend clinched tickets launching the Harvest tour, I was elated. We were set to go to Madison Square Garden upon his return ski trip. I playfully told him to “break a leg” as he was leaving, you know that old Hollywood phrase for Good Luck. (I thought it was rather clever at the time.) He glared at me, then promptly returned two days later, leg in cast. The punishment for the unintended arsenic contained in those three little words was the threat of having to miss the concert. There would be no way for us to sit in our assigned seats encumbered with his newly plastered unbendable limb, he explained. The disbelief in my face as I struggled to digest the news prompted him to suggest we go anyway in hope of swapping two end seats with someone. The logic was he could stick his leg out into the aisle (and hopefully avoid tripping anyone in the process). As luck would have it, an obliging couple at the end of the row agreed to trade. Securely seated, we waited in darkness when a spotlight suddenly flared. And then THERE HE WAS! Harvest hat and all, perched on a chair, strapped with his acoustic guitar. Thanks, Brian. I’ll always treasure that moment and uh……sorry about the leg.
Since then, I’ve been to many Neil Young shows. Most notably, another Garden event for all three consecutive nights of the Rust Never Sleeps tour (compliments of Marty. Thank you). And the last time, at the Jones Beach Theater for the Greendale tour. One thing I will say about Neil. He does what he wants and when he wants to. He performed his entire Greendale album amidst occasional (polite) groans and a singular plaintive cry of “Neeee-illlll” from fans eager to hear something familiar. He laughed, joked, and ultimately toyed with us, delighting in every minute of making us wait it out. And when he was goooood and ready, he threw us a bone with a little meat on it saying, “You’re such a well behaved audience” as he rocked into a tune pulled from his bag of tricks. He doled it out in dribs and drabs to his “damage done” admirers.
But my long standing love affair with Neil came to an abrupt end (for about a year) after his 2010 New Yorker interview in which he revealed his distaste for his fans in the audience with the scathing words, “I hate to see them”. Hey! That’s me out there. Who do you think helped to pay for that ranch you’ve been living on for the past forty years? I’m not just any old “ruby in the dust”. I was hugely disappointed.  But then time passed. I forgave. Much as you would  for anyone near and dear. Neil is, after all, a part of my DNA (Do Not Alter). An essential component of my chemical make up. And I get where he’s coming from. When you’re into your groove, the last thing you want to see is someone making an ass out of themselves. It breaks the spell. Just close your eyes, Neil.  It looks great in the photo.
So………..whadayathink? Neil’s soon to be released (“I will never do an”) autobiography, Waging Heavy Peace, is much anticipated. Catch his FREE concert Saturday, September 29th at NYC’s Central Park. You need a “free” ticket to get in but have sound will travel and so should you.
B there or B…….S Q U A R E.


September 21st, 2012 by Michael Tabor

Written by Le Duke de Fromage

Some six months ago, the Pennsylvania legislature [republican controlled] passed a law requiring all registered voters to have a photo I.D. to show before voting.This controversial law has created a maelstrom of protest across the commonwealth. Republicans claim it is needed to prevent voter fraud and have long suspected ballot box stuffing in Philadelphia. Democrats claim it is a ruse to prevent voters such as minorities,the poor, the young, and the elderly, those more likely to vote for Obama from voting.In the past, no photo I.D. was needed in Pa. the new law states you must show a photo I.D. such as a drivers license or passport to qualify to vote.
Democrats argue that there isn’t enough time for voters to obtain the necessary document and the commonwealth was not set to handle the volume of applicants applying.They were joined by such groups as League of Women Voters,N.A.A.C.P. and the Homeless Advocacy League. Republicans countered with anyone who applies can get a non-driving photo I.D. at any Dept. of Motor Vehicles. Estimates vary but it seems that about one million voters statewide currently do not have a valid photo I.D. that would allow them to vote.
“Its a political move against Obama and Democratic voters”, cried the Democratic Party and it seems to have some merit. One top Republican official said ,”With the passing of this bill we can guarantee a win for Romney in Pa”.More controversy arose when a report published in Phila.newspapers showed that in the last 10 years there were only three known cases of voter fraud in the entire commonwealth. Voters are questioning whether that justifies a law change this close to a presidential election.They also argue that the process could phase in over a period of two elections.
Currently 17 states require a photo I.D. in order to vote.This new law enacted in Pennsylvania is one of the strictest and puts a real burden on a certain minority of the population. This includes homeless, elderly, and rural residents. As I voted in the past, I often thought how easy it was to go in , give your name, and were allowed to vote. Well those days are over. As is to be expected certain groups are challenging the law and their objections are now being presented to the Pa. Supreme Court.Interestingly enough the court consists of 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats. They are expected to rule of the legality of the suit by the end of Sept. Ironically there are 7 justices but one, a Republican has been charged with political corruption involving election fund fraud and has been removed from the bench.
To certain groups this whole bruha wreaks of political chicanery, and to a great extent, they are probably right. However, others justify the new law by stating the old rules were lax, outdated, and were open to corruption, and they were probably right. Currently some 32 states are considering revising their voting procedures signifying change is inevitable. While this law is limited to Pennsylvania it could have great impact on other states if allowed to pass.


Jeffrey MacDonald: Is it Possible That He’s Innocent?

September 17th, 2012 by Michael Tabor
Jeffrey MacDonald has been clamoring for a new trial for more than 3 decades, and it now has been confirmed that he will get one. For anyone who has forgotten MacDonald, he was the Special Forces Green Beret officer and Medical Doctor who was convicted in 1979 (the murders occurred in Feb. of 1970) of brutally beating and stabbing his wife and 2 young daughters to death. It was as vicious and sickening of a crime as one can ever imagine; MacDonald’s pregnant wife (would have been their third child) was repeatedly bludgeoned and stabbed 37 times with an ice pick and a knife. His 2 year old daughter was stabbed 33 times (can you fathom such a twisted thing?) and her 5 year old little sister was clubbed and stabbed in the neck a dozen times. How can any person, let alone a father and husband commit such a heinous crime?
I didn’t read the book, ‘Fatal Vision’, but I saw the movies and mini-series about this case and I certainly was convinced that Jeffrey MacDonald was guilty. However, there is a new book out called ‘A Wilderness of Error’ by the renowned documentary filmmaker Errol Morris who claims that MacDonald didn’t get a fair trial and there was a woman (now deceased) who said that she and three other men committed the crime. This woman, Helena Stoeckley, initially did say that she was involved when she was initially deposed, but then reversed her position when she was up on the witness stand. What happened there you may ask? Well, first of all Helena Stoeckly suffered from mental illness and she was also a drug addict. As a matter of fact, she died of cirrhosis of the liver in 1983 when she was only 32 years old. So most people just dismissed her testimony anyway and deemed her as an unreliable witness.
For all these years MacDonald has maintained that this was a “Charles Manson – like” triple homicide (The Manson murders were the talk of the town at the time and someone had written “PIG” on the headboard of the bed). Therefore, with this new trial and now DNA, we will finally find out if Jeffrey MacDonald was really a victim, or an unspeakable psychopathic monster.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Do you think Jeffrey MacDonald is innocent? Did you ever think he was? There are reams of interviews on YouTube, a couple of movies about the case, and at least two books about this tragic affair.  We shall soon find out.