Royal Ties – Taking Care of Business

April 17th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor
With the Royal Wedding less than two weeks away, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Why this media frenzy to fuel the fascination we Americans seem to hold for Britain’s monarchy? Assuming you are entirely ignorant of the event about to unfold on an international scale (perhaps having newly arrived from planet Mars), it involves the marriage of Prince William, the eldest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, and second in line to the English throne. Handsome, charming and, as some members of the media have been quick to point out, balding. Leave it to the media to throw a spotlight on a sore spot. The beautiful, pillar of patience Catherine Middleton is the lucky Royal Bride-to-be, dubbed by the ever clever media as Waity Katie due to their lengthy courtship having spanned an entire decade. Together they make a winsome pair and it seems the public can’t  get enough as attested to the sheer volume of Royal Wedding Souvenirs one may purchase on-line. Everything from Royal Wedding China, approved  by the monarchy itself, to condoms labeled The Crown Jewels, not given the official stamp of approval for obvious reasons. Among the other sundried goods available are KaTea & William, tea bags bearing the likeness of each to be steeped in hot water much like real life marriage. (What have they gotten themselves into?) Maybe you’d like to invest in a practical durable item such as a mug boldly proclaiming “I Could Care Less About The Royal Wedding”. There’s something for everyone even if you’re not into it.
Not going to the wedding? Not to worry. CNN has launched a contest, the winner securing two tickets to London to act as anchor covering the wedding to be televised on April 29th at 11 am UK time. That’s 6 am NY time which means if your Royal invite from the Lord Chamberlain’s office went missing, you can watch it from the comfort of your living room wearing nothing but your skivvies enjoying a proper English breakfast consisting of tea and scones with clotted creme. So forgo the dresscode and the awkward embarrassment to bow or curtsey as the Royal Brigade winds its way to Westminster Abbey and onward to Buckingham Palace for refreshments. This means even the Duchess of York gets in. Not familiar with the Black Sheep of the family who was royally snubbed of her invitation? Ah, well that’s another story you might reference on one of the many gossip sites available.
In my quest to quench my thirst of all things British or Royal, I came across the ultimate site which is the Official Website of The British Monarchy. Did you know that the Royal Family does not just sit around on their laurels? In fact, they frown upon those that do. Each member of the Royal family has many specific duties to carry out on a daily basis and their agenda, I was astonished to learn, is quite full. The Queen herself, soon to be 86 years of age on April 21st, engages in many official duties in the course of just one day beginning at a desk like any other office worker, even if hers is a much more elaborate example of my own. After scanning the British news, she turns her attention toward the monumental task of tackeling her daily correspondence ranging from 200 to 300 pieces of mail. She doesn’t read them all of course but someone assigned to the process does and they are all acknowledged by members of her staff. The Queen does however, select a few to read herself and then advises someone on how she would like them answered. There is an actual address where one may  write to the Queen or other members of the Royal family should one be so inclined. My, what could I possibly say to the Queen to be of any interest? “How are your corgis?” (the Queen has several) “And dorgis?” (a corgi/dachshund mix with which the Queen also amuses herself).
Much of the work the Royal family attends to is philanthropic, and Miss Middleton has already had her taste of official duties alongside Prince William. It is known that some years earlier the Royal Family frowned upon her lack of an actual job title. Nightclubbing didn’t seem to fit the description and so Katie found (ugh!) work as an accessory buyer with a clothing chain called Jigsaw. She also worked  at the Middleton family business known as “Party Pieces”. Yes, the Middletons are (OMG) “common” hailing from working class laborers and miners but have since claimed millionaire status as the word “party” attests to.
But what of Miss Middleton’s actual lineage? The New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston states that Catherine Middleton is an eighth cousin eight times removed to George Washington. Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, and great grandmother, the Queen Mother, were also cousins to Washington. That means the Prince and his future bride are distant relations. Does anyone hear Twilight Zone music?
So, before you envy the role of the future Queen, remember, she has her work cut out. Take a look at “A day in the life” of a Royal family memeber on the official website and learn a thing or two about public service, royal or otherwise. Are you surprised to learn that the Royal Family actually works for a living? Why shouldn’t they? Whada ya think?

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  1. Michael Tabor Says:

    Great piece! I am biased but for a moment I thought I was reading ‘Talk of the Town’.

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    nice post. thanks.

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