When Last I Saw The Barn

April 29th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor
When last I saw the  barn, it stood.
A ramshackle rambling of moss and wood.
And nothing else around it could
Lend a crutch for its own good.
The meadows swept its every side
But one, the road curtailed its sigh.
It dozed at dawn and eventide
And  never stirred as I brushed by.
Each year it stooped a little more.
The rush of wind bent in its door.
Ignoble one, and one ignored,
Yet glimpsed a thousand times before.
When last I saw the barn, it swayed.
The tender earth made good its grave.
What wouldn’t keep, I couldn’t save
When I myself have grown as gray.

A Chicken is an Eggs Way of Making Another Egg

April 28th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

I bet you never heard the chicken and the egg debate framed in such a way, unless you happen to have the good fortune of stumbling upon Robert Sapolsky’s lecture series of Biological Psychology on YouTube. Many folks go on you tube for music, others for human pratfalls (boring), and still others for cute or odd animal behavior. I personally go on for 2 reasons: yes I play guitar and if you’re having trouble playing Steve Howe’s – ‘The Clap’ I can always check out YouTube and get a note for note lesson from the actual Steve Howe for nothing. Amazing ! Who needs to pay $30 per hour for a teacher? (Will YouTube eventually supplant the need for a real music instructor? For me the answer is yes, for beginner’s no but I’ve been playing for decades and that’s another blog).
I love YouTube for enabling me to play any song under the sun (accurately) for nothing. Yes, some people charge but if you really search, you can always find any song for zip. The second reason I am in love with YouTube is for purposes of higher education. Indeed, you can take an entire course, a full semester, at Yale for absolutely nothing; and the great part is there’s no homework and you’re not graded. For me this is a dream come true. Now I must admit you probably have to be at least 40 to be attracted to this wonderful feature (after 16 consecutive years of school, the last thing a 22 year old recent college graduate would want is more school) and furthermore the # of schools offering free classes is growing.
I can switch gears and go anywhere I want with this blog at this point e.g. why we hate school when we are young and later love it when we reach middle age, why having a lecture on tape is better than just attending, – simply because if your mind wanders you can always rewind and go back to what you missed (the ideal situation would be attend the lecture and then watch the tape), I have always loved learning but hated school because I, just like everybody else, was more concerned about what part of the lecture would be on the mid-term and final because after all, sadly getting an ‘A’ in the course is more important than absorbing and enjoying every morsel of what is said. The ultimate goal of every professor or teacher I have spoken with is to ensure the student 1. Grasps and understands the complete course and 2. most importantly the ultimate goal is to encourage the students to become interested in the subject enough to go further and continue learning about what he or she was taught. Finally I can elaborate on how a person should be graded – I would throw out multiple choice questions, stick only to essay, and lastly I would have the instructor or T.A. sit down with the student alone and ask him telling questions and the final question would be to ask what this particular person got out of the course and how the instruction affected one’s outlook in the real world. The aforementioned would take a lot more money and resources but so what ! – More jobs and a more educated populace.
I will in the future blog about everything mentioned in the last paragraph but for now, all I want to do is alert all the readers of this blog about what a goldmine YouTube is. BTW, this is not an ad – honest; YouTube is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hey and what was so great about sliced bread anyway. So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ?


April 21st, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor


Why Can’t We All Just Get Along!

April 18th, 2012 by Michael Tabor
I can make this statement about race relations, International politics, Jews and Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, light-skinned blacks and dark-skinned blacks, gay and straight people, and just about anyone or any group -the list is truly seemingly infinite. What I want to discuss today is getting right down to the nuclear family i.e. Spouse, parents, siblings, and children. Denise doesn’t like her husband, Joe can’t seem to control his children, Marty hasn’t spoken to his brother in 10 years, Jim hasn’t said a word to his parents in 20 years – you get the point.
There isn’t a person I know who is NOT struggling in some regard in terms of just “getting along” with his or her family. Why is it so difficult to get along with one another? Bob Grant (a long-time pioneering conservative talk show host ) stated over and over that the human psyche is so fragile, that it is a miracle that we don’t kill each other – lol.
I am very fortunate in that: first and foremost I am married to the greatest woman in the world. She is truly loving, loyal, supportive, stunningly beautiful, and she has stuck with me through the good and bad times.  I have the finest friends a man can ever ask for (intelligent, funny, caring, considerate, supportive, etc.), I have a wonderful following on my blog (blogging is not lucrative unless you’re Huffington Post and have lots of money to invest or you know someone – just like any venture)  and I love them all even if they don’t always agree with me. I have very good acquaintances on all the social networks, and finally all the people with whom I work are pleasant, smart and just an absolute joy with whom to interact. Oh, and let me not forget, I have wonderful neighbors too (we love you Sue).
But I must admit though it appears as though I have scores of people who love and care about me, sometimes I feel all alone. Very often, the reason there is some falling out is that there is some stupid or silly misunderstanding. Other times there is good reason to be upset at another individual. I believe the main reason as the great American author said, “Human beings are afraid of difference. If we don’t think alike, we feel threatened in some way shape or form” (this is a shame). Another reason we don’t get along is that people change. I used to be very shy child that even carried over into young adulthood, now that I’m older, I hold my ground and if I feel that someone has slighted me, I will most definitely let him or her know about it. (I have a silver tongue and my words can be quite virulent – a shortcoming of mine – I am flawed just like everyone else.)
So now it’s your turn. WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Tell us about your family squabbles and perhaps offer some reasons as to why they occur.

April 17th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor


Mike Wallace, “Forgive me …” (1918-2012)

April 12th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

Yes, “forgive me “were the two words the quintessential iconic investigative journalist would say just before he would clobber you with his boldly, searing question[s]. I am a fan of ‘60 minutes’ and in the past 6 months, we’ve lost 2 national treasures from the show – Andy Rooney and now Mike Wallace.
If you were scheduled to be interviewed by Mike Wallace, all I could honestly say is that you had better be ready and if you were not squeaky clean – look out! Mr. Wallace would summarily expose your evil machinations, force you to confess that you are a con man bilking millions from the innocent public, or just basically make you look foolish if front of millions of viewers but only if you were a bad man. Moreover, he would so diplomatically unload on you by uttering the ever so innocuous “Forgive me… how much money did you embezzle? ”
Mike Wallace was a great journalist and a great interviewer – he didn’t know what a puff question was. In his later years he actually felt guilty about hurting all those individuals. (I say why? they were all hiding some misdeed and Mike just yanked it out of them.) Mike had had some tragedy in his life i.e he lost his son Peter in a mountain climbing accident that galvanized his drive to become the serious investigative journalist he became. Later in 1982, Mr. Wallace became the defendant in a 120 million dollar libel suit filed by General Westmoreland at which time he had a nervous breakdown. Wallace never fully recovered from that incident and would have to stay on anti-depressants for the rest of his life.
There have been several obituaries covering his entire career this week and I don’t think it’s necessary to rehash his whole career. I would just like to reiterate that I will miss Mike Wallace and never forget “Forgive me….” RIP Mike Wallace (1918-2012)
So Whadayathink ? What do you think? Did you like Mike Wallace? Did you think that some of his tactics or really ’60 minutes” crossed the line when they set up phony clinics to set up corrupt doctors or when he represented himself as someone he wasn’t, etc.


I Fell Asleep On The Train

April 11th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor


High School Used To Be An Institution For Education And an Ideal Safe Haven To Prepare for Adulthood And a Career

April 7th, 2012 by Michael Tabor

Yet another inappropriate and criminal sexual encounter has been reported.

This seems like this is becoming an epidemic in which high school teachers use their age and life experience to indecently “charm” and ultimately lure under-aged children into engaging in criminal sexual behavior with him or her. Shame on you !  The latest pervert is a one. James Hooker (interesting last name) 41, who was arrested yesterday for having inappropriate relations (to use slick Willie’s words) with a 17 year old in 1998. He was currently living with another student (of age, 18) and it’s obvious as the nose on one’s face that this Hooker fellow has been preying on students his whole career.

I’m not going to write a whole lot about this situation and I am interested to hear what you readers have to say or think about this ugliness. It’s almost understandable when a professor falls for one of his students (certainly inappropriate but at least the students are young adults – the youngsters in high school are just kids) So whadayathink ? What do you think ? No wonder Hollywood recently made a movie above about this called ‘Bad Teacher’ with Cameron Diaz. This is a serious issue but just for fun I included ‘Hot For Teacher’ by Van Halen.


Good Friday

April 6th, 2012 by Magdalena Tabor

The man that wrought the nails

Rose early.

He hammered and beat

The heated iron,

Forming a pile.

He stopped to take his bread

And paused,

Feeling the weight

Of a single nail.

He could not have known

Its purpose.

But later that day,

He wept just the same.


Club Founder Quoted in 1933: “As long as I’m alive, all the golfers will be white, and all the caddies will be black.”

April 3rd, 2012 by Michael Tabor
Tiger Woods certainly has proven how stupid, ignorant, racist, and ugly Clifford Roberts was. (Yes he was the National Augusta Golf Club founder who made this quote back in 1933). We have certainly come a long way since then and thank God for it; racism still exists in this country and sadly probably will always exist but in my opinion and the nation’s polls suggest that racism is a sentiment held only by the very ignorant minority. I must profess immediately that I am a male Caucasian (I’m a human being) and I nor have any of my family, friends, and acquaintances ever understood the notion of any sort of negative stigma associated with an individual simply because of one’s race.
Over the past couple of weeks, Trayvon Martin has been making headlines nationwide and it seems quite evident that this was an obvious hate crime – we have a black president and it’s more than evident that things are much better for African Americans (I hate this label – stupid and inaccurate i.e. dark-skinned individual from Cuba). The gist of this blog is that it in my opinion, labeling and distinguishing one’s race very often exacerbates rather than helps a culture’s cause. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of one’s heritage, but I’m stating the obvious when I say that: we’re all human beings on one planet and let’s put aside our stupid prejudices and STOP LABELING.
I’ll make this short and sweet by declaring that our present president is Barack Obama and he is the 44th president of this great nation. Jackie Robinson was a great Hall of Fame baseball player who made his debut into major league baseball in 1944. It’s important that we understand and acknowledge the hundreds of years of racism, hatred and oppression but the way to move forward is to let’s also put behind our labels too.
I know the aforementioned sounds facile and glib but I’m just trying to put forth my point that labels hurt not help race relations. Not positively black but rather positively human. So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ?