Guns Are Not Cool

July 30th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

The Aurora, CO gunman, James Holmes, was just formally charged with 12 counts of first-degree murder and a plethora of other charges (there were 58 people injured in the shooting as well). Everyone from, the victim’s family members, relatives, friends, the local community (the shooting occurred 20 miles from Columbine) is grieving and the whole country is utterly in a state of shock and disbelief and is raising questions. What happened exactly? More importantly, why? How can a man with no previous criminal record and a promising future ahead of him commit such an unspeakably heinous crime?
Well, eventually all the details will come out; a countless number of studies will be conducted and perhaps we’ll learn that gene #17 mutated which caused him to lose touch with reality and go berserk.  On the other hand, maybe he was high on painkillers or conversely he FORGOT to take his medication.
What I’m going to blog about today is one thing what WE, as a society and a civilized country can do to, if not eliminate (which is impossible, there will always be crazy madmen walking around) but rather minimize and curtail the number of these type and other homicides with guns. The answer is Hollywood and Madison Avenue can portray people who carry guns to be pathetic, lame, ugly, and UNCOOL individuals. It’s the same strategy we are using with cigarette smoking – it’s not cool to smoke today and hopefully someday it will be viewed as despicable to be a gun owner.
Take a look at Bruce Willis, The Rock, Stallone, The terminator, ad infinitum toting these incredibly cool-looking weapons. And, just look at the power a gun gives you, in the movies you’re an unstoppable machine and all your problems can be resolved by moving your index finger. If I were in charge, my first marketing campaign would be something like ‘Only weaklings need guns – real men are martial arts practitioners who work hard to become a man.’ Or’ wow you’re a real tough guy, you can move your index finger back and forth.’ I know this sounds a little silly, glib, and facile but I am convinced that huge marketing strategies like this will SAVE lives. Kids and immature men are monumentally impressionable, and for a guy, being cool, strong, powerful, self-sufficient, and independent is everything.
This is just one strategy for combatting gun crime; obviously, we need to implement strict gun laws as well. So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think?  This is something we can do – STOP making the guy toting the gun look cool. No longer is the guy with the Marlboro hanging from his mouth macho, or cool, but rather he’s a person who has a disgusting, filthy habit that girls hate and in the end will kill him. So maybe 10 years from now we can say ‘ Look at that pathetic weakling who needs a gun to protect himself, a real man uses his brain and bare hands if necessary to get out of a tough situation.”

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4 Responses to “Guns Are Not Cool”

  1. Rick Says:

    The fact is no real man would have done this. This guy was mentally out there ( Thats what his attorney is hoping for too.)
    If you( BIG MIKE) had these weapons I feel Mike is responsible. I know he wouldn’t use these weapons to mass kill innocent people. There are very few that would do what this animal did, thats why its so tragic! Mike we’ll never stop crazies, the world will never be perfect it is full of sin nature.

  2. Chip Says:

    True the Marboro man may die from cancer from the cigarette that he is smoking, but he may be alive by defending himself with his trusty .38 caliber.
    Mike, I know I phrased it rather sarcastically, but I must say that there is just no comparison. Cigarettes (which I realize you just used as a quick example), serve absolutely no purpose. They kill by way of direct as well as indirect use. The innocent child living in a household with a smoker is placed at risk for cancer just by virtue of living in the house. Heck, I was exposed against my will when I worked in a corporate office years ago. However, guns are not just a negative. They do indeed serve a very much needed purpose. Just think, you’re calling someone a whimp because they “can move their index finger back and forth and kill or maim someone”, well, what about the soldiers overseas? Are they whimps? No, they are courageous men who much to their chagrin must bare arms in order to be on a level playing ground with the enemy. No matter how much training they have in martial arts, they’d be no match to the enemy with an AK-47! What about a paralyzed individual in their home who hears someone breaking into their house. They pick up their gun, roll into a corner and when the intruder enters the room they ask the intruder to leave. The intruder approaches with a knife in their hand, what is the paralyzed person to do? Martial arts won’t help here! Martial arts is fine, but when you’re attacked with a machete or other large knife, you will be at a disadvantage unless you’re properly armed.
    PSA’s. (public service announcements) making an attempt to show gun owners as whimps or “uncool” won’t make a dent. Why? Because the wacko’s that exist in this world don’t give a damn what other people think and they’ll just laugh off the message of the PSA.
    Sorry Michael, I agree with you on so many things, but I truly think you’re off target (pardon the pun), on this one!

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    We have to agree to disagree on this one ,Chip, but not entirely. A woman living alone, a person who is disabled should have a right to protect herself against an intruder. No arguments here. What I find distressing and disturbing is The good- looking, perfectly built Terminator with the assault weapons to boot. This is not the end-all solution to gun crime but it’s a start. It’s a psychological fact that childen and youn adults are impressionable and we have to drill into their heads that guns are ugly and not cool.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    No, Rick – this horribly tragic mass- murder was a little different. This guy was obviously a ‘batman fan” & disguntled – wanted to be like batman & got booted from the doctorate program in which he was enrolled. So, my 2 points perfectly illustrated 1. the irresponsibility of hollywood portraying a man with guns as cool and 2. the ease with which the average joe can procure a gun. This is something about which we as a civilized society can do something

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