Stroke of Eerie Fatalities Strikes Football Fans as Bizarre

May 11th, 2012 by Michael Tabor
I am not at all a superstitious person but with the recent suicide of Junior Seau I can’t help but think that the 1994 AFC Champion San Diego Chargers are cursed. 8 young men from that championship team have tragically died way too young and in bizarre fashion. Here is the dreadfully tragic list:
28 year old linebacker David Griggs is the first to meet death just 5 months after playing in the Super Bowl. Griggs’ speeding car slid off not only one ramp but also two ramps and a grassy median before careening into a pole.

Next in May of 1996, running back Rodney culver was a passenger on ValuJet Flight 592 the unprecedented freak plane accident that resulted from an absolutely stupid and careless mistake of not covering the firing pins properly of hazardous material located in the cargo department. Watch this scary video here:
What are the odds of dying in a plane crash? 1 in 20,000 says Life Science as opposed to heart disease which is 1 in 5. Moreover, it’s the freakish way the plane went down which boggles the mind.
2 years later in July of 1998, linebacker Doug Miller died after being struck by lightning while camping – STRUCK BY LIGHTNING?? Odds are 1 in 83,930. Wow! He was only 28 too.

Curtis Whitney, offensive center, died of a drug overdose at 39.

Defensive end, Chris Mims, died of an enlarged heart at the age of 38. This does happen to some athletes but it is very rare indeed.

In February of 2011, another teammate – Shawn Lee dies of a heart attack at the age of 44. These were world-class athletes.

In December of last year, 4 months ago, defensive tackle Lew Bush dies of a heart attack at the age of 42.

Finally, last Wednesday the great and popular Junior Seau commits suicide with a handgun at the age of 43.

God bless all these young men. All we can do is shake our heads and acknowledge the fact that when your # is up, it’s up.
WhaDaYaThink ? What do you Think? In a way I find it distasteful that we’re looking at the fact that this is happening to this one organization and perhaps even wondering – why ??  This is just tragic coincidence.
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