Our Society in Terms of Popular Culture and Entertainment is Getting Dumber and Dumber

May 18th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Capitalism and the free market system has always been unfair in terms of how much money an entertainer makes compared to i.e. what a neuroscientist  makes. Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin made more money than people who worked at NASA or even the president of the United States back in the 1970s.
Forbes just released their annual top 100 entertainers list ranked in terms of how much money he or she made in 2010 and it is not pretty. Warning: Before reading this, I highly recommend that whether you are an unemployed or a barely- eking- out- a -living Doctor, Surgeon, computer programmer, CPA, Lawyer, scientist, Investment Banker or any other hard working gifted professional in this dreadful economy; please stay away from sharp objects, rope (even a tie), heavy machinery, tall buildings, benzodiazepines or any other object with which one can seriously injure or kill oneself. That includes any other substance which if ingested in large amounts can also result in death.
Lady Gaga passed up Oprah Winfrey and made more money than any entertainer made last year. She made a cool 90 million dollars touring plus tens of millions of dollars associated with advertising on the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. In addition to which, Lady Gaga has a whole storage room of gadgetry including personalized make-up products, monster headphones, virgin mobile phones she features in her videos, her platform shoes and on and on and on. Bottom line she has made more than 300 million dollars in 2010.
The list is top 100 but I will just cover the top 10.
#2 – Oprah Winfrey made 290 million bucks, so she was just beat by Lady Gaga by a mere 10 million bucks.
#3- Justin Bieber – again like Lady Gaga he actually made $53 million with his music but it was the other endorsements that put him into the 200 million + category. That youngster with all that money because he sings okay and he’s cute. (But aren’t there another 100 million or so boys that are cute too.)
#4 – U2 – $195 million. I don’t like U2 but I do admire their staying power and drive.
#5 – Elton John –150+ million. Hey he’s better than Liberace ever was and he’s been around forever.
#6 – Tiger Woods – The greatest golfer to ever play the game. He’s making a comeback.
#7 – Taylor Swift – I don’t like her music.
#8 – Bon Jovi – 125 million in 2010. This guy is a no talent if there ever was one. He can’t sing, doesn’t play an instrument and he initially made it because of his extraordinary good looks and he’s still around because he’s still good-looking. Bon-Jovi’s music “sucks” big time.
#9 – Simon Cowell – $90 million dollars for Simon Cowell ???????????????????????? That insipid, unfunny, no-talented English guy from that awful show American Idol. Wow – what a world we live in – only in America – right Don King !!
10. Lebron James – $48 million dollars. He’s the only guy I’m happy for. I mean I certainly think he’s overpaid, I don’t think a basketball player should make more than a college professor but he’s super-talented and I’m happy to see a kid from the projects make some serious money. I remember right before he turned pro, there was all this controversy because he accepted a little bit of money when he was in high school by his people. It was only a few thousand dollars for t-shirts. I remember thinking to myself – ‘Don’t mess it up Lebron – just wait it out and you will be richer than you could ever imagine. “
Well there you go – the world is falling apart and Lady Gaga is making $300 million dollars. In my opinion she’s dumber than a box of rocks, she’s mediocre as a performer and is rich because her handlers marketed her right. ONLY IN AMERICA !!!!!!
Now it’s your turn WHADAWETHINK ? Are you angry or do you think these celebrities deserve this much $$. At least Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin was an awesome guitar player. The Beatles were talented and released some of the greatest songs ever made.

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7 Responses to “Our Society in Terms of Popular Culture and Entertainment is Getting Dumber and Dumber”

  1. Sal Paradise Says:

    The only consolation I take from this distressing list is that the reptilian Ryan Seacrest isn’t on it. In my mind, he is the epitome of the ‘cult of pseudo-celebrity,’ a phenomenon characterized by largely talentless and unremarkable people who’ve somehow managed to tap into the current American zeitgeist; a mindless daisy-chain of voyeurism and exhibitionism. Don’t get me started on the Kardashians or the ‘Mob’ Wives…

  2. le duke de fromage Says:

    Mr. Tabor, Pop marketing has become the #1 profession in America. Wether politics, sports, or entertainment, positive projection is the key to fame or fortune. Most so called celebs have neither real intelligence or talent, just a clever facade projected by a team of dedicated money hungry pros. Is it any wonder that most of the world dislikes America, or for some is it envy? After viewing our so called important people ,we really should evaluate our priorities.

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    Sal, I agree with everything you said. Incidentally.I didn’t look @ the whole list, which is 100, so I would bet that the lame, talentless faggot (& I don’t mean homosexual – just gay !!!) Ryan Seacrest is on it. & the Jersey Shore idiots too. I saw one of the girls on Letterman and I am honest when I say that I thought she was retarded. There is a percentage of dumb people who really like these pseudo- celebs. but I think the educated population (which is getting smaller and smaller) are laughing at them not with them. I just think it’s SAD.

  4. Michael Tabor Says:

    Le duke de fromage, What do people in 3rd world countries who are literally fighting for their lives and trying to literally get something to eat think of our free market system doling out 300 million dollars to Lady Gaga ? How pathetically sad this country is becoming.

  5. rick Says:

    In Capitolism, any individual can earn big money. Those you call names actually worked for their fame. Don’t be jealous, get busy…………………………

  6. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Rick,

    Yes unfortunately you are right – Lady GaGa makes more $$ than a great doctor who saves lives. Capitalism is framed in such a way that it’s not a matter of what you do (helping people) but how popular you are which, let’s face it, the majority of people don’t have the most exquisite taste (that sounds elitist, but you know what I mean. The entertainers I listed are consciously pandering to the whole and as a result when a person does this, he or she invariably must make concessions to please everyone. i.e I don’t like mainstream movies because the director is compromising his art to and the final product ends up being ludicrously predictable, glib, and banal. There are exceptions of course.) We live in a capitalistic country which was once the best system of government (baby boomers prime), we are now, with this horrible economy & so many people suffering, starting to see just how flawed our way of life really is. China laughs at us today. Thank you for the comment Rick.

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