Barack Obama Just May Get a Second Term

September 13th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
I will attempt to be as impartial as Possible. I am independent/ Left and I usually vote democrat for a number of reasons. I will not enumerate the plethora of reasons (another blog). I will just point out that every single human being is precious and a party who neglects the poor and the needy is disgraceful.
I think Obama has done a decent job (and it’s refreshing that we have an articulate president who can speak the English language) and although this is the worst  economy I have ever seen in my 48 Years, there are so many other variables involved – namely congress and lack of confidence with big business and consumers.
Next year I was ready to consider voting Republican but thus far there is absolutely nothing there that excites me. One big problem is Rick Perry, probably neck and neck with Mitt Romney, is adamant about cutting social programs – Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. A lot of of Senior citizens vote and whether or not Mr. Perry calls Social Security “a Ponzi scheme” , if one even mentions revamping the program, you will not get elected. A person running for president needs that constituency.
The other GOP candidates are not even worth spilling ink over. The Tea Party crew are way too extreme for my tastes and the country’s taste.
So WHADAWETHINK ? It’s still early and Obama may very well be challenged by his own party.
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8 Responses to “Barack Obama Just May Get a Second Term”

  1. le duke de fromage Says:

    Mr. Tabor, Politics in America has become a stage for 2nd rate performers. Characters such as, Perry, Palin, Santorium, Romney, etc. reads more like the cast of a Friends episode than serious candidates for the greatest nation in the world. How do we as citizens deserve this crew of media hogging miscreants?
    There is a widely held belief that in times of crisis America produces leaders capable of governing this country.This crop of P.R. produced candidates falls far short of doing so. While the book is still out on President Obama, he may be our only chance at surviving another round of mediocre leaders.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    My thoughts precisely. Great hearing fom you – le duke de fromage !!! Always incisive

  3. rick Says:

    The social programs in place have not been successful. Seniors have been programed that big government will take care of them. The program was set up to be a financial aid to the wifes of men who died at 60 years old. Now everyone uses this program for retirement? Shame on Washington DC.
    The programs designed to help the poor have kept them dependent on the government aid and keeps families apart.( Is the poor community better off?) They need tools to succeed, not a hand out.
    The social programs designed to help people have hurt them. The family unit is being destroyed by our government.
    We need a massive change, not more of the same social programs that have raped our country since FDR. Power to the individual, not the government.
    Rick Perry might not be the best choice for the GOP, but any candidate including Hillary Clinton knows the era of big goverment is over. One way or another, we cant afford it.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:


    When is the Tea Party meeting, Rick ? – lol. Maybe we could discuss all the ways we can get rid of poor people, old people, and blacks (because african Americans are the people who really get hurt by right-wingers. Inner city folks with zero family structure, no education, and no direction – truly poor, misguided, and lost souls.) My definition of success is being a good and kind human being who is willing to extend a helping hand to those in need. We, as a great nation have an obligation to help those who, for whatever reason, can’t help themselves. Sure – there have been a lot of disasterous government programs, but governing 320 million people is a prodigiously complex and difficult task. Have a heart Rick, don’t turn your back on the poor and the needy. Thanks for your comment Rick. I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog and offering different view points. You are a great guy, even though you are a Republican – cheers.

  5. rick Says:

    Your reply is typical and thats the “major problem”. I respect your views and I don’t slam you personally.

    Poor People-
    People need our help. If you give the Government money to spend on poor people they will waste it on pet projects and bridges to no where. Better to put it back in private hands like Churches and other non-profit Organizations. So far how much has our social programs helped the poor people? Really in the long run? Who do you trust more the Salvation Army or the Federal government? How about the American Red Cross? How about yourself?
    If you lock a bull in a barn and keep feeding him food, he’ll be content to stay there. Stop feeding that bull and open the barn door, he’ll find the food himself. Just like Unemployment. Its easier to collect then to start over.
    Old People-
    Please Mike, we all are too busy not being a family unit. Remember the days when Grandma & Grandpa lived with the kids? Social Security being a Government failure needs reorganization. If FDR put it in place today we would receive it at 80 years old. We have to stop counting on it in future generations as retirement.

    Black People- The word “Minority” itself is racist. Once you classify a group as minority you cause that group to be less of. The people must become one. No more blacks, whites, or any other race. As long as we think ourselves different we will have an issue. I think we need to treat all races the same “Equal Rights” not “Social Justice”. As long as races cling to their own there will be a problem.
    Inner city families- The welfare system has caused the fatherless home. The other can collect more federal money then if you bring a working father in the picture. This trend is like the bull in the barn example above.
    We should have a plan, not a hopeless exit.
    Obligation- What have you done to help the needy, without legally have to do it (taxes). Christ himself tells us to give to the poor and needy. I don’t remember him preaching to Rome to do so.

    Actually we can get rid of the poor people by empowering them. All though there will always be those who need aid it should be a temporary phased out plan.
    We can empower the old people of the future, not to count on a federal government who wants an elderly woman to live off $625 a month of social security.
    We can stop calling black people minorities and treat them as members of our great America! With the same chance of success as every other American! Enough with races. Why is it so important in a census the government asks what race? Shame on the government.

    We all have our views whether left, right or center ( All important). Your blog is full of negative comments. If you ask for solutions from the left, center, and right without the put downs and slams your blog site will fly like an eagle! Hopefully all the political discusions will stimulate some ideas where their needed. Washington DC.

  6. Michael Tabor Says:

    touche Rick – very strong rebuttal to my comment. Theoretically everything you have stated is correct – however, it’s not the real world. Everyone knows and agrees that we should teach a poor person to fish instead of just giving him fish. But, In the real world these people, because of all the reasons I cited before, (no education, no family structure, etc.) won’t make it and have no idea about self-reliance. (I hate welfare and we should begin to take steps to eradicate it which will take time. Both parties of course would not want to see a severely disabled person starve to death and unemployment, which is temporary and is a safety net affords one to get back on his or her feet.) Every human being has a sense of pride and dignity; sadly a homeless person loses this (this is the worst possible spot, psychologically, a human being can be in – without dignity and pride life is really almost not worth living) and one is on Maslow’s last rung – which is literally just survival. Basic necessities to live: food, water, shelter and sleep.

    I agree that Social security is a mess and needs to be revamped but don’t kick grandpa and grandma to the curb. And, lastly as for black people, african Americans and minorities do themselves a disservice by assuming such a label and it just further segragates them. Barack Obama shouldn’t be called 1st black president – drop the adjective black. Rick I agree 100% on this and the rest of what you stated. I guess we’re not as different in our thinking as we initially thought.

    Rick your logic is sound, you have a gift for presenting your ideas in a persuasive manner, and you write well.

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