Newt Gingrich: Is The GOP That desperate?

December 19th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
It is clearly understood that if Newt Gingrich were to become our next president, it would certainly be any true democrats’ worst nightmare but my question is do republicans really want this man as our leader of the freest and greatest country on the planet.
The United States is in the process of clawing its way out of the worst economic downturn since The Great Depression (1929 – 1941) and it is understandable that the right wants leadership party change in the worst way, but Newt Gingrich? This man, the very same unspeakably unethical hypocrite who was the loudest and most obnoxious critic of the then President Bill Clinton for having inappropriate sexual relations when he himself at the very same time was having an affair with a young woman while his first wife (first of three wives…so far) lay dying in the hospital? Wow, the republicans never cease to amaze me how low and vile they can become.
Even if utilitarianism is the republicans calling card and they freely dismiss ethics and morality utterly (oh, sorry except for fetuses which have not developed consciousness and mature nerve endings to know and feel pain), Newt Gingrich was an absolute failure as Speaker of the House. Here are the facts:
1. Newt Gingrich did not deliver on what he promised with the notorious “Contract of America” ; he managed to bring all 10 issues to vote within his 100 days but he failed to enact most of it into law on his watch. (Easier said than done Newt! Next time a republican criticizes Obama, keep in mind that we live in a democracy and there is a partisan congress with which every president must deal.)
2. As part of the ‘Contract…’, Newt of course included the attacking of the poor and needy by trying to reform welfare. (When was the last time Newt missed a meal? I would love to see Gingrich spend a week on the streets, in the ghetto, in the projects, in a shelter with no money, waiting on a soup line for an hour as his distended [in Newt’s case it wouldn’t be distended from lack of food but rather gluttony, e.g. pizza, donuts, and beer or just excess]stomach churns with hunger, etc. It is so easy to pick on the poor and call them lazy. Although there is certainly a very small percentage of people who are truly “lazy leeches” but more often than not there is a larger picture i.e., what is to be done with an illiterate stutterer who is poor and was raised in a dysfunctional family with no structure?
3. As part of punishing the unfortunate poor and destitute, Gingrich suggested that we as a society force these lowly folks to work for the meager subsistence wages. I was shocked to discover that “Fat Newt” was a former history teacher. Didn’t he ever hear of the Poor Law in 1834, which resulted in the horrible “workhouses”? Charles Dickens wrote at length about the horrid conditions of workhouses and the impossibility of breaking free of them once a person got locked into them. A more humane and practical solution for the poor would be to educate them,; teach them real and tangible work skills, etc.
4. Another promise, which Gingrich promised but failed to come through on, was the balancing of the budget of 1996.
5. The portly, paunchy, pot-bellied republican glutton with 3 chins (one chin per wife), also insisted on implementing stricter conditions for food stamp eligibility – nice guy!
I can certainly write another few thousand words about how profoundly Newt Gingrich failed and how terrible a person he is but I think I made my point. So now it’s your turn – WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think ? Is Mitt Romney your choice or do you want to see the bloated buffoon be the republican nominee. I think the wisest choice would be to stick with our current great president – and re-elect Barack Obama and let him work his magic.
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6 Responses to “Newt Gingrich: Is The GOP That desperate?”

  1. Sal Paradise Says:

    I find Gingrich’s sudden popularity unfathomable, and the strongest evidence yet of a leadership void in the Republican Party. (Of course, the carousel of ‘Republican front-runners’ may not be done rotating just yet.) With the exception of the utterly absurd Donald Trump, I know of no national figure so nakedly self-aggrandizing and ultimately shallow as Gingrich. Whereas Trump is completely irrelevant and essentially harmless, however, Professor Gingrich believes himself to be cut of the same cloth as the great historical figures of whom he waxes upon in the classroom. He has shown himself shameless through his well-chronicled words and actions and cumulatively, they speak to the world view of one who regards everything he does as justified because it served his ends at that moment.

    All politicians are egomaniacs, to varying degrees. Gingrich is a sociopath who is convinced his destiny is intertwined with America’s.

  2. le duke de fromage Says:

    Mr. Tabor, If politics makes strange bedfellows, than Newt is the Motel Six candiate. The man is a reptile, the Republican party should be totally ashamed of the current crop of miscreants vieing for the greatest office in the land. I totally agree with the comments made by you and Sal Paradise. President Newt, God help this country. Well done Mike.

  3. Chip Says:

    Great piece Michael and I’m particularly delighted with the responses from Sal and le duke de fromage. I was beginning to think people totally forgot what Newt stood for during his term(s). Except for your piece, I was the only one who mentioned to people “did you forget his “Contract with America” and how instead of helping us it brought the government to a standstill.
    Keep it up!!

  4. rick Says:

    Like you were really thinking of voting for Newt? Please.
    Being the only semi-conservative voice that reads your blog regularly I don’t expect any less from you or 99.99999% of your fan base.
    Give us something unexpected.

  5. Michael Tabor Says:

    I’m serious Rick, I really gave it some thought inasmuch as the economy is hurting so many people. Granted Clinton did something reprehensible but most people were doing well financially. The sex intrusion stuff has to stop (another blog). Keep coming back ! I welcome the right and opposing viewpoints; it makes for a more lively and interesting blog.

  6. le duke de fromage Says:

    Mike & Magdalena, Wishing you both a great holiday season and continued sucess for the coming year.

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