Herman Cain Must Address the Sexual Harassment Accusations

November 7th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
I’m sorry Mr. Cain but it’s time for you to come clean and clear the air about all these recent sexual harassment accusations.
What has probably been going on since men and women have been working together, it surprised me to discover that the term “sexual harassment” did not even exist until 1976.It is no longer, nor ought it be acceptable for women to have to work for a male boss who makes sexual innuendo. Ever since the Clarence Thomas – Anita Hill hearings held back in 1991, not just blatant sexual harassment (groping) but even mere sexual overtures are a “NO – NO” in the workplace. I agree with the aforementioned whole-heartedly and it just isn’t fair for a woman to have to feel prodigiously uncomfortable or dread going to work because her employer has lustful feelings toward her and exhibits it.  A male boss can literally destroy a woman’s professional career.
Obviously, any woman (a spurned, disgruntled, or an agenda-ridden employee) can make accusations, but it seems more than a little suspicious that at least three women have now come forward. What are you hiding from Mr. Cain? Furthermore, why did you give them severance pay and force them to sign confidentiality agreements? There is something rotten in Denmark Mr. Cain and it’s incumbent upon you to let the American public know. It’s your duty and responsibility to be forthright, after all you are a candidate for the most important job in the world.
If he is indeed innocent, then why is he being so evasive about the accusations? He has issued nothing but contradictory statements; instead of answering questions, all he has done is point fingers and accuse the Perry or Romney campaigns of leaking the information.
So WhaDaYaThink ? What do you think? Do you think Herman Cain is guilty of sexual harassment? I read in the New York Times today that what made Herman Cain so appealing to many conservatives is that he has a kind of a folksy and straight-talking way about him. He certainly isn’t being candid and plainspoken now. Or, maybe the American public doesn’t care about his ethical behavior; perhaps all we want is someone to pull us out of this economic mess of ours. After all Bill Clinton had sex with an intern but the economy was good.

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13 Responses to “Herman Cain Must Address the Sexual Harassment Accusations”

  1. rick Says:

    from my smart phone so no caps. cann is done. guilty or not. newt is moving up

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    It looks that way Rick. The other candidates either screw up or something in their background crops up. Hey don’t worry about the caps – this is informal.

  3. Chip Says:

    It’s a shame about Newt. He left as Speaker of the House in disgrace over an ethics violation and he runs every four years to promote his book……………………… how people forget.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    I’m trying to be a good boy and & stay neutral when it comes to the comments (my opinion is in the blog itself). Republicans are so selective when it comes to morals, ethics, & integrity. Newt Gingrich, the loudest critic, 2nd only to Kenneth Starr himself, of Bill clinton & Monica Lewinsky & yet he, himself, the great Newt Gingerich was having an affair with a woman 23 years his junior while his first wife lay in the hospital dying of cancer. Oh yes Newt, you noble one, you even handed her the divorce papers in the hospital. Oh yes and BTW, Newt has now now found God. What a wonderful man !!!!

  5. rick Says:

    Newt and Billl balanced the budget and had affairs. What a great country. Domt judge a man who finds God. It usually is a turn for the good.

  6. Chip Says:

    If you want to believe everything he (Newt) says……………………I’m not that trusting or gullible. Considering the fight between the two (re: the Contract with America, in which the Republicans nearly shut down the gov’t to prove a point), I’ll give the credit for the balanced budget to the man who deserves it…………Bill Clinton.
    Do you think people can do anything they want and then say “I’ve found God” and we’re to believe them? Let them prove it with their actions………….and Newt hasn’t done it.

  7. rick Says:

    chipster your such a left winger. the park closed down so you went home?the right wing truth is clinton would have lost his election wothout dick norris advising him to go to tje right. just go away with your leftist talking points you sound like barney frank

  8. Chip Says:

    Thou dos’t protest too much. What are you trying to hide regarding the republican stand? I totally admit that I’m a democrat. It amazes me that republicans feel that the “liberal” label is an insult, if it is…so be it and in which case I’m damn proud of it. Funny you should mention the OWS movement; if I had the time I would have been there to lend my support (though to camp out in the city………….no way!). I think what they’re doing is a good thing, it’s just unfortunate that they’ve attracted a number of wacko’s along the way. The message of inequality and fraud in the financial district is 100% on target. I’ve never seen it as left or right…………just correct.
    The wonderful world of Investment Banking is what helped get us in the mess we’re in now. Investment Advisors who recommend products, not because they’re the proper ones for the investor but because their institution has a vested interest. They bundled high risk mortgages and sold them as “solid” securities………..which people defaulted on and …………well, I think even you know what happened. Money managers take on wealthy clients and manage their money, for which they charge a percentage of the value of the total account. They take this percentage whether the account increases in value or whether it decreases………………….rather a perverse way of doing business; they get paid even when they screw up!! (I wouldn’t have the audacity to charge someone if I my work was sub par)Granted, you should be aware of that considering the HUGE bonuses given within the financial industry, even while the economy tanks. All this and you still think the protestors are wrong?!

    I’d just like to know what makes you so defensive of the republican view.

  9. Chip Says:

    What are your thoughts?

  10. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hello Chip and Rick – I am a democrat /Liberal and most certainly proud of it. The truth of the matter is I am an independent leaning left – I vote for candidates I like, regardless of party, based on the issues & where each candidate stands & whether or not I like him or her. I don’t vote democrat straight down the line just 4 the sake of voting democrat, I have in fact voted for some Repiblicans in the past (usally on a local level). Did Clinton lean to the right more than most dems. ? Yes . However, Clinton is clearly a democrat (pick up his latest book – on how to fix the economy…) I voted for Bill Clinton and I thought he was a good president but he was a cad & probably still is. What Clinton did was absolutely wrong – he had sex with an intern & tried to cover it up by lying (hello – all men lie about extra-marital activuity – even the president).

    Wall street is tantamount to professional gambling. Even the good guys r just gamblers. Wall street is also abounding with coruption – it irritates me to no end that people like Bernie Madoff are sent to white collar jails ? This is just WRONG ! Bernie ought to be in an 8 by 10 cage just like the other inmates who happen to be poor. As for OWS: they need to be more organized and focus on 3 important issues 1. more jobs 2. more opportunity for the middle class & poor & 3. corruption in corporate America.

  11. rick Says:

    both of you are socialist leftist democrats. i am a true liberal libeterian. ps-get your facts right on newt handing divorce papers to his wife on her death bed. his daughter spread that rumer. its unfounded.

  12. Michael Tabor Says:

    Okay. We are all susceptible to getting misinformation – if you have a link, please send it so we can all get the facts straight.

  13. rick Says:

    Okay Mike off my smartphone and on my laptop.
    It was on FOX news with a conservative and liberal( The girl with the grungy voice) don’t know her name, but a big democrat talking about Newts baggage. Don’t get me wrong Newt has baggage, all politicians do ( cant name one that doesn’t). Yes Chipster unlike far left socialist msnbc or cnn only like you, I watch all news channels to get a fair temp of the politics. I don’t think you Chipster are stupid, nor do I think 20% of the socialist left are ( Its just in their genes to think that way). Just the other 30%. Like Occupy Wall Street who should be in front of congress, the white house fannie mae and freddie mac protesting too. The optimum word is “too”. These people are the lowest forms of life. Thats not you is it Chipster? No your at work.
    I feel the government is responsible for bad loans” Barney Frank and Chris Dodd”
    I feel the government is responsible for poor oversight and stupid bailouts of wall street companies including now government motors who wants 50 billion forgiven in debt after the unions & Obama screwed the stockholders. How about that dumb green agenda, what a jewel in Obamas crown. $50,000,000 puff!
    I believe the federal government is responsible for protecting its people only. They failed and continue to spend our childrens future away by overstepping their bounds. I believe in state rights, not imperialistic federal rule. Yes D.C. has gone way to far and has grown way to big!
    Oh yes Chipster, I believe our leftist college professors (90% plus) are taking over parenting the students to jam their agendas down their parentless throats. They dont even know who the vice president is.
    I believe the government has put so much regulations in everything. Their killing small business and causing big business to move their operations out of country.
    I believe the tax system is a socially designed to keep leftists in power by not taxing 48% of the country on their wages then giving 1/2 of them fish instead of a fishing pole.
    I believe gays have the same rights as straights ( Im married with 3 kids & 3 grandchildren). I believe there shouldn’t be tax breaks for having kids or being married. I believe in a flat tax, a very lower tax rate that doesn’t make small business pay 1/2 the social security and medicare for an employee and rather give better private retirement plans. and oh yes Chipster I have a real business that employees 9 people with health benefits, retirement plans, and their even getting Christmas bonuses. How about your business? How many people do you employ? As a college professor, would that be speaking?
    Everyone has freedom to chose where they put their additonal retirement income, but the government gives us no choice. Thats socialism, thats social security. I feel thats a poor investment.
    The government has failed us since FDR ” Sorry Mike I know you love him”, but even Clinton was so much better thanks to Dick Morris who derailed his socialist agenda ” Hillarycare”
    It keeps getting worse and yes both sides with the new title “progressive” whether Ted Rossevelt, Woodrow Wilson, John McCain or FDR. They are all part of our our downward spiral.
    We need a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson to get us out of this mess ( Who can handle telling us this mess isn’t working) No more spending, the government can no longer take care of you, its time to take care of yourself.. I think Obama is not a real leader, he depends on his staff who is failing him so bad. As a person I like him, as a president hes terrible.
    Chipster your always so far socialist you have nothing good to say about any conservative. We are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. I hear the democrats call it a democracy all the time. Its because thats what they want it to be and thats what their forcing it to be and we are going to crash on this socialist course.

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