“I” is for Irene. “I” is for Imbeciles.

August 28th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor

The wind is still gusting. I spent a sleepless night peering through the windows at the nightmare outside and staying glued to ominous news reports; and in between my vigil, a couple of cat naps. My makehift bed was situated on the ground floor of my home away from windows that may shatter glass my way, opting for a stiffened back come morning rather than lie dead in the upstairs bedroom resulting from a downed tree. Hurricane Irene was massive in scale – 500 miles in width; the size of the entire European continent and she was headed this way. My biggest fear (besides the roof being torn off) was the old oak tree directly positioned in front of the house. Its straight as a soldier stance provided little reassurance and the spurts of wind in its upper branches rattled my nerves. After all, the amount of rain alone could loosen the ground considerably; enough to make this giant topple like a bowling pin.

The other threat (as if a hurricane weren’t enough) were the tornado warnings that could strike at any given moment anywhere in the vicinity and consequently demolish your home in an instant, not to mention the loss of life. Thankfully, none of these things happened to us but it’s of no consolation that it happened to someone else. The long night of harrowing winds, torrential rain and cannonball shots of thunder was accompanied by the eerie moan of an emergency siren from the firehouse; a warning to stay indoors as if you’d have to tell me twice. Why I am repeatedly amazed at the stupidity of mankind, I’ll never know but here are just a few examples of what people chose to do after being advised to evacuate:

In New York City – A woman in a bikini was seen jogging in the rain while talking to a reporter. It’s the most natural thing in the world, right?
In New Jersey –  Numerous surfers jumped off of a 20 foot pier that had collapsed into the angry, tumultuous sea. The sea appeared to swallow them up but with intermittent gasps of air they insisted they were having fun.
On Staten Island – Two kayakers had to be rescued at sea by emergency personnel, placing the lives of everyone at risk. Brilliant.
On Long Island – Families with children went out into the storm to look at the ocean, choosing to stay and party with neighbors after a mandatory evacuation was announced. This is not a snow storm, people – It’s a life threatening HURRICANE. You don’t stay and pop some corn with the kids like you’re watching a movie. YOU ARE IN THE MOVIE TO WHICH THERE MAY BE NO SEQUEL.
By mid morning the storm only intensified yet it was downgraded to a Category 1 tropical storm once it made landfall in New York City. However, the effects of the 80 mile an hour winds were still felt, creating widespread damage. News reports filmed the flooding in the low lying coastal regions several blocks just south of us on Long Island. Huge trees and power lines downed. Though still gusting, I made a tentative venture out in back of the house as the storm lessened its grip. My rabbits were bundled against the wind in their hutches. “You made it”, I murmured to them in congratulations. “My brave ones” bouncing around in fearless anticipation of breakfast.
So………………..whadayathink? Were you affected by the hurricane? Would you heed the warning to get out of the way of impending danger or decide it’s the perfect time to have some good clean fun?
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