Solution For Our Economic Problems: Science, Technology, and Engineering

October 20th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
Yesterday I explicitly set forth a couple of reasons why we are enmeshed in this terrible economy of ours (U.S.A.): 1) America has had it too good for too long and as a result we have become complacent; we have spoiled our children and hence our children (now today’s workforce) no longer have that edge. We have lost our parent’s and grandparent’s work ethic.  2) We are now more than ever part of a global economy.
I purposely began with our being complacent (again, I am not talking about individuals, there are people who have worked just as hard as the old-timers have – I’m referring to the whole mass or aggregate number of people.) because what I’m going to blog about today perfectly logically follows suit.
The number of people attending, finishing, and earning a college degree (though watered down – another blog) has actually increased and therefore we have a more educated population than we had at the time of the golden era of postwar prosperity (1945 – 1973). So what happened? We are more educated than our parents are (as I stated in yesterday’s blog, my father raised a family of six and carried only a high school diploma) doesn’t it stand to reason that we should continue to prosper and perhaps even enjoy more fruits of our labor?
Look at my first paragraph and read yesterday’s blog and therein lies the answer; we have become more educated BUT so has the rest of the world AND – this is new – the rest of the world (especially China and India) have earned advanced degrees in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, and ENGINEERING. You simply cannot go wrong if you pursue science, technology (IT, computers, etc.), and engineering.
Students from Asia come to this country, we educate them (in the sciences, technology, and engineering) in our best colleges and universities, and then they go back home and build up their country. They build infrastructure and create jobs at an exponential rate far surpassing the United States because they earned advanced degrees in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, and ENGINEERING.
Well, why didn’t we think of this? Why didn’t we major in S.T.E. ? Answer – because it’s incredibly hard work – plain and simple. Everything is cyclical; we majored in sociology, psychology, film studies, the arts, etc. because it was fun and easy. We weren’t concerned about putting food on the table and feeding our family like the rest of the world was, so we majored in sociology. Trust me, a bachelor’s degree in sociology and a token is just enough to get you on the subway.
So WhadaYaThink ? What do you Think? Hey, I majored in Journalism, do not get me wrong it was no cakewalk, but it pales in comparison to science, technology, and engineering.  What happened to us is just human nature; we weren’t starving, we got complacent and most of us got a liberal arts education. I used the word cyclical in the last paragraph because it’s apropos. We have to suffer a little, and then get back on track. If you don’t want to ever have to worry about getting a job, then get an advanced degree in SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, and ENGINEERING. The liberal arts are important and we need them. Besides, if you major in computer science, there will obviously be a concentration in that area, however every college will also mandate that one earns at least 60 credits worth of liberal arts and studies in the humanities. If I were to do things over, would I major in journalism? Absolutely! But I would have a double major – Science/Journalism. I would have to work my tail off and I’m sure I would spend every moment studying, but at least I wouldn’t have to worry about money or landing a job. What do you think ?
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8 Responses to “Solution For Our Economic Problems: Science, Technology, and Engineering”

  1. Son of Walt Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your blog. Part of the problem is some of the top students in our country are more interested in getting an MBA than an engineering or science degree. They all want to make the quick buck. The result is, you have a lot of MBAs running companies that are more focused on cutting costs and earnings per share, rather than being innovative, investing in R&D and creating great products that people will want to buy.

  2. the new iphone 5 Says:

    Fantastic blog. I never really thought about why we are in the dumps – science, technology, engineering and don’t forget math..

  3. le duke de fromage Says:

    MT. Tabor, While i agree complacency is part of the problem, the oversell of a liberal education tends to justify an easy degree. As you point out in your blog, then what? The division of college grads and non grads is alarming. What future does a high school grad have in this enviroment? Some suggest a cyclic movement is already in progress with disatisfaction effecting salaries ,costs, and attitudes in Asia.To establish a solid middle class this country must adjust and accept a work ethinic that solidifies our existence

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    I agree with you le duke de fromage. The first step is to get back our parent’s and grandparent’s work ethic. And yes not everyone is smart enough to earn a college dgree in stem (science, technology, engineering, and math). However, I think there will be a trickle down effect and with more scientists and engineers, we’ll have more jobs,, people will spend, invest in other areas, and hence there will be a demand for more unskilled labor. Sadly,increased technology has rplaced a lot of human beings but there will be other work such as retail, construction, etc.

  5. Rick Says:

    Mike your missing one thing. We keep telling our kids to get a college degree and without it youll never survive. We cant live up to our parents or grandparents because we are telling our kids blue collar work is a bad thing. Theres no work, I can’t, so I Occupy Wall street in protest. Want jobs Oh yea, you might get dirty.( Like your grandfather did.) Start the oil drilling! Get back to farmwork! Open a business take a chance!Time to get to work!

  6. Rick Says:

    psss. My son at 26 works his tail off. While kids are paying off these huge college loans, hes all ready living the american dream. Instead of paying off college loans, hes paying a mortgage and watching his daughter grow up. He wanted to be an engineer, but liked his new career so much he dropped out of college. I dont know of many 26 year old men with 8 years expertise in the industry. His income=engineers income.

    All the liberals think college is the answer for everyone. Hows that working out? Its all in the individual. Collectively we cant make the economy roll again.

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Indeed Rick – There is nothing to be ashamed about blue collar work. Learn a trade, save your money… good for your son !

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