Club Founder Quoted in 1933: “As long as I’m alive, all the golfers will be white, and all the caddies will be black.”

April 3rd, 2012 by Michael Tabor
Tiger Woods certainly has proven how stupid, ignorant, racist, and ugly Clifford Roberts was. (Yes he was the National Augusta Golf Club founder who made this quote back in 1933). We have certainly come a long way since then and thank God for it; racism still exists in this country and sadly probably will always exist but in my opinion and the nation’s polls suggest that racism is a sentiment held only by the very ignorant minority. I must profess immediately that I am a male Caucasian (I’m a human being) and I nor have any of my family, friends, and acquaintances ever understood the notion of any sort of negative stigma associated with an individual simply because of one’s race.
Over the past couple of weeks, Trayvon Martin has been making headlines nationwide and it seems quite evident that this was an obvious hate crime – we have a black president and it’s more than evident that things are much better for African Americans (I hate this label – stupid and inaccurate i.e. dark-skinned individual from Cuba). The gist of this blog is that it in my opinion, labeling and distinguishing one’s race very often exacerbates rather than helps a culture’s cause. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of one’s heritage, but I’m stating the obvious when I say that: we’re all human beings on one planet and let’s put aside our stupid prejudices and STOP LABELING.
I’ll make this short and sweet by declaring that our present president is Barack Obama and he is the 44th president of this great nation. Jackie Robinson was a great Hall of Fame baseball player who made his debut into major league baseball in 1944. It’s important that we understand and acknowledge the hundreds of years of racism, hatred and oppression but the way to move forward is to let’s also put behind our labels too.
I know the aforementioned sounds facile and glib but I’m just trying to put forth my point that labels hurt not help race relations. Not positively black but rather positively human. So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ?
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7 Responses to “Club Founder Quoted in 1933: “As long as I’m alive, all the golfers will be white, and all the caddies will be black.””

  1. Charles Brown Says:

    What is the attribution for the quote from Clifford Roberts? You say the quote is dated to 1933. That’s a real curiosity to me; Roberts was not at all a well-known figure to any presss corps in 1933. Roberts became well known in association with the Masters and Augusta National. That only happened in the 1950’s and 60’s. Back in 1933, the club had never hosted a Masters, and had barely opened for membership play. Roberts was unknown; the club had no tradition to speak of.

    I have real trouble with this alleged quote. I am not accusing you of making it up; an awful lot of people have repeated it, for many years. But I am insisting, of anyone who repeats it (including sportswriter Rick Reilly, and the New York Times) to please verify it for us. I know of no good attribution for this quote. Given that in this day and age, it is a poisonous and hurtful expression of prejudice, I think that such a demand is a fair one.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Excellent comment. What’s interesting is my source for the quote was in fact Rick Reily of the New York Times.

  3. Chip Says:

    Michael, I agree 100%. Your opinion actually sounds exactly like what I’ve always said regarding political parties. If we eliminated the labels of “Democrat”, “Liberal”, “Republican”, “Conservative” I think (actually I know) our system would run a lot smoother and a lot more efficiently because it would eliminate most of the partisanship that we see in every facet of our goverment. So often people want the same thing but refuse to agree because “the other side” wants it or thought of it. If we elected officials because of their “ideas and views” rather than because of their political affiliation we would all benefit.

  4. Son of Walt Says:

    I know you only mention the Trayvon Martin story briefly in your blog, but I thought it was worth commenting on with all the headlines it’s been receiving lately. While George Zimmerman may well be guilty of racial profiling, and I originally thought the same, the thing that concerns me most is how the press and most of the public have already found him guilty without really knowing what happened. What if he was actually innocent. What if Trayvon did go back and attack Zimmerman. It’s certainly possible. We may never know the real story and Trayvon isn’t around to speak for himself. The thing that scares me about this whole thing is how powerful the press is and how certain classes of people can all react to it. This reminds me of the Salem Witch hunt. Mass hysteria. Lets get the bastard, pull him out of his house and burn him at the stake! Remember, everyone once thought OJ was guilty and he was found innocent. LOL

  5. Michael Tabor Says:

    Walt, the media assuming judge, jury, & executor b4 we know all the fcts is certainly an issue I’m going to address at length sometime in the in the immsediate future.

  6. Sal Paradise Says:

    I believe the overall role which the media has played in the Trayvon Martin shooting to be ambiguously sensationalist at best; irresponsible pandering to base stereotypes at worst. Beginning with the five year old photographs of Martin and Zimmerman that became the defining images of both individuals, the media has cultivated a local story into a national drama, and the self-assigned spokesmen and hand-wringing pundits who thrive on such race baiting are moral cockroaches.

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Absolutely right on Sal & though I like our current president (anyone with a pulse and capable of uttering a simple sentence without a malapropism would be better than W) he seriously erred when he commented on the Trayvon Martin case by showing bias before the facts were out. That’s a damn shame ! It could very well be that Zimmerman is guilty but let’s wait for the facts people.

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