Michael Jackson Trial: Doctor is Guilty of Reckless Criminal Negligence

November 12th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

This is a terribly tragic story; disregard the fact that Michael Jackson was arguably the most famous and dubiously notorious pop star in history. A man, a human being needlessly died at the hands of Dr. Conrad Murray who was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and acting with reckless criminal negligence.
It has been more than two years now since Michael Jackson has died at the age of just 50 and the world will never see the eccentric man perform his trademark ‘moon walk’ ever again. Despite charges and accusations of pedophilia, Jackson still maintained a huge following worldwide. There were actually thousands of those fans outside the courthouse awaiting justice to once and for all be served.
Dr. Conrad Murray spent almost every night with Jackson administering powerful sedatives to ensure that the very troubled and drug addled star could get some peace and finally get to sleep. Testimony showed that Jackson would beg Dr. Murray for the tranquilizers and if the sedatives were not enough to allow him to sleep, the Dr. would stupidly and criminally give him propofol , a surgical anesthetic which as fate would have it, ultimately kill him. Only a “witch doctor” or quack would give his patient surgical anesthesia for sleep, which is why it took the jury only a day and a half to digest the 22 days of testimony from 50 witnesses to render the correct verdict of guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
Murray faces up to 4 years of prison time and obviously, he will be stripped of his license to practice medicine.  I don’t think 4 years is nearly enough, after all he’ll probably get out early for good behavior or some other inane reason and write a book (which I’m sure would be a best seller) and be financially set for life. Meanwhile, a man is dead at the age of 50 because of this Doctor.
I’m sure Dr. Conrad Murray would have been fired and replaced with another crooked and unscrupulous physician had he refused to give Jackson the potent drugs. An anonymous person from an AA meeting once said if you’re an addict and you are rich and famous it’s virtually impossible to remain sober. A high profile celebrity can always find a personal doctor who will abandon his or her Hippocratic Oath for $150,000 a month, which was what Dr. Conrad Murray was paid.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you Think? The prosecution described Dr. Murray as a money-hungry physician with no scruples and who treated Michael Jackson as a pharmaceutical experiment.  The defense stated that according to Murray, Jackson said “Just make me sleep, it doesn’t matter what happens.”

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4 Responses to “Michael Jackson Trial: Doctor is Guilty of Reckless Criminal Negligence”

  1. Chip Says:

    Once again it only goes to show that celebrity is a cure-all. Now Conrad Murray is the celebrity and he’s gotten away with murder. Sadly, I believe they only saught the lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter because they couldn’t prove “intent” to kill, but the truth is, he’s a murderer. Physicians take an oath (haha), in which they promise to “first do no harm”, but they so often do grave harm and then either do as Conrad Murray did (blame it on the dead victim) or say “we did all we could, it was an act of god”.
    Michael, it may come as a surprise to you and most others, but just because Conrad Murray was found guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter, don’t assume he’ll lose his license. He will undoubtedly lose it in California, but when he is finished “serving his sentence”, don’t be surprised if he shows up practicing somewhere else. Like I have stated in my article you printed in July……………..there is nothing that will prevent a physician from losing his license in one state and then obtaining one in another…..and that includes what Conrad Murray has done. This is exactly why I have stated that while I don’t believe that we’ll ever be able to clean up the medical profession (they have way too strong a political lobby), we should at least limit the damage where we can and that is to stop them in there tracks when they are found guilty of such a heinous offense, they should be banned from practicing in every state. The truth is, in this particular instance it might not be necessary because I agree with your forecast………..Conrad Murray will write a book. Sadly, it’s extremely possible that he won’t even serve any time in prison. Due to the over crowded prisons in California, they’re talking about house arrest for Mr. Murray (by the way the Mr. wasn’t a typo). Won’t that be a lovely vacation for Mr. Murray and it will give him plenty of time to write his book, plan his PR campaign and begin arranging his television interviews upon his release. I’m not a believer in the death penalty, but if I were and California had it, I think Mr. Murray would deserve a needle in the arm…………just like he did with Michael Jackson.
    Sadly, people are victimized every day by physicians who are careless or downright incompetent and they get away with it. The government doesn’t do a thing to curtail it because the AMA lobby is so powerful and the thought of physicians policing themselves is a joke! What so sad is that Mr. Murray is just one of many who “do harm”, but he’s paying the price because he did it to someone even more powerful than DOCTOR! He messed with the wrong person and he did it because of greed. Hey $150,000 to cater to the whim of one patient………..quite a racket!

  2. Julia Says:

    I am glad of the verdict, I am not sure jail will do any good for Dr. Conrad. I do believe he is guilty and greedy for money after all $150,000 a month that ultimately killed him. I don’t believe Michael Jackson had a long life ahead of him. If Dr Conrad didn’t give him what he wanted, he would have found it by another doctor. This does not justify what Dr. Conrad did. I do hope he loses his license ever to practice again, and not to be able to ever make money on these dealings. I am sure a civil will take place.

  3. rick Says:

    I agree with Chip

  4. Chip Says:

    Hey Rick,
    Just goes to show, some political opponents can meet in the middle! Sound the Alarms……..absolutely, first, rhetorically (in that you and I agree) and secondly, I wish the alarms would sound regarding how bad our medical system is, followed only by our judicial and pollitical system. Oh my gosh, are we in trouble!!

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