Film Review: ‘Noice’ -2005, Directed by Tony Spiridakis

May 15th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Life is short and art is long which is the reason I am very selective when it comes to watching film. I watch many movies and I do not want to waste precious time watching garbage. Having said that,  I think VHS, DVD, AND Netflix is an absolute dream come true. I can watch any movie in the world instantaneously. (Or maybe wait a day or two.)   I am a serious film viewer (I watch movies just for fun too – I’m not a film snob)and I fell in love with movies when I was a child. (I believe I’ve blogged about this so I won’t elaborate again).
Today’s movie is ‘Noise’ – 2007, written and directed by Tony Spiridakis.  Be careful to get the right one because there are two other films out there with the same name. This is a hard –to – find independent gem in every sense of the words. It’s a psychological and suspenseful thriller that leaves you on the edge of your seat but it is subtle and understated. (Subtlety, good direction, and good acting means everything to me. I want to become engrossed, get into the characters’ shoes, and forget that I am watching a movie.)
If you have ever had an apartment for any length of time, it’s impossible not to identify with this film on some level. This film is also clearly a homage to Roman Polanski; A stunningly beautiful woman who is completely innocent of any wrongdoing and becomes victim of some of the most wicked things.
Joyce Chandler (Trish Goff )is a recent divorcee, who’s trying to get her life back together; she  lands a job with a company as a copywriter and also finds  what seems like a perfect apartment in the village, N.Y.C. but soon realizes that her neighbor directly upstairs from her is a noisy “nut-job”   who is keeping her awake all night.  Incidentally the lunatic in the upstairs apartment is played by Ally Sheedy and her name is Charlotte Bancroft ; and her performance as this annoying- beyond- words woman is simply amazing. In addition, while I am on the topic of acting, it’s Trish Goff’s (a “Supermodel”) first film role and she is stupendous. As a matter of fact the whole cast is phenomenal even in the small bit roles. The cast is made up of seasoned actors (mostly theater) and they were all amazed at how astonishingly natural Trish Goff is. The director, Tony spiridakis was shocked how good she was; sure she’s beautiful but an off the charts actor to boot – and her first film role. She makes acting look easy.
Joyce initially tries to handle the situation civilly, writes a note, and leaves it under Charlotte’s door. Presumably, the next day or so Charlotte knocks on Joyce’s door and Charlotte and Joyce meet for the first time. Charlotte apologizes, and maybe goes on a little too long but Joyce thinks that things are now all “peachy-keen’. WRONG! Things get worse – a lot worse. Charolette continues to blast the stereo and TV and will not let poor Joyce get any rest.
The one person Joyce has befriended, Giancarlo Esposito (Hank), tells her to simply move out and find another apartment.  Joyce is obstinate – she will not relent and give in to this terrible person. She even devises a plan ( I won’t tell you and spoil it for you) but the crazy woman upstairs continues to torture her and and things get even worse.
At this point in the film, Joyce’s world is falling apart – she starts drinking heavily and becomes promiscuous, loses her job and the viewer at this point starts to wonder whether or not she is losing her mind.
I think I have given you enough information without giving everything away. This really is a wonderful movie and can be viewed on so many different levels (just like all good movies). The question is, maybe Joyce is imagining things at some point. There are lots of things to think about and ponder over when watching this simple but well-acted gem.  I’ll give you one hint – Joyce is very guilty about something and it is haunting her.
So WHADAWETHINK ? Have you seen this movie ? If not, add it to Netflix or buy it at Amazon (I, personally own the DVD). Good movies can always be watched more than once. Enjoy and thanks for reading my blog. Many of my readers have been requesting that I do more Film reviews. I will try to do one a day, as well as continue on with the other good stuff.

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