Don’t Turn Your Back On The Poor and The Needy

September 28th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
If you view yourself and believe that you are a good, caring, empathetic, and unselfish person, how can you neglect people who, for whatever reason, are poor and will always be poor and need help from the government i.e. food stamps and” the dirty word” welfare. Before I further elaborate let me just pose a couple of questions. Do you think being the person who is the recipient of welfare is content with his or her station in life? Do you think that a person who gets $400 a month, food stamps and lives in a “rat hole” in a dangerous neighborhood is happier than a person who gets up at 5 am and works 8-10 hours every day but lives on a cul de sac in the suburbs ? Do you think an alcoholic or a drug addict is happy, jolly, joyous, jubilant, and carefree? These are rhetorical questions and I could go on interminably but I think you get the point. Any sane, rational, and clear-thinking person will say no to all these questions.
Both democrat and republican will agree that welfare is not the solution to empowering the poor, which is why we use it as a last resort and make the welfare applicants jump through bureaucratic hoops to get it. This is why scores of people who are eligible for welfare benefits don’t receive it because it’s just too difficult for them. Sadly, what happens is these people end up homeless and living in cardboard boxes. Some naïve people will say – “Well they don’t have to be homeless because we provide shelter and soup kitchens, etc.”. This is true but I would bet dollars to donuts that any person who says something along these lines has never spent a night in a homeless shelter. The shelters are nasty, unbelievably dangerous, and there is no privacy (people underestimate the need for privacy and space; it is as necessary as food and shelter).
As a rule of thumb, people like to earn their money; no one wants to be dependent on the government. If a person has a scintilla of pride and dignity (we all have pride and if it is taken away it’s worse than being dead), he or she will want to work and be a productive citizen and win the respect of his fellow human being. My favorite adage is that there are no absolute truths except that there exceptions to every absolute truth. This applies to a very small percentage of homeless and welfare recipients. There are indeed some people who are prodigiously lazy (everyone feels lazy sometimes), seem to have no shame, love getting freebies, and truly don’t want to work or get an education. Again the aforementioned is rare and even if one were a hedonist and a lazy good – for – nothing social leech, who do you think would get the beautiful girl (if you were male and heterosexual) the welfare recipient or the guy (regardless of physical looks) who earns 6 or 7 figures at Goldman Sachs.
The quintessential example of human beings desire to work is the current mayor of New York City – Michael Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg is worth 18.1 billion dollars and is the thirteenth richest person in the U.S.  Bloomberg does not have to work; he could lay on the couch, watch Oprah, and sleep till noon, yet he has elected to take on probably the hardest and most stressful job in the world, second only to being president of the United States (I think he would make a fine president too).
So whadayathink ? We are in the midst of the worst economy this country has ever seen and jobs are rare. I saw on C-span, Jeff Weiner, and the CEO of the hugely successful social network – LinkedIn, state that there are 3 million open jobs right now in this country. He neglected to mention that most of these openings are bogus or they’re sales jobs that don’t pay a base salary. How are you going to live on a commission only sales job that if you’re lucky you make a sale in 6 months – what does one do in the interim, eat your shoe like Charlie Chaplin did in the film Gold Rush. We all know that welfare stinks and it only perpetuates poverty and misery. However, what do we do with the poor? Let’s not be armchair economists and say “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” that’s a fairy tale (clarification: fairy tale for some, not all) and I’m talking real life. What do we do with the clinically depressed, misfits, stutterers, dumb, slow, deformed, weak, drug addicts, alcoholics and a plethora of other deficiencies from which sadly so many people suffer? The Nazis sent them to the gas chamber. The United States does not do that. Don’t turn your back on the poor and the needy. This is by far Elvis Presley’s greatest, saddest, and most poignant song he has ever done. At times, I simply can’t hold back the tears. Please listen and maybe grab a box of Kleenex.
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3 Responses to “Don’t Turn Your Back On The Poor and The Needy”

  1. magdalena Says:

    The man in the cardboard box is all to evident on New York City streets. I see it very day and have seen it for too many years. You never get used to it. And whatever money you are moved to give or can spare is never enough. We need government backing. We need more people to go out there and talk to them and treat them like the human beings they are. Not something we shun and pretend doesn’t exist.

  2. DuCabelo Says:

    Hi, here in Brazil we have so many problems too. There are a lot of very poor people around here and as U said I think that people in better situation can help to do a better world but I think too in government´s actions. Without government actions there´ll be no ways to help everyone, because the very poor people need education to change their minds, I think that we can help people bu we must scream to governments changing. Here in Brasil there are a lot of bad politics who be rich with poorness of a people. Sad but true.

  3. joey Says:

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