Charlie Sheen: Marketing Genius – Part 2

September 15th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

A couple of months ago when Charlie Sheen was behaving in a manner in which was whimsically bizarre and unprecedented, I blogged about the possibility that his behavior may indeed be a very clever marketing ploy. After all, when one is a celebrated figure and not a  lawmaker, the president or some other very important person, there is no such thing as bad press. Charlie sheen is an actor the former star of Two and a Half Men (I personally have never seen the show, but it was indeed a big hit amongst those folks out there who like situation comedies) – not an important person. Charlie Sheen’s job is to get ratings and ratings he got – Big Time. There was not anyone who wasn’t talking about him and tuning into him when he gave an interview.
I am not suggesting that Charlie Sheen is not an alcoholic or a drug addict, but 90% of Hollywood is partying, drinking, and ingesting temporary “feel – good” substances. It seems that every musician, actor, or reality star is either “using” or in rehab. Additionally, we can all acknowledge that there obviously was a falling out with the producers of the hit show but Charlie managed to get off the show (which incidentally he intimated to many people that he was tired of doing the show) and make himself the highest-rated entertainer on the planet.
I saw Mr. Sheen interviewed at the time when he volunteered to go down to Alabama after the devastating tornado (a very noble act indeed) and he was lucid, sincere, funny, and normal. He also just recently granted an interview to Matt Lauer and he was as normal as one could ever expect.
My last thoughts on this whole Charlie Sheen episode is that I don’t know him personally nor do I want to – I’m not a fan (sorry Charlie) and he could very well be a manic depressant and have multiple personalities. However, Charlie Sheen is bigger and hotter than ever! This is akin to when Howard Stern got fired from WNBC and his salary went from 100k (Stern was acting crazy and Stern is anything but insane – he is also a marketing genius) a year to 100 million a year.
Well you be the judge, WHADAYATHINK ? Do you think Sheen really had a nervous breakdown or was this just a publicity stunt? Don’t neglect that other knucklehead, Joaquin Phoenix, people bought his inane “crazy man” act. Lastly, your average tabloid reader loves when celebrities and people they perceive as having an easier life than they lose it and suffer. Nothing like another’s tale of woe, the Germans have a word (leave it to the Germans to come up with a word like this. Note: I’m German too – a little joke). The word is Schadenfreude – if you’re not familiar with the word, look it up and in my humble opinion it is precisely fitting.
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