Barack Obama’s Accomplishments –Part 2

October 27th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
Let us start where we left off – some more of Barack Obama’s accomplishments:
  • Established partnerships to share environmental technology with other countries.
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. (This is simple Keynesian economics; John Maynard Keynes is considered to be one of the greatest economic thinkers of all time. In a nutshell Keynes believed that when times are good, the free market will work and correct itself. However, when things are dire and the market is stuck, as a last resort, Keynes suggests that the only way out is to stimulate the economy by investing in markets that create job such as: infrastructure, education, health, and energy. In even simpler words, provide money for the movers and shakers who know how to turn money into more money. The stimulus plan was working and we were on our way to recovery, 3.7 million jobs were created, however we ran out of money. Now the solution is so simple – WE NEED ANOTHER STIMULUS PACKAGE ! And this is exactly what Obama is trying to do.)
  • Put into law largest reform of student aid in 40 years.
  • Passed Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act.
  • Created incentives for farmers to use more renewable energy and be more energy efficient.
  • Provided tax breaks to promote public transit.
  • Passed Oil Spill Recovery bill in order to remove liability CAP for oil companies.
  • Barack Obama works hard unlike his predecessor, W., he has visited more countries and more world leaders than any first term president in the history of the presidency.
  • Authorized Bill Clinton to secure the release of two Americans held in N. Korea.
  • Made 20 billion dollars in budget cuts.
  • Canceled contract for new Presidential helicopter fleet (28 helicopters, 11.2 billion dollars).
  • Established Standards For Accessible Medical Diagnostic Equipment.
  • Required large employers to contribute to a national health plan.
  • Required insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Prevented children from being refused health insurance coverage.
  • Helped Families Save Their Homes Act, helping millions avoid foreclosure – as a result foreclosure fell by 2%.
  • The Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act, advancing press freedom and safety for journalists.
  • Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Donated 250K of Nobel prize money to Fisher House.
  • Signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect.
  • Recommitted the U.S. to a policy of “no torture” and full compliance with the Geneva Conventions.  (Barack is a class act; we are better than our enemies.)
  • Initiated a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses.
  • Removed restrictions and provided support for embryonic stem-cell research and new biomedical research.
  • Imposed limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House.

Tell me PLEASE ! What am I missing ? I can write another blog on some of the administration’s achievements but I think we covered the major ones. We are suffering terribly economically but rest assured, there is no better man to have in the White House during these difficult times than Barack Obama.
So WHADAYATHINK ? What do you Think ? One can’t deny the facts, the president has done a lot and we are certainly in better hands than that lazy, bumbling, idiotic George “Dubya” Bush. Oh, and by the way English as a second language does not apply to President Obama as it did for his predecessor.
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11 Responses to “Barack Obama’s Accomplishments –Part 2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Put into law largest reform of student aid in 40 years, giving the country a 3rd wave of problems after residential and commercial real estate foreclosures.
    Created incentives for farmers to use more renewable energy and be more energy efficient skyrocketing the cost of food to inflated prices never seen before.
    Provided tax breaks to promote public transit for failed government programs like Amtrac
    Passed Oil Spill Recovery bill in order to remove liability CAP for oil companies causing oil companies to leave the gulf of mexico and an unstable future for American energy as China moves in.
    Barack Obama works hard golfing unlike his predecessor, W., he has visited more countries and more world leaders than any first term president in the history of the presidency apologizing for America being the greatest country and entering more wars
    Made 20 billion dollars in budget cuts while adding trillions to our deficit
    Canceled contract for new Presidential helicopter fleet (28 helicopters, 11.2 billion dollars) while utilizing the same to promote his 2nd term instead of doing the peoples business
    Required large employers to contribute to a national health plan causing companies to downgrade the health plans for their employees
    Required insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions casuing rates to soar over 25% in the last 2 years for small business.
    Prevented children from being refused health insurance coverage which has taken the power away from sate plans giveing it to the federal government.
    Helped Families Save Their Homes Act, helping millions avoid foreclosure – as a result foreclosure fell by 2%. As dead beat home losers stay in their unforeclosed for 2 years mortage free.

    Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.
    Signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
    Increased infrastructure spending (roads, bridges, power plants) after years of neglect and put the bill on our children.
    Recommitted the U.S. to a policy of “no torture” and full compliance with the Geneva Conventions. (Barack is a no-class act; we are better than our enemies.) As he broke his promise of closing Gitmo
    Imposed limits on lobbyists’ access to the White House ha ha right.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    I will answer line by line:
    . Student aid is good; education is good but don’t major in psychology for goodness sake – that’s just a waste of your parent’s and taxpayer’s $$. Major in STEM.
    . True – not all programs work, indeed AMTRAC failed but the key is Obama is TRYING IN EARNEST unlike his predecessor.
    . price of produce – I addressed that, see my earlier comments.
    . Believe it or not, a lot of business is done on the golf course (I’m not being facetious either).
    . More wars ? Not one American was killed in Libya & we finally got the monster Gaddafi. We alaways get the bad guys !!!!
    . Oil Spill Recovery Bill – exactly – message: don’t be careless and make mistakes or else you (oil companies) will pay. No cap my greedy oil friends – you F**K up the environment and you will pay ! Sadly China is going solar & green & they are way ahead of us.
    . adding to deficit – We have no choice. Why do the rich get richer because they have $$ to invest. Keynesian economics – invest intelligently $$ makes more $$ and creates jobs.
    . Obama used the $$ from the canceled presidential helicopter project to to help fund his campaign ? I never heard of this. Where did you get this information I would like to know – send me a link PLEASE.
    . Healthcare is a mess – see previous comments. As long as there are selfish rich republicans there will be no change in healthcare. It’s sinful that everyone doesn’t have healthcare.
    . Okay I’m a small business owner too. it sucks when our rates go up – but what are we going to do ? It’s the insurance companies – Again TAX THE RICH -BIG TIME !!!!!!!!! not the small businesses.
    . There are no jobs = no $$ = can’t pay mortgage. What if you lost your job or your business went under and you couldn’t pay your mortgage. Do you want you and your kids to be homeless ?
    . I agree with the Nobel peace prize – that was a joke. President Obama was embarrassed and rightfully gave the $$ to charity.
    . Infrastructure spending – wealthy people ought to pick up the tab not our children which is what Obama wants too. (I will blog a lot more about what we should do about these privileged, spoiled wealthy people)
    . Obama’s heart was in the right place re: Gtmo. He’s dealing with congress and his hands are tied but you can rest assured that the guards are on their best behavior thanks to the excellent journalism which exposed the horrible things we human beings are capable of doing to each other. (this is really material for a pyschological study on human nature when human beings hold other human beings captive [I digress but are you aware of the Stanford Experiment ? You can check it out on the web (actually it’s a future blog of mine) or watch the film with Adrian Brody which is loosely based on the Stanford Experiment.]
    . You got me on the lobbyists’ issue. As a matter of fact on Friday on the front page of the [liberal] New York Times they had an article about Obama accepting huge sums of $$ from lobybyists’. But as you said “ha ha” democrat or republican they are all whores when it comes to accepting money. That will never go away.

  3. Chipster Says:

    Thank you Mr. Tabor for addressing the issues that “Anonymous” posted. It’s obvious that Mr or Mrs. Anonymous is a Republican through and through and undoubtedly a WEALTHY one who doesn’t want to lose any of his or her great fortune!! You cited each point, but the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is that Anonymous consistently indicates that uncapping someones liability is unfair. A typical Republican comment. Republicans don’t seem to believe in accountability…………….unless it’s someone elses. God forbid the republican is injured, they would scream it is an injustice to cap how much they are awarded!!!

  4. rick Says:

    mike your site is toxic when chip monk jerks like chipster ( what kind of a dork name is that) has a problem with people that want to keep their hard earned money and not have the government waste it. Accountibility means working for what you earn and not stealing it from others. This guy doesnt know what earning money means like the rest of the people that want to tax the rich. If someone worked for their fortune, who has the right to take it away? ChIPMONKFACE?

  5. Chipster Says:

    Oh Rick,
    I smell the complaints of a Republican. First of all, leave it to someone who has nothing better to say to resort to insults. Secondly, Accountability is not exactly what you state. Not stealing would just be honesty; accountability is taking responsibility for what you’ve done…………see the difference? Leave it to a Republican to play with words; remember when George H. Bush stated during his re-election campaign “read my lips, no new taxes”? Well, dear Mr. Bush then was elected and the first thing he did……………yes indeedy, he proceeded to raise taxes. On on who? Right again, on the middle and lower class who can’t afford one more dollar taken out of their pockets. When reminded of his campaign promise, he said “read my hips” and jogged off. What did he lack? Right Rick, he lacked ACCOUNTABILITY for his actions. I realize that you won’t agree with that because you’d be critical of a republican president and I know you don’t want to do that. You may not even recall the incident since when a Republican does something as reprehensible as that, fellow Republicans have a tendency to either conveniently not hear or remember and when they do, they find a way to justify it.
    As for taxing the rich, if additional funds are necessary and the lower and middle class are at the breaking point, it only makes sense to obtain it from those who can more easily afford to pay. Take for example the tax benefits of GE. Do you know what they paid in taxes in 2010? Look it up; $ 0. You read it right. I suppose you believe that it’s more fair to take the last dime out of a middle class pocket than GE’s????? Have you heard of an individual named Warren Buffet? Best investment mind around and a billionaire. When asked about our tax situation, even he agreed it only makes sense to raise the tax rate on the wealthy since they are the only ones who can afford to these days. Now there is a man with sense.
    Oh, and that’s Mr. Chipster to you Rick.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    George H Bush was a progressive president that tried to make both sides happy. Im sure as a person who worked 2 jobs to support my family during that time, I can tell you he was no Ronald Reagan ( Not a good example Chipster). GE is in bed with the white house and Warren Buffet is too ( More bad examples Chipster). Who the heck do you think your kidding? How much did 48% of the country pay in federal income tax Chipster? Look it up $0. I bet their all voting for Obama to take more from the $250K plus small business owners that hire people like who? Thats would be people like you guessed it Chipster. So do we need to reform taxes so idiots like Buffet and in bed with the Obama white house GE pay Taxes or raise the tax rates on small businesses. Tell me Chipster. What do socialists like you propose for a tax plan? Tax the rich at 90% like Mr Tabor? Remember who is employing the middle class, you dont want the unemployment rate even higher.

  7. rick Says:

    Chipster ? Your examples are terrible.
    A) George H Bush was blasted by the conservatives for giving in to the democrats on tax increases.
    B) Warren Buffet funds all your liberal groups. Hes in bed with Obama
    C) GE is also in bed with Obama.

    B & C are your buddies. You sound like you have problems with people who earn and build a fortune through hard work. Are you unemployed Chipster?
    Dont give this cry story about their the only ones that afford it. I been at the bottom and worked my way up through hard work, I ate mac and chesse 7 nights a week. Get a freaking job! I employ people and have been growing during this bs economy you cry about. Its called hard work. Only the strong survive, you cant take handouts your whole life

  8. rick Says:

    PSS- taxing the wealthy will not fix the deficit caused by our nanny state, welfare state, hand out state. We need to reduce our expenses drastically. Class Warfare is not a good answer to solving this problem. Look at Greece. JOBS is the answer. Until we get more business friendly and reduce the rates to bring the jobs home. People like CHIPSTER THAT OCCUPIES “WHADA WE THINK” SOCIALIST STREET will still be shouting off tax the rich!

    No offense Mike, your fair.

  9. Chip Says:

    I feel sorry for you Rick. You don’t understand the concept of a civilized disagreement. When people don’t know any better they always resort to insults. I happen to be a business owner and am doing quite well and in addition, I teach business management and marketing at a large University. I notice that as soon as you disagree, your opponent is labeled a SOCIALIST and as soon as people agree, “they’re in bed together”. I also notice from some prior comments of yours that you’re anti education…………..and it shows in the way you defend yourself!
    I agree that taxing the rich won’t eliminate the problems with our economy, but what I am saying is that funds will be needed and thus taxes will be raised and we can’t clobber the lower and middle class anymore. Common sense dictates that if you need money, do you get it from someone with nothing in their pocket or do you get it from someone who has (the have’s and the have nots). Obviously, you go to those who have, as in the case of Willie Sutton, the notorious bank robber who when asked why he robbed banks retorted “because that’s where the money is”. Truth is he never said this, but the point is the same. What would you propose? …..reducing Medicare funding and letting the elderly die (that’s what Sarah Palin claimed Obama care would do ……the creation of “death panels”, the most absured thing I ever heard), or reducing Social Security payments to the elderly and disabled?……….oh, right they don’t need the money after all they’re retired.
    I do agree with you that I don’t want to give to people who do nothing but sit on their butts and expect a hand out, but there are many who keep getting jobs just to be let go again……….simply because someone else will work for less, or because they know someone (good old fashioned nepotism rears it’s ugly head). Most importantly, I think it’s imperative to stop the corporate loopholes that allow GE and many others from paying their fair share. You can claim that GE is in bed with Obama, but you have no facts, the truth is there are many large corporations that don’t pay a cent because they utilize the loopholes that allow them to get away with it.
    The protestors of the Occupy Wallstreet movement are right on target about changing the corruption that got the U.S. into trouble. Isn’t it bad enough about Lehman Brothers, Bernie Madoff, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and J.P. Morgan, etc……………….wel apparently we’ve never learned because now Jon Corzine had to step down from MF Global after he lost virtually everything for his clients.

    Now I know you’ll say I’m wrong about all these things, go ahead. It’s the people with their head in the sand that prevent the changes that are necessary from taking hold.

  10. rick Says:


    Social Security can be fixed by raises the ages to 72 for people born after 1960. Medicare is corrupt and needs to be fixed. Obamacare is forcing Doctors to leave their profession. Disabled people do need help I agree but I feel The salvation Army and other private enterprises can do a better job if Americans didnt count on the government. As far as people sitting on their butts collecting unemployment instead of flipping burgers its happening and I see it too much (How come the Governmnet doesnt see it?) GE CEO is working for the Obama administration. Meeting with him remeber JOB CZAR? ( Theres your proof) The Wall Street protester should be protesting the government for allowing the problems to occur. Now theres too much regulation( No balance), and whats left is foul stench.( The losers that need to go home and get a job)

    Chipster, I cant call you a liberal because a true liberal is a libeterian. Your opinion is to have a powerful government thus you are a socialist as most college professors. Why deny it?
    We are have a civil disagreement, do you have a wedgey? This is fun.

    Sarah Palin might be right. I hope not, but how about that Paul Ryan commercial throwing granny off the cliff, please?

    If the government didnt try to run the economy and everything else they shouldnt be doing, wewould all ready be out of this mess.

    I have a feeling your really Ms. Chipster. Am I right? As much as you are left.

  11. rick Says:

    Fun talking to you chipster, lets end this debate.
    Your left and Im right. Thats what makes America great!

    Sorry for the grammer, I didnt double check my grammer before hitting send.

    Mike stop laughing!

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