Written by Susan Monaco – Guest Blogger

July 25th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Healthcare Reform; yes, it’s needed, but it must be instituted from the ground up. If the foundation is not secure, the structure will be faulty and collapse, and that is exactly what has happened to the U.S. healthcare institution. What needs to be done? Many things need to be addressed, both for the safety of patients as well as the size of the medical tab that we must all pay. The first thing I propose is the most basic……….addressing the cause of medical malpractice. Sad to say, my family was taken from me, as a result of two documented cases of medical malpractice. The legislation that I propose is something that I always believed should be in effect, unfortunately, it wasn’t until my family was destroyed, that I decided to take action.


The legislation, regards a common sense approach to the way we license physicians in this country. Currently, a physician is licensed in the state or states that he or she intends to practice. If the physician is forced to voluntarily surrender his license or loses it in one state; absolutely nothing prevents him from practicing in another state. In fact, this is an all too common scenario. The fact is, this is the very thing that is documented to have happened to a number of people in Baltimore, Maryland; when the neurosurgeon who butchered my sister, was forced to leave Florida. He was forced to “voluntarily” surrender his license or risk facing humiliation by having it revoked. He left Florida, but proceeded to practice in Baltimore, where he operated on a woman and removed the wrong disk in her neck.


This is not an isolated incident. It happens in New York and New Jersey quite frequently. A physician, who loses his license in New York, easily jumps the river and with a new license, continues to maim and destroy lives.


The question that should immediately jump into everyone’s head is – “If a physician is unfit to practice in one state, isn’t he just as unfit to practice in another state?”

The answer is nation-wide licensing of physicians. It can be done on a federal level or it may be administered by the state, but all states must cooperate. If a physician loses his license, either by way of revocation, suspension or voluntary surrender, he or she is barred from obtaining a new license or utilizing an already existing license in another state. If a physician is unfit to practice in one state, he or she is unfit to practice in every state; common sense dictates this, now the law must be amended to follow suit.


Physicians and authorities may argue that this is not necessary, yet clearly something must be done. The medical community will undoubtedly say such licensing is not possible because of the varied “standard of care” across the country. The truth is, that years ago that was the truth, but in these times it’s routine, for physicians to attend medical school in one state, do their various internships and residencies in other states and ultimately begin their own practice in yet another state. If the “standard of care” was still an issue, as it was back in the days of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, then physicians would be required to study and practice in one state and remain there for the entire length of their professional lives.


There are a number of other things that can be implemented or changed to improve the quality of health care in this country, but I firmly believe that nation-wide licensing is the foundation for all the other changes. We can have all the other changes implemented, but if a doctor is incompetent, and therefore dangerous, and still has the luxury of closing shop in one state and resuming his trade in another, then the changes are virtually worthless.


Allowing the medical community to monitor and police themselves is a joke. They have their white coat of silence. Seldom will a doctor speak out against another doctor; and even more rarely, will one testify against another one. Please help prevent more victims. Please support legislation that is aimed at the very root of the problem. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. It would create a sound foundation upon which other changes can ultimately be implemented

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  1. magdalena Says:

    Thank you, Susan, for bringing this much needed issue to light.

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    interesting article

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