Is the Hypocritical Ann Coulter Gay or Not?

August 18th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
There are few celebrities (including pseudo-celebrities) or people in the public eye whom I “hate.” There is certainly a plethora of people in the center stage that I dislike and I would even say strongly dislike, however, hate is a strong word and I usually do not harbor such intense emotion for “silly” celebrities or politicians I do not personally even know.
Having stated the aforementioned, I must say that I used to hate the former President of the United States, George W. Bush, and now the only person I could honestly say I hate is the frivolous right –wing conservative pundit – the notorious Ann Coulter. The former used to be the most important person in the world, had the power, and influence to literally affect my life. Ann Coulter is just a GOP pundit and prolific author (she churns out about a book a year, stirring the pot with her usual outrageous right-wing rhetoric) who has absolutely no impact on my life and is powerless to affect it in any way, shape, or form. So, I really should just dismiss her and just not pay any attention to her not unlike so many other folks I’m not exactly keen on.
Last week, the woman who has been bashing homosexuals since time immemorial announced, that she would serve as honorary chair of its Advisory Council and hold the title of “Gay Icon.” The name of the organization of which she will “proudly” assume this grandiose moniker is GOProud.  I was completely shocked when I heard the news; this declaration coming from the very same woman who is vehemently against gay marriage, believes a gay person could be cured with therapy and prayer, is opposed to women serving in the military or being cops or firewomen, etc. Every extreme right – wing position on the issue of homosexuality, Ann Coulter unequivocally has stood firmly with the GOP.
I suspect that much of what Ms. Coulter says and writes about is with her tongue firmly in her cheek. I do not think she is serious when she makes these rhetorical pot-stirring remarks. If she came out and said she was a satirist and an entertainer, then I actually would have no problem with her at all. However, she adamantly states that everything she writes about is her belief and version of the truth, as she perceives it.
Now to address the gist of this blog – is Ann Coulter gay. For someone who was not a gay basher, this would be a non-issue. Who cares? Ann is a very perplexing woman to say the least. She has dated men her whole life and has even dated three prominent gentlemen, one of whom was Andrew Stein – a liberal democrat. Go figure – she says opposites attract. For the record, Ann Coulter has also never publically announced that she herself was gay. Nevertheless, if she were not gay then why on earth would she assume the title of “Gay Icon”? In addition, why would GOProud elect a notorious conservative gay-basher as its leader? So there you have it two things – 1. Why would Ann Coulter decide to be the “Gay Icon” for an organization to which she is supposedly vehemently opposed? 2. Why would GOProud want a homophobic for its leader and even if she were neutral on gay rights and issues, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the organization would want a person who was actually GAY ??
So whadayathink ? Is Ann Coulter gay or not? Do you like Ann Coulter? Do you think her whole personage of being this outrageous right-winger is a joke? Please comment, I would love to get your comments.
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2 Responses to “Is the Hypocritical Ann Coulter Gay or Not?”

  1. rick Says:

    Mike how could you? If she was gay so what? You don’t agree with her……..please cant we all get along.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Rick, I am not homophobic. I don’t care if Coulter is gay, it is she who seemed to think being gay was unnatural and sinful. She was a gay basher and now she does a 180. I am accusing her of hypocrisy not homosexuality. Rick, how can you possibly like her ? Even if you agree with her, she is such a mean person. Did you know she compared Katie Couric to Eva Braun and called the widows of 9/11 “a bunch of whining broads” Wow!!! My goodness – even if she just wants to sell books by shocking (which maybe even worse because that would make her an insincere prostitute).

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