Why Do Men Cross Their Legs Like Women ?

May 9th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
Now as you can see in the pictures, Reagan and Gorbachev are enduring excruciating pain to pander to the female electorate. The women wearing skirts are sitting as they should, and the 3 men on the beach are are crossing their legs the way God intended them to cross them.
This is a very silly blog but perhaps maybe one of my readers will provide a satisfactory answer. A woman crosses her legs one knee over the other because she naturally wishes to cover up her private area when she is wearing a skirt. However, why do men do this? I see males crossing their legs in this fashion on ‘Meet the Press”, ‘David Letterman Show’, ‘The Today Show’, ‘Charlie Rose’ and on any other program.
I see men crossing their legs effeminately not just on TV but in real life everywhere, I go. I personally do not cross my legs like a girl because it is very uncomfortable; I have muscular legs and furthermore it invariably squeezes in an area I do not want to be squeezed (uncomfortable AND painful).  I suppose a man crossing his legs is supposed to mean that one is refined, sophisticated, urbane, and intelligent. Moreover, I do see white –collar men doing this more frequently than blue-collar men.
This is a short and to the point blog – WHADAWETHINK ? Are you a man who crosses his legs like a girl? Do you find it comfortable ? I suppose if one has thin legs, it is not uncomfortable, but for the rest of us, is getting your – @#$(8* – squeezed worth it?
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5 Responses to “Why Do Men Cross Their Legs Like Women ?”

  1. le duke de fromage Says:

    Mr. Tabor, i cross my legs, because I am thin, refined, sophisticated,urbane, and intelligent.I also dont know what else to do with them.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    very, very funny !!!!

  3. Don Henley Says:

    Look my fellow High IQ friends, you will most frequently not see this in public because the vast majority does not have a personal etiquette trainer telling them their every move.

  4. Pepita Says:

    As a woman its just simply unattractive to see a man do that

  5. paul Says:

    well hello everybody i just would like to say that im a guy and i love to sit with my legs crossed i sit like that all the time i am very comfertable with my legs crossed as well just the type of guy i am i guess

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