Why Do People Hate Barack Obama?

August 23rd, 2012 by Michael Tabor

I have said over and over again, should Romney and Ryan win and turn around this absolutely awful economy, I will change party affiliations (except on social issues). It would require divine intervention to turn the worst recession (if that’s what you want to call it) since 1929 to the heydays of the Clinton years in just 4 years. I know that George W. Bush isn’t the only culprit (he’s not smart enough to ruin this great country single-handedly), it’s a lot more complicated than that, but W. Bush and his GOP administration are certainly not without blame – and the bottom line is “W” was commander-in-chief when the stuff hit the fan.
I am not a trained economist but I am an informed citizen and after speaking with my buddy (a CPA and finance guru) and reading the New York Times every day, here’s what happened in a nutshell: To start, there are 4 institutions with which we ought to be outraged -1. The Federal Reserve 2. The Treasury 3. The W. Bush administration of course and 4. Congress (then and now). When everyone started buying houses back in the early 2000’s, including people who could not afford to maintain a monthly mortgage payment (Walt, the CPA, said when B*** S**** bought a house back then, he knew there was something rotten in Denmark) it was just a matter of time before the real estate bubble would burst and foreclosures would reach epic proportions – 2006. Two years later, in 2008 the stock market crashed, the banks melted down, there was no more credit, and unemployment soared (on paper up to 10%, but the real #, even now is probably 20% e.g. people with lousy, under-paying jobs, etc.)
I feel the pain and everyone I know feels it too (except for Walt the guru – lol). Just as a matter of conversation, I have a habit of asking in a friendly way “how business is”, and there isn’t a single person or establishment such as retailers, banks, and barber shops (are people cutting their own hair?) who doesn’t sadly say, they’re one creditor away from closing shop. However, what shocks me is, there is an incredibly competent and intelligent man who is trying to get us out of this mess. Granted, it’s still bad but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the Republican’s hero, Ronald Reagan, had a disastrous first four years. An administration needs, at the very least 8 years to see improvement, so why would we want to start all over with Romney.
I will conclude this essay by touching on a movie I saw recently called ‘Margin Call’ (loosely based on the fall of Lehman Brothers). We all knew that the good times wouldn’t last and the bubble would burst eventually (congress, Bush, Investment bankers who were for years screaming for less regulation, got it, and then ripped us off) but we all thought it would last just a little longer. GREED is part of the human condition and though Gordon Gekko maintained that greed is good and it’s the soul of capitalism, I think the lesson we ought to come away with is that competitiveness is good, but as the ancient Greeks said, moderation, clear-thinking, and the notion that “this is one planet and we’re all in this together” should resonate.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? I don’t have a crystal ball, but one thing I do know is that we have a damn good president now and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather see in the oval office over the next 4 years, than Barack Obama.

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21 Responses to “Why Do People Hate Barack Obama?”

  1. where choice cheapest Hermes Birkin 30 Bags Says:

    Great delivery. Solid arguments. Keep up the good spirit.

  2. Chip Says:

    I’ve never understood why so many people blame Obama for the mess we’re in. If only people would accept the fact that we were on a massive downhill slide before he took office; but it’s so much easier for them to blame Obama for not being able to clean up Bushs mess. At least he knew we had a mess. Remember McCain the same day the economy tanked, was giving a press conference and when asked what he would do to improve the economy he stated “the economy?, We’re in fine shape”. The Republicans pretty much kept their mouths shut about the mess until Obama took office and then suddenly the blame game began!

    On another note: Mitt Romney stopped off in Michigan on his way to the RNC and made a comment “this is where I’m from, no one asked me for my birth certificate”; sarcastically referring to the old birther issue that they keep bringing up, despite the fact that Obama’s birthplace has been proven. What I’d like to add is: No one may have asked for Romney’s birth certificate, but we have asked for more transparency and more of his tax returns!” To which he has replied “NO”. What are you hiding Mr. Romney?

  3. Rick Says:

    People dont blame Obama for the mess we are in. They blame him for prolonging the mess were in. Wasteful spending, terrifying healthcare law, class warfare, not working with the republican congress at all, not giving hope and change to those who believed in him. Barack Obama has socially implemented the demolition of the most free society in only 4 years. He has spent more money then all prior presidents combined.
    I thought the Romney comment was pretty funny Chip. Oh yes then lets see Obamas college transscripts, oh we cant he sealed them. Whats he hiding……..I dont give a flying FFFFFFFFFFFFF Please Chip get a life!
    And really that sign with George Bush saying” You miss me yet?” I thought W wasn’t the best in fact the Iraq mission and spending t’ed me off, but really Mike and Chip. Are you better off now then you were when Bush was president. IS ANYBODYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Obama has failed and its time for Romney. Your argument sucks for Obama, 4 more years of this crap? No thank you.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Rick -although your comment is anything but flattering, @ least you acknowledge the fact that the bubble burst was on “W” Bush’s watch NOT Obama’s. You’re on the right, and of course there’s not a single thing Obama has done of which you approve. But Rick, where do we go from here: 1. Elect Romney amd Ryan (Ryan has little girlie arms but he’s a big man when he has a gun – Ryan is a big pro-gun guy. Sorry, just a silly incidental point – lol) and start all over again, which means we’ll be in this mess for at least another 8 years or 2. Allow Obama to finish what he started; no great president can accomplishh anything substantive in just 1 term. Just think, it took the great FDR 4 FULL terms to get us out of the Great Depression of 1929.

  5. magdalena Says:

    I wouldn’t want to be in Mitt’s hands (or shall I say, in his mitt?) Anyone who has the mindless insensitivity to tie the family dog to the roof of the car while on vacation can’t have anyone’s best interests at heart, let alone run a country. Even Mitt’s mutt deserves better.

  6. rick Says:

    1st to Magdalaena- Please Obama ate dog. Which dog would you rather be?
    Mike- Your point is bs just like your comment about Ryan, in your old age he would pounch you up and down the sidewalk.
    2nd- Your so quick to point out Bush. What about Reagan Mike? Stop with the liberal talking points I thought you were smarter then that. Your little liberal group is a cheap version on CNBC.

  7. rick Says:

    Oh yes one more thing Mike, that communist FDR prolonged the agony of the great depression and caused our country to go from free to nanny state. Theres no reasoning with someone who thinks FDR is great for that matter Barack Obama.

  8. Michael Tabor Says:

    Rick, now you’re being silly and outrageous. FDR was one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had. Just Google “rankings of US preidents”. FDR ranks within the top 3 on every list, which includes both Dem. & Rep.

  9. Chip Says:

    Well Rick, how can you possibly say that people don’t blame Obama???? Every Republican I know does and it isn’t right. The fact of the matter was we were on a massive slide downhill for two major reasons: 1) the Iraq war…………looking for those MMD; oh right, they didn’t find them, did they?!…..and 2) total lack of controll of Wall Street. Unregulated hedge funds, if you breathe you get a mortgage and then package the poorest risks and sell them on Wall Street, only to have them default and the securities are worthless.
    As for Obama spending more money than other Presidents, you do realize that a great portion of that was for funding the war; what was he suppose to do, abandon them?
    I’m glad you saw the humor in my comment on Romney’s tax returns, but I also think you should reconsider the “get a life’ comment. Truthfully, I’ve always found that people who use that comment do so because they lack any substantive factual argument.
    Heaven help the people who planned on counting on Medicare, because the Romney/Ryan plan will basically put people back to where many are now: uninsured!! Great plan!

  10. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Chip – you nailed this one. I can’t say it any better than this.

  11. rick Says:

    Chip: What I’m saying is people are not blaming Obama for the intitial problem, they are blaming him for not fixing it in 4 years and prolonging this bad economy. Chip on the Iraq war I disagreed with Bushs move, but the whole congress including democrats backed it at the time. The bank loans were part of Frank and Dodds plan to get the poorest people the american dream of owning a home. Bush also dropped the ball on this, I agree. He should have stopped it, although he tried he should have been more focused on it.
    No the so called stim-u-lis, was for bailing out car makers, infrastructure, unions, failing green energy and banks.
    If we dont fix medicare now there wont be medicare or social security. Ryans plan which isnt Romneys plan takes effect for people 55 and youger, but the dems try to scare current seniors. Obama wants to make it a class warfare thing. Raises taxes on the richest in the country will only support the government for 4 days. If you actually read the Ryan plan and Romney plan you will see your talking from liberal talking points not the truth.

  12. rick Says:

    Chip, Magdelana & Mike:
    The truth is the truth and talking points are just that. The truth is no matter how many deceiving things you listen to and regurgitate . This economy sucks and it wont get better with Obama as president. To quote Bill Clinton. Are you better off then you were 4 years ago?
    Romney is no Bush. Bush was a war monger, an over spender and a 1 world order president.
    Romney is a business minded fiscally conservative FIXER…………………… We need this fixed now.

  13. Michael Tabor Says:

    Rick – as I stated in the blog, if Romney can turn this economy around in 4 years, I’ll vote Republican for the rest of my life.

  14. magdalena tabor Says:

    Rick, on Obama eating dog…..Was that before or after they found his birth certificate?

  15. rick Says:

    Magdalena- Was the dog on the roof when smoking was fashionable or when Obama ate the dog?

    Mike- Romney would turn it around by reversing obamacare and adding competition across state lines, class warfare, work for welfare, stopping unemployment time increases, lowering taxes for corporations, having a real domestic energy policy, creating a long term cure for a failing medicare and social security, and lowering our debt.

    Better vote now Mike, cause Obama isn’t doing it

    FDR’s great society caused the big mess we have faced since in over extended government. My grandmother loved him, I saw my grandfathers paycheck prior to FDR. Gross $45 Net $45. Now I pay $35000 a year in taxes so Obama can give it to failing Green Energy Companies, China or someone whos milking unemployment instead of getting a job. People are milking the social programs like never before. Look at the increase in food stamps, Disability and more. They are growing full tilt since Obama lossened requirements.

  16. rick Says:

    I bet if Obama gets in, there will be another credit rating decline, A trillion added to the deficit annually, Gridlock in the house and senate, more golfing like never before and more class warfare, our military will be reduced, Israel relations will get worse, more illegal immigration will flood America, Unemployemnt willl go back over 10%, businesses will close because of Obamacare, Doctors will leave or move out of country, China will recall our debts, The wealthy will move out of over taxed states like NY, CT, NJ, & CA. More cities, and then states will go bankrupt starting with CA, Chrysler & GM will get another bailout, more small banks will be gobbled up by the big 5 banks, the stock market will crash and we’ll head into a major depression.

  17. rick Says:

    The arning signs are there for all you liberals.

    This guy isn’t Bill Clinton or J F K. This guying failing our country wake up!

  18. rick Says:

    Mike Tabor says:Rick – as I stated in the blog, if Romney can turn this economy around in 4 years, I’ll vote Republican for the rest of my life.

    I’ll hold you to that Mike, becuase if he wins he will, and all the Obama worshippers will fade into the cracks n crevices like little roaches.

  19. Chip Says:

    Rick says: Romney WILL turn the economy around “and all the Obama worshippers will fade into the cracks n crevices like little roaches”. Actually, no. I believe if handled properly (continuing on the Obama path or if Romney takes office and doesn’t screw it up like Bush, the economy will have improved by the end of year
    four; not because of Romney, but because in addition to the screw ups of the past, the economy is also the result of the usual cycles that the economy will always go through. Bottom line, the sad fact of the matter is that all………….let me repeat……………..all politicians are self centered with their own agendas and truly don’t give a rats ___ for the lower and middle class. I’m a Democrat and a realist!

    I totally disagree with you Rick, but you sound like a class act. Question: if Obama wins and at the end of the 4th year the economy has picked up significantly, the debt is lower, unemployment is 4-5% and the upper class pay their fair share, what do you think the Republicans will do?

  20. magdalena tabor Says:

    I’ll tell you what they’ll do, Chip. The Republicans will take the family, including the dog, on vacation. Let’s see….no room for Spike on the dashboard, let’s tie him to the bumper! Don’t worry, kids. He needs the exercise.

  21. rick Says:

    Chip- Your forgeting 1 thing. As long as Obama is president, businesses will not have faith to expand, will be stuck with Obamacare (My business has seen 40% increases in 2 years).Businesses will be overtaxed and move, Canada Businesses pay 15% not 40%.(Then add high state taxes) Business is the engine of the economy not government and all Obama knows is government. If he knew business we would have been out of this uncertain economy in 2 years. PS- Bush didnt know business as well. Romney does. Whos the rich? Small business owners if you understood Subchapter S corps you would realize the $250 plus isn’t really $250 plus.

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