33 year old Drug Addict Arrested in Quadruple Murder on Long Island

June 23rd, 2011 by Michael Tabor

I am looking at a picture of a gaunt and emaciated man in a white jump suit being taken away by the Suffolk County Police Department on Long Island for the senseless killing of 4 innocent people. He was arrested yesterday along with his wife at his home in Medford, NY which was only 2 miles from where the murder and robbery (only pharmaceuticals were stolen and no cash) occurred which was at Haven Drugs – the local pharmacy. His wife, Melinda Brady, just 29, is being charged with third – degree robbery (she was in the car of the Pharmacy parking lot awaiting her husband as he cold-bloodedly murdered these people).
Why? Why did he have to kill anybody? I have so many questions and I am profoundly perplexed because this young man committed an act so atrocious and now has ruined so many lives yet he had no history of violence and was liked by all who knew him. How could David Laffer, the same man who only four years ago proposed to his wife to be at a New York Islander game commit such a heinous act of prodigious proportions and presently leave the whole neighborhood and the whole of suburban Long Island stunned and aghast. Not since the notorious Amityville killings, in 1974, in which 6 people were murdered and was the basis for the film and book, has there been a mass murder of this magnitude.
This is why people leave the city – to get away from the mayhem and crime and have a chance to be cozily nestled in the suburbs. Furthermore, this happened on a Sunday, not at midnight but 10 am on Father’s Day no less. I cannot imagine any of the victims or anyone for that matter feeling any sense of danger or alarm at that time or place. This is not supposed to happen here! Nevertheless, sadly, it does and a fatal act of violence could occur anywhere.
I am now looking at the picture of Jennifer Mejia, 17, and I have a lump in my throat. She was supposed to graduate from high school today, Thursday, June 23, 2011 and instead she is being put in the ground and laid to rest forever. She had her entire life ahead of her and just like that, the most precious gift of all, her life was taken away from her in a split second. No college, no boyfriends, no marriage, no children and all because a homicidal drug addict who had a permit (Yes NRA – in your collective eyes it was all peachy-keen for Laffer to own a gun) elected to do so and had the wherewithal because he had a gun.
The other victims were Jaime Tacetta, 33 and Bryon Sheffield, 71 who were customers, (why kill the customers? Why kill anyone?) And, the pharmacist, Raymond Ferguson who was 45. Irreplaceable, precious, and beloved individuals are gone forever; their families, friends and loved ones are scarred for life; as well as the community. This horrific mass murder has traumatized all of Long Island in fact. This has left us all puzzled – this happened because a near-death-looking fiend with a gun wanted drugs.
I will end this Op-ed blog by raising a series of questions, which I will surely be writing about as topics in it of itself. Anyone who knows me or who reads my blogs on a regular basis knows that I am vehemently opposed to guns of any kind. How many people have to die before we start sternly regulating guns? I drive through my suburban neighborhood and I see gun shops; this literally sickens me.  The drug problem in this country is in epic proportions; we have an epidemic on our hands. What are we going to do about it – especially with prescription drugs?  Could drugs turn a decent man into a killer? I, personally don’t think so. Although people said Laffer was a nice person 4 years ago, I do not buy into it. I could under no condition take the life of another except in perhaps a life and death self-defense situation. I think this statement resonates with all good, law-abiding citizens.
Everyone say a prayer for Jennifer Mejia, Jaime Taccetta, Bryon Sheffield, and Raymond Fergusen. R.I.P.

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