Larry Flynt Offers Job to Anthony Weiner

June 17th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Do what you love and do what you do best. This sounds like a joke but Larry Flynt, the notorious pornographer, offered now former congressional representative, a job paying 20% more than what he was making as a lawmaker.
I will blog about the outrageous Larry Flynt sometime in the future but on this blog, I will concentrate on Anthony Weiner. Mr. Weiner and his wife of 11 months are seriously worried about their financial future. I asked my wife what employer would hire a man like this and my wife quipped kiddingly that he could get a job in the pornography industry. I laughed heartily and no sooner did I hang up the phone than a news story on Yahoo appears about Larry Flynt, the founder and creator of the hardcore magazine – Hustler, offered the once very important lawmaker a position with his company with full benefits.  Wow, I immediately called my wife and gave her a new nickname – Carnac the Magnificent. We had a good laugh and then it just struck me that this on one level, yes – is hysterical but the truth of the matter is this so stupid on Weiner’s part and unspeakably sad for his wife, Huma Abein.
Ms. Abein married a very respectable and rising star in the world of politics and now he is the laughing stock of the late night talk shows, your local shopping center, and just everywhere. Moreover, just to add salt to the wounds the name Weiner just magnifies the stupidity and humor of this story. I am serious, this story has legs, and I assume it will go away in a week or so but it most certainly was the talk of the town for the past month.
What makes this story so – I wouldn’t say tragic but deplorable is the inane act. It would be less offensive if he took a picture of himself completely nude (not much though) instead of just a snapshot of his reproductive organs. This is something a little boy or a teenager would do; my goodness” I’ll show you my privates if you show me yours.” I understand that human sexuality is a very complex phenomenon and different acts affect people differently and it’s a private matter between two consenting adults. However we are discussing a supposedly serious, important, and responsible legislator who does something that even if one were a sanitation worker is despicable. (No offense to garbage men, I think they are hard-working men doing what nobody wants to do but must be done).
I may be onto something here when I say an important man behaving so inappropriately is probably aphrodisiacal to Anthony Weiner. Well, I’m not going to armchair psychoanalyze Weiner so I will just wrap up by declaring that I am in agreement with everyone who asked for his resignation. If he had an affair or an off color fetish that was kept private then that is one thing and none of our business, however he crossed the line by if I may use a phrase “fornicating in public” and that is an act for which the public ought not to stand.
So now it is your turn – WHADAWETHINK ? Should we give Anthony Weiner another chance or do you agree with me that he went too far? There is a lot to discuss, let’s have fun with this one.
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