How to Make Money Blogging

June 16th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

This is an honest blog about how money is earned blogging. If the only reason you started blogging was to make a lot of money quickly and easily I must sadly inform you that blogging is not for you. 99.99% of bloggers do not make money but then again they are not producing very good blogs. I am going to say this now and repeat it because it is the truth and the only thing that works is – content. Content is everything!
I am 6 months into my blogging career and I can now honestly say that no I am not raking in the bucks, however, I am at a point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will probably never be rich, however one can never tell, and I will make enough money to make a comfortable middle class living. Though I am not The Pioneer woman, (she makes more than a million dollars just blogging and her secret is – Good Content. It is a Suzy Homemaker blog and it is not for me but I admire the aesthetically pleasing site and the quality of the content that is accessible, fun, and rife with information. ) yet, within 2 years I should be making half of what she makes.
This is my first blog about how I make money off blogging but there is a certain percentage of individuals who do nothing but give very often bogus advice, tease you with bits of informational profit-garnering techniques, and then ask you to purchase their secrets to success. Stay away from those people –please do not waste your money on these bogus “secrets”. All the information you need to know to get going is free, the only expenditures will be the products you need to run your blog, marketing and key word search, etc. The beauty of blogging is the start-up cost is minimal and if you do everything correctly your first year investment should be no more than $1,500.00. (I have made all the mistakes an individual can possibly make and already spent around $5,000.00. I will tell you about my mistakes and how to avoid them.) So steer clear of so called “blogging gurus” who take your money and give you nothing you couldn’t find on the internet here or anywhere on the web for nothing. THERE ARE NO SECRETS – only blogs with good content.
I cannot emphasize how important it is that you begin blogging for the right reasons. I started blogging because I love to write. I went to school for journalism and unfortunately spent 25 years of my professional career doing everything but Journalism. I was a recruiter or “headhunter” for many of those years and I loathed it! Now I look back and seeing the success I am having has a professional full time blogger, I regret not having persevered in the field I love so dearly – writing. So if I won the lottery or inherited a large sum of money, I would continue to blog every day. This truly is a dream come true and I consider myself unspeakably fortunate.
Let’s get started – Choose a niche
I made a mistake right from the get-go by one, not picking a niche and secondly which is what one has to do to after a niche is found is pick a domain name. I went 0 for 2. I am managing to eke out a living because the content (there is the only secret word again – content) of this blog is so good, otherwise I probably would not have earned a nickel. I know it is possible to do what I am attempting to do, which is cover everything under the sun, the very successful Huffington Post does just that. However this blog is a husband and wife team and Arianna Huffington, the creator of Huffington Post ,had millions of dollars in the beginning to play with and 7000 writers to boot. So yes, in this case Ms. Huffington’s creation is the result of having so much money and the solution to good content and marketing is to simply cut a check and hire great writers and guest writers in addition to 70 + employees to market her blog. The Huffington Post truly is an original online newspaper. This blog is for you and I; the average person who is starting an online business with just a couple of thousand dollars tops to start.
I have at least 3 more blogs that I’m preparing to launch very soon which are yes, one all have very specific niches and two, have a domain name that is apropos. The first is called, which covers all aspects of grammar, and style, I will be checking all types of correspondence for grammatical mistakes and corrections, and I will be putting my recruiting business to work by cleaning up people’s resumes. Furthermore, my wife has come up with a niche and great domain herself and just as the name suggests this a very specific niche on tea and one can surmise what the blog is about by the title. The way to get a good niche is just google it and if 100’s of millions of entries pop up, the niche is not tight enough. One would like to get under the 10 million mark and even less for example the number for grammar checking is 2.2 million. You may still say wow, that is a big number, but the reality is the World Wide Web is a sprawling and prodigious entity and over 2 billion people use the internet. The number is simply awesome and staggering.
I will mention some products that I do not personally use but I will vouch for them because keep in mind there is not a product here that I have not tried or some successful blogging colleague hasn’t.
Market Samurai (as you can see I don’t use hyperlinks – this is a matter of choice. I don’t want people leaving my site so I am hopeful that you read my blogs and then seek out whatever it may be afterwards.) is the best in terms of assisting you in terms of selecting a niche. This tool will help you out with keyword selection to drive traffic to your site, SEO competition, rank tracker, monetization, can manage your content and so much more. A friend of mine stated that the product doubled his profits.
Purchasing your domain name and choosing a host
There are a number of hosts (mistake #3 for me. I chose 1and1 and they don’t compare to Host Gator, which is the best – trust me on this one.) In addition, I use Host Gator, the platform I use is WordPress; everyone uses it and for good reason it is great, and it is free. There is no other successful person who uses anything else.
The next step is personalizing your blog. No one is going to stay with the generic features wordpress provides so you can invest in some software like Semiologic-Wordpress or invest in a Web Designer – a good one who is ethical. In terms of finding a good Web Designer, referrals are the only way. I have an honest, talented, ethical and affordable Web Designer and perhaps the second reason is successful is because it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I had done so many things wrong and the site, in my opinion is so attractive, I’m certain there are people who come just for the design alone.
More than one blog
Yes, get out as many blogs as you can handle. I know people who have 20 or more sites.
SEO Optimization
I paid an SEO Optimization company to set me up with all the major search engines. I highly recommend that everyone do this, it’s an additional investment, but it’s necessary. What I would not suggest you do is sign up for the any of their marketing campaigns. I’m in the middle of a campaign that I wasted $800 on and I will not mention the company because who knows, maybe will pick up dramatically. There was another company I used for marketing and I got hit with nothing but spam. Essentially what they did was throw their clients my way and who had no interest in but they wanted to use my web-site as a platform for all the links I was getting because the site was so popular. This comes to a product I highly recommend once your blog starts moving along called Askimet, which is a spam blocker and works perfectly.
Content , Content and more Content
Have great content. This blog could literally be those 3 words – provide great content. Writing well, being witty, researching everything you write. Take time to respond to the people who follow you, provide information, but make it fun to read. One could be the greatest writer in the world but if it is dry – well then it may be too scholarly. You really do not want to write scholarly on a blog. If someone is writing a book, blogs are not considered legitimate sources. But if the information is correct every time then many individuals may check your blog first and then proceed from there. That’s what I do with Wikipedia; it’s accurate 99.9% of the time but if I want to be certain I start there and double check at another source. Why? Because I am used to it, it is fun, easy and accessible.
Marketing your Blog
One can pay for it or do it yourself and doing it yourself is a lot of hard work. It is sad but some of the greatest material ever written goes unread because it was not promoted properly. I actually blogged about it. Some of my best blogs have gone unread because the topic was trending and therefore too competitive for the search engines to pick up. My advice is to write what you want. Again, if you are writing just for keywords then your job becomes a drag. Remember content and you will be found.
There are so many ways to make money if you have good Content and you build a following. I only use Amazon .com because it has everything and I do not want my blog to be cluttered. But it’s up to you – Google adsense which has often been called google welfare. No one gets rich on adsense – no one ! Pick an affiliate and go with it – I will stick with Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the site. Have fun and keep coming back.


Phil Donahue was the Best!

June 14th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
I was astonished to see Phil Donahue just completely out-debate the conservative right-wing pundit Bill O’Reilly (I do not like this man at all – he is a bully but he is intelligent, does his homework and knows how to debate) so soundly about three years ago. Go YouTube Donahue and O’Reilly and you can clearly see what I am talking about. Donahue was cool as a cucumber, made all his points neatly, and just threw O’Reilly off his game and just infuriated him because he was beaten this time by a superior intellect.
I mention Phil Donahue because it does seem like he has just disappeared and someone on Twitter said something about his dying. I am happy to report that Mr. Phil Donahue is alive and well but just not working which is a shame. If you watched any of his show on MSNBC in 2003, it just could not get any better. Real issues were discussed intelligently without yelling, screaming, and other talk show host’s tricks for spiking their ratings. Yes, Donahue’s ratings went down fast but this was cable and he was right there along with Chris Mathews and Bill O’Reilly. He had a viewership and his firing was political because NBC did not want an outspoken Liberal during war time. We the American public lose one of the most informed and intelligent talk-show hosts because NBC doesn’t know what democracy is. Allowing an individual to adamantly voice his opinion against the war during war is what makes our country great! Yes, it is freedom of speech and Mr. Donahue would not have his door broken down and arrested in the middle of the night because this is a America – it is DEMOCRACY. Shame on NBC!
I watched Donahue a lot when I was in college and I learned a lot from his show. Then when Oprah Winfrey and the other clowns came along like Montel, Geraldo, and Sally Jessie Raphael he was forced to turn the show into a circus. Oprah Winfrey ruined it for Phil Donahue and I suppose it was the time slot that hurt him. Let’s face it, what intelligent and important man or woman is home at 4pm, Monday – Friday watching TV. Homemakers were home at this time and they would rather discuss clothing and arts and crafts rather than geo-politics. Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey having a conversation with Phil Donohue on geo-politics – laughable?
Mr. Donahue did have his run and it is a shame that he is not talked about more. He was on the air for 29 years and 26 of those years were syndicated – the longest continuous run of any syndicated talk show in U.S. Television history. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Oprah.
Anyway, it became clear that a good mind like Phil Donahue was wasting his time on the happy homemaking hour and that MSNBC show was perfect for him. He was not made for showing transvestites (the other part of Oprah’s show- sensationalistic yellow journalism), he was a man who talked about important and interesting matters. One of my conservative acquaintances referred to him as Mr. Sensitive. Well, I’m 6’2’ 240 lbs. and I’m trained in MMA and I thought Mr. Sensitive showed more courage, going against the grain, than Bill O’Reilly ever has.
So WHADAWETHINK ? I truly miss Phil Donahue and it was a joy to go back and see him when he was good because he truly was the best. He really could have had a serious show like Charlie Rose. Damn you Oprah and NBC – I could just see him around the oak table with important people and educating us all.
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Film Review – Waking Life, 2001, Directed by Richard Linklater

June 13th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Waking Life ranks as one of my favorite movies of all time. It Is on my top 10 movies of all-time list and coming from someone who as seen perhaps every great movie ever made, that is saying something.
I own the DVD and I watch some of it at least once a month. However, I hardly sit straight through the entire movie again because it is so rife with intellectual profundities that it is just almost impossible to take in and chew and absorb all of that great wisdom. I will usually watch ten minutes or so and just get swept off my feet by the sage insight. This is a critically acclaimed film but certainly there are detractors who will point out that the film is pretentious and over the top. I do understand that if a person is not serious about film and is one who just wants to be entertained then yes this movie would not be for you. This movie is difficult and I was dizzy with awe-inspiring thoughts after my first viewing. I immediately inserted the disc, watched it over again, and knew immediately that this was a film I would never get sick of and had to purchase the disc.
The film is in animation and the technique utilized is rotoscoping, which is simply tracing over the live-action filming of real life. I love the fact that Richard Linklater decided to film it this way. In fact, I am not sure the film would have had the same impact on me if it were done any other way. A certain person whom I am very close to said that she does not like it because it feels like she has just ingested a tab of LSD. It has that half real and half cartoon look – it is a real mind-bending look, which is exactly what Linklater wanted. This is a movie after all about, consciousness, dreams, reality, etc. so what an apropos form to film this way because dreams are weird but very often feel real and I think the perfect word is surreal.
So allow me to tell you what the film is about. This is a movie, which is impossible to spoil, and this is the case because there is not much of a plot. The protagonist is in a dream and ends up interacting with some of the most intelligent and interesting people one will ever meet. They all speak like college professors and everything under the sun is discussed from as I mentioned earlier: reality, dreams, consciousness, politics, and existentialism – in fact all types of philosophy are touched upon. It talks about the future, how to lead as the Greeks would say “the good life”, and really it is all about the meaning of life. There is an eastern flavor to much of the philosophy, which is what rings true and resonates with me most. What’s so great about the film is that it presents highly complex philosophical teachings and makes it accessible to the lay person. (Some people disagree with me here and but I have seen the movie several times and none of the language is superfluous and intellectually pretentious. It is all couched in the proper way and is all crystal clear.)
Please see this movie! This movie has changed my life and is actually still changing my way of thinking because I am continually watching this gem – a rotoscopic, animated, cerebral, genre-breaking film. This is one of a kind. By the way if you end up turning off the movie after 15 minutes and then watching 15 minutes more the next night until completion, you’re not alone. There is so much to digest, and it is exactly the way I watch the film. (Yes – still, I will probably be watching bits and pieces of this for the rest of my life.)
So WHADAWETHINK ? Have you seen Waking Life? What are your thoughts about it? Obviously, Richard Linklater did not come up with a new philosophy, he just gathered all the interesting aspects of the discipline and presented it in a highly original way. The only criticism I have for the film is that there is maybe too much information crammed into one movie. One acquaintance of mine said if he wanted to get “super-deep” like this, he would have stayed home and read his college philosophy textbook. My response is this is a perfect DVD film, watch a little at a time, and cherish the wisdom, which has been known since time immemorial.
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Beyond The Numbered Pages

June 12th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor
How often have I “booked”
My flight
And travelled through the pages
To its shires,
Stepped onto a cobblestoned
Market town
Filling my pockets
With its prose ?
The honeyed fringe
Of houses interlock,
A favorite phrase
Or melody
Sung to oneself
Over and over again.
Were we to go
To that distant place in time,
Beyond the numbered pages
To the doves
Resting on the thatch,
To lean upon
The crooked gate,
Would it be the same ?
Would it be as rife ?


‘Nobody Does It Better’ by Carly Simon Could Not Be a More Apropos Song For – Ann Coulter

June 8th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

A relatively attractive woman less the long neck and bulging Adams apple (Uncannily not unlike smart aleck Howard Stern) is the best in terms of satire and making a lot of money. An extreme right wing actor, which she so brilliantly brings to fruition, is as clever if not awe-inspiring (nice words but not a compliment) as it gets.
Before I started writing this blog, I thought it would be wise (I always do as much research as I can before blogging – accuracy is actually important to me) to start by looking at what Wikipedia had to say. Honestly, aside from the fact that she was an Ivy League geek (it is obvious she did not go to some second-rate county college) the article on Wikipedia was excessively long and I felt the need to not even finish reading the “Crazy Psycho’s” satirist’s text. Ann coulter and Howard Stern are satirists along the lines of H.L. Mencken and are probably astonished at how stupid and gullible the red states really are. Oh, I will not pick on just the red states, I live on Long Island, NY and believe me NY is not bereft of dumb people.
Ann Coulter has a perfect body, she’s “hot” less the neck thing, and she knows it. Essentially she is a blonde beauty and knows into whom how irrational, illogical and devoid of clear thinking a beautiful woman and especially with brains to boot can make men manifest. The primordial aspect of procreation is unfortunately today still in the Java man stage. Do not let anyone kid you physical attractiveness is (almost) everything. I inserted almost because men are not completely devoid of their senses, intelligence and personality are prodigiously important; which is why Ann Coulter is probably close to #1 in terms of whom men would like to court.
Ann Coulter went to Cornell and continued onto become a lawyer at the University of Michigan and from there became as Carly Simon would say – “Nobody does it Better” political right-wing pundit. Everything one would expect of her, she became contrarian. She was against choice in terms of pregnancy (which in agreement with George Carlin was a non-issue any way because anyone you would want to f##k were for choice) and anyone who was against abortion resembled someone who perhaps could play offensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints. This is all common sense people.
I just went back to see is I was able to finish the Wikipedia article about her and frankly, it is impossible. She is such a bore! She and Howard Stern are great at shocking on the radio or TV the 2 but of them are just uninteresting people. I do stay tuned when Coulter or Stern are on TV (I basically only watch film and C=SPAN, so it’s not much of an issue) but my final point is that Ann Coulter and that other idiot Stern are prodigiously privileged people laughing at us idiots all the way to the bank,
Oh, by the way, the “Crazy, Psycho Bitch” has another book coming out soon called – Demonic – I guess liberals are mobs of devils. Stupid title, stupid book but brilliant and nobody does it better in terms of making money off dumb people just Howard Stern. Ann Coulter you and Stern are the best at entertaining mindless idiots! What a great life – writing non-scholarly books for idiots and then going on tour promoting and saying outrageous things, which only sells more books.
So WHADAWETHINK ? Do you think Ann Coulter is serious about her remarks? Doesn’t she have a great life? I think Howard stern and Ann Coulter would make great couple.
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Movie Review – Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead, 2007, Directed by Sidney Lumet

June 7th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Life is short and art is long. If all you did all day, every day is watch film, and you lived to 100, you still would not be able to watch every movie ever made. I am a film aficionado and I have other interests so I am careful about what films I choose to watch. There are a number of variables I consider when I allot a couple of hours to watch a film but definitely #1 is who directed the movie? If it is a film by one of my favorite directors, I am watching it period, regardless of what the critics have to say. There are other things I consider when I select a film but that I will discuss in another blog; this is after all a film review about one particular movie – Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead , directed by Sidney Lumet (who just recently died in April of this year), one of my favorite directors. So regardless of the other factors, I would watch this movie anyway.
But this has a thumbs up before even hitting play – it’s a critically acclaimed film by Sidney Lumet, one of my favorite directors. The actors are one Philip Seymour Hoffman who never seizes to amaze me in everything he does. Marisa Tomei who is a great talent and just seems to get prettier and sexier as she ages (she is a year younger than I – 46). Ethan Hawke who started his film career along with River Phoenix as a teenager and who has such a presence on the screen and just can’t get better as an actor – I don’t see acting, he just gets into his character and you forget you’re watching a movie. Finally, Albert Finney, in whom I have the utmost respect and if my research is correct, has not done anything since this masterpiece. This is a good way to cap off a long and brilliant career.  Then how clever is the title? Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead which comes from the Irish saying – “May you be in heaven a full half-hour before the devil knows you’re dead.’
I watch film by myself, this way there is no chatter and no interruptions. This film is non-linear and constantly jumps back and forth in time, which is the only reason I can think of why not anybody to whom I have recommended this movie, have, much to my great surprise, liked the movie. (These people, family members, etc. are not glued to the screen and talk throughout – I do not know how one can possibly enjoy a film any film that way, especially if there is any bit of subtlety.)
The two brothers Hank (Ethan Hawke) and his older brother Andy Hanson (Philip Seymour Hoffman) are in serious financial trouble and are in need of cash fast. (See the movie to find out why.)Hank is a good guy and just happens to be in a spot. Hank’s only weakness is perhaps because he was pampered as a child (it is alluded to in the movie) and he is weak but without question of all the characters in the film, he is the most endearing. Andy on the other hand is hard-edged and it is hard to feel any sympathy for him even though one can understand why he is so bitter plus the fact that he has an addiction problem. He shoots heroin but where he does it is something I’ have not seen before. So you love Hank and you don’t like the calloused Andy but the one thing about Hank that is not so peachy-keen is that Hank is having an affair with Andy’s wife Gina (Marisa Tomei) but at least he’s kind to her and finds her attractive and tells her unlike Andy.
So the brothers come up with an almost unthinkable plan (actually it’s Andy’s plan) to get the money and no one gets hurt and even the victim will be able to retrieve the resources and all the money from insurance. It is a win-win situation and it seems like nothing can go wrong – a cakewalk if you will. (No spoilers here – watch the movie.)
Hank does not reveal to Andy that he is going to makes one slight adjustment to the perfect plan or robbery and a person who was supposed to be working at the time of the robbery (all right the plan is a robbery – that’s not really a spoiler when you see who they plan on robbing) is not. Now it is all downhill from there. Murphy’s Law could not be illustrated clearer than the events that transpire from here – what could possibly go wrong does. The simple as can be robbery is botched, Hank gets blackmailed, Andy’s employers are onto his embezzlement, Gina leaves Andy and she is penniless and depressed, Andy is forced to rob a heroin dealer and commit murder and then the film finally ends with the absolute unthinkable.
Whadawethink – go see the movie it is an absolute gem. Good movies stay with you and this one will stay with me forever.  In addition, it makes one wonder if perhaps it takes some sort of skill to be a professional criminal because here you will see criminal ineptitude at its pinnacle. One may even ponder over family dysfunction, it’s something that’s not hugely prevalent in the film but there is one incredibly moving scene between Andy and his father and Andy’s reaction afterwards when he’s alone with Gina in the car that’s unforgettable.
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June 6th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor

The forest draws a cloak

Around itself

And ushers in the night.

The night with its velvet black-

Scattering stars.

With a penetrating gaze

I venture into that vast unknown,

Frightened by its immensity.


By a game of connecting dots,

Avoiding the vacumn

Of the Milky Way.

But the benevelent moon

Touches my brow,

“You are earthbound,” it says.

Venture into your lamplit home.

To bed. To bed.

The softness beckons.

The peaceful drifting

Into that space

That only moments before

Eluded me.


Why Isn’t My Blog Rated Higher Than it Ought to ?

June 3rd, 2011 by Michael Tabor

I understand that I have only been blogging on a daily basis for 6 months; and it takes years of relentlessly writing until your fingers fall off but honestly folks the quality of blogs out in cyberspace is so inferior (most) that I thought I would be able to at least make $5 a day in no time.
Look at this web site which was actually featured in my favorite magazine, The New Yorker and tell me what you think?     The woman who created this site is Ree  Drummond and she, who calls herself – just a gal from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. In addition, proclaims her blog to be Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She is married to a rugged frontiersman (he is called The Marlboro Man, which I find offensive and distasteful on so many levels) and has 4 children and her blogs are comprised of her daily routine of what it’s like to live on a farm and homeschool her children. Oh, and she has many country recipes. It is certainly a very aesthetically appealing website, she certainly has a plethora of topics, and it is obvious that there is a lot of work put into her site.
Here is something that no one is ever going to believe – she has made more than a million dollars just on her blog; not to mention the books she has published. How can people choose her site over mine, What makes a blog on   – How to make a steak  more appealing than the meaning of consciousness or the overcrowding of our prison systems. Well I will keep this nice and short and I just wanted to let all you hard –working people out there that Ree Drummond and the Marlboro man are raking in the bucks.
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Too Much TV And Too Many Choices – Part -2.

June 1st, 2011 by Michael Tabor
So jumping into my last blog from yesterday – part 1, after I had discovered that the awful programming that I grew up with in the 1970s had not changed –different programs, same inane frivolity. I took hold of the remote and spread out the programming brochure with which they provided me when I made the choice to have “500 + channels” and surfed away.
The first place I wanted to start with was sports. Being an ex-spectator sports person, I wanted to see what I had been missing over the past five years in the wonderful world of sports. Well I have seven ESPN Channels from which to choose: ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN Classic (the days when father and son or Grandfather and son used to talk about “dem good OL DAYS” is gone. I remember my father talking about Joe Louis – the greatest Heavyweight Champ ever and then seeing the clips on Classic ESPN took away all the mystery and awe, he just seemed like an ordinary boxer to me. Same thing with Mickey Mantle, and even in my own era, Lawrence Taylor was not the same LT I remembered when he was super-human #56.) ESPN 4, ESPN Goal Line, ESPN News, and ESPN –U. The bottom line is with the package you can watch any sport you like and get in-depth analysis until the end of time 24/7/365. If you are a sports nut – you are set for life.
Next I wanted to check out the current events channels. Wow – all same stories – Bin Lades, tornados, Obama, Trump running for president and you have a 100 different channels all breaking the golden rule of being unbiased and impartial. Everyone says the press is liberal but on Monday – not the channels I watched – General Bill O’Reilly the man who knows it all.
Next step Entertainment – Reality shows galore, Candice Crawford marrying Tony Romo which was fine when I was younger and there was Just Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition (Bill O’Reilly’s start hahahahahahahahahah How can anyone take O’Reilly seriously? ) but it just goes on and on and – nightmarishly, Kafkaesque details about Kardashians,  Paris Hilton, Jersey Shore, more nauseating reality shows….nightmare !
Then you can shop. A good 2 dozen channels with nothing but infomercials and people will stoop to unspeakable levels to get your credit card #and buy one of their lame-ass products. There is more garbage but you get the picture.
What I found out was that after a 5-year hiatus from TV I realized that I have missed nothing. And my favorite programs are C-SPAM-I, C-SPAN – II and now there’s a C-SPAN – III (which incidentally is not gratuitous but an awesome addition) and I still You Tube – Charlie Rose, Letterman, and Iwould still continue with Larry but he is sadly retired and spending R&R with his eighth wife (but if you have noticed, YouTube does not provide you with the full programming anymore. You knew that was coming – there was copyright infringement all over the place and everyone knew that the piranha Lawyers would complicate matters and make the world a messier place than it  ought to be)
Oh – I forgot the 100s of wildlife channels, Food and Cooking channels, and 100s of Movie channels (I love movies but Netflix is still the only way to go) – well they have them too and let me just end this by saying WHADAWETHINK ? Tell me I’m wrong ! Does anyone want all this much information about basically nonsense. I have just talked about TV – I have even stronger feelings about the internet and Smartphones.
P.S. – There are excellent, informative and educational channels like – History channel, Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, etc. but it’s too much………There is great programming if you look but it is quite daunting to realize that I can surf the world with this remote right here in my hand.
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Roger Waters has been talking about excess and too much of everything his whole entire career and there has been a thread of this desire for satiating this yearning that is insatiable. Thank you Roger Waters for not making me feel so not alone in my thinking and for being able for so many years to convey with your music and images so marveously what I was unable to communicate until now -I am hopeful. Surely it dosen’t take a genius that we humans are greedy beyond words and this will probably kill us before anything else does.    – and having nothing further left to say allow me to segue – I leave you with apropos songs of Roger Waters.