The Physically Beautiful Are Treated Differently

September 19th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
I saw on the internet a few weeks back an article of a clinical study, which was conducted, and the findings concluded that attractive people make more money than unattractive and even people with average looks do. I don’t remember the specifics of the control factors and how the study was conducted or how scientifically rigorous it was (for beauty is in the eye of the beholder), but it came as no surprise to me and I’m assuming for anybody else for that matter.
Beautiful people are simply treated differently and when I say different, I mean Better. The article I read about focused only on money, however comely individuals have a significantly easier time when it comes to social interaction and life, really. Even if you’re not interacting with other people, if you look in the mirror and you like what you see, you feel good about yourself. It’s just not fair, is it?
In my earnest opinion, I could think of not a single aspect of life in which being attractive is detrimental. Well, if being stared at in a most favorable way is problematic to you then you have one magnificent life (as long as you have your health). Just to list some of the prodigious advantages : monetarily rewarded, easier time (much)  with attracting the opposite sex or same sex if one is gay; furthermore being good-looking allows a person to be a whole lot more selective in terms of selecting a mate and one can more easily end up with a gorgeous partner. Just to add to the aforementioned a guy who looks like Brad Pitt could get the whole package – physically gorgeous woman who is smart, funny, educated, financially-secure, nice, polite, and comes from a solid family. YES, good looks can do that, even if you are only attractive and lacking in some other areas. Depending on the individual, a woman who literally has it all may look for another guy who does too, but maybe not. Besides, a person can work on the other areas, whereas though a person could change his or her looks, one can only do so to a certain degree.

There are so many other facets of life that it’s impossible to cover everything. People even ascertain that one is a nobler human being based solely on appearance (initially at least). Infants warm up and smile to the beautiful. Your good looks may even get you elected as president of the United States. After all Sarah Palin is only popular because she’s pretty. In the presidential election of 1960 between J.F.K. and Nixon, the polls indicated that people who watched one of their debates on TV believed Kennedy won the debate, and the individuals who only listened to the debate, thought Nixon won. How about that!
This could be a much longer blog , but I think you get the picture. I’ll just mention the fact that women have it an awfully lot harder which goes without saying, is enormously unfair. However, as women become more and more liberated the gap between men and women is closing. (Without question, women do not place as much emphasis on looks as men do and I believe that this is a result of evolution – another blog)
So Whadayathink ? If you are attractive, all this is wonderful news! If you are unattractive, this is dreadful and unfair. The only redeeming and equitable equalizer is – “Father Time.” We, both men and women, will lose our looks eventually. Another note is as we age, looks are not as important.
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6 Responses to “The Physically Beautiful Are Treated Differently”

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    The most beautiful person is nothing without having the disposition to go with it. That old adage “Beauty comes from within” holds true. The same can be said of someone who is not all that attractive yet has a certain “something” that people find attractive but can’t quite place their finger on.

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