Nicolas Cage is a Talented Actor but Sadly He’s Just Another Overly-Privileged Film Star

April 19th, 2011 by Michael Tabor
I am a film aficionado and a huge Nicolas Cage fan. I wish I just stuck with his film work and had not delved into his personal life because it is unfortunately not, as a biased and prodigious fan, what I wanted to know or hear about(I have often boasted about Cage’s incredible talent). Mr. Cage not unlike so many other big time American actors with too much money lives a life of unrestrained impulsiveness which despite being one of the highest paid American actors was recently forced to file bankruptcy. And yes he was recently arrested for being disorderly drunk in public but as far as everyone knows he is not an alcoholic (although he played one in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ for which he won best actor.)
How is it possible for a man who makes 30 – 40 million dollars a year to be broke? (Cage can never be called lazy; he has already made over 60 films and always has something he’s working on.) Well if you take a closer look at his lifestyle it is easy to see when you explore the fact that  – he collects expensive homes, expensive cars, jets, yachts and has a comic book collection worth almost 2 million dollars. Makes you sick doesn’t it?
Let us discuss Nicolas Kim Coppola’s acting ability. The movie business is lucrative and certainly not real work (I am being facetious) – it’s all make believe – yay! Moreover, if one wants to be a part of this multi-billionaire dollar business one must absolutely be connected. Being connected #1 and having talent #2. Well Nic Coppola is so connected he purposely changed his last name to Cage so perhaps fans wouldn’t cry out nepotism! After all he is the nephew of the most famous directors in the world – none other than Francis Ford Coppola. He has so many more relatives in the business it’s superfluous to mention when he has the second variable of being one of the finest film actors one will ever see on the big screen. He’s not a good actor, he is a GREAT actor and one of my favorites. I usually will rent a movie based on topic and who is directing the movie, but I will also usually watch a movie if Nic Cage is in it. He’s talented – period; a superstar actor who in my opinion can make a bad movie great because of his magnetic persona on the screen e.g. – ‘Wicker Man. ‘
Cage calls his style of acting – Nouveau Shamanic that is a fancy name for your classic ‘Method Acting.’ Cage is eccentric with style and I will elaborate about that as well later on. Roger Ebert loves his style of acting as do I; it’s as if he really does become the character he’s playing (that’s what an actor is supposed to do) but more than any other mainstream actor I’ve ever seen. He is fearless too. He doesn’t shy away from despicable characters e.g. – Terrence Mcdonagh, the bad, bad (no typo) lieutenant in Werner Herzog’s remake of the original with Harvey Kartel – ‘Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans.
So in a nutshell here is Nicolas Cage: A man who collects Multimillion-dollar houses (Too many to itemize; in fact he doesn’t even know the number of homes he owns himself, he collects luxury items such as yachts, expensive fast cars, etc. and he collects comic books but it’s not in the order of  $100 or even a  $1000 dollar habit, he spends millions in order to satiate this peculiar need.(I personally don’t get this comic book thing for adults. What would you think if the President of the United States were interrupted in the oval office and was found reading Spiderman. Hey, didn’t something like that occur during 9/11 ….never mind this is not about W.)
I said I would talk about Mr. Cage’s eccentricities. Well for starters he’s an Elvis Presley fanatic, he even went so far as to marry his daughter – Lisa Marie Presley (she’s the daughter of Elvis – just to inform those of you who have just emerged from a crawl space). It only lasted 108 days – the divorce proceedings lasted longer than the marriage. He has been known to adopt different personalities even in is private life when he is not acting. I know he’s method actor and it is necessary to become the character you are playing but he slips into personalities he’s not acting for  – just for fun (strange and creepy behavior).
Well I am adult and of course I don’t have “idols.” There are people I admire but I idolize no one. Now it’s your turn WHADAWETHINK ? I love Nicolas Cage’s acting and I will continue to watch his movies. As a side note I must say that ‘Bad Lieutenant:Port of Call New Orleans’ was one of the best movies I have ever seen. If you have not seen it – watch it. It’s rough at times but not as gritty as the original by Abe Ferrara but just as shameless and gritty enough. Does the fact that Cage, although he’s a phenomenal actor, is responsible with money matters with as much concern as a teenage girl with a daddy’s credit card bother you? What do you think of Nicolas Cage ? Open this up. There’s a lot to talk about.I hate “selling soap” but obviously it takes money to create quality websites and we hate Ads – so we don’t use Adsense. We currently use one Advertiser – Amazon (thanks to my very talented Web Designer – the Amazon ads are very unobtrusive), so instead of blatantly asking for contributions like Wikipedia does, we ask that you click on the widget shown here and make a purchase from Amazon. You don’t have to buy what is displayed in the ad, but you do have to click onto the Amazon widget here and buy whatever you want. We get a small commission from each sale. And if things  are tight in terms of money that’s OK too. We’re not interested in making money – so  just visit and comment – it’s fun and educationalThank you and we hope you have as much fun with this site, as we do.
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7 Responses to “Nicolas Cage is a Talented Actor but Sadly He’s Just Another Overly-Privileged Film Star”

  1. le duke de fromage Says:

    Mr. Tabor, I’m afraid i agree with Sean Penn, in 1999 he said,Nic Cage is no longer an actor , he’s more like a performer.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Did he say that ? I guess he can be over the top. I was shocked to find out he has been in 60 films – he’s only 47.

  3. Sal Paradise Says:

    I never thought he had any range whatsoever, and that he’s played essentially the same character in about 57 of his 60 movies. Interesting and ironic Sean Penn reference, for I believe Cage stole a very undeserved Oscar from Penn, who should have won for “Dead Man Walking.” All Cage did was be himself in “Leaving Las Vegas.” Here’s a grocery cart of booze; have at it and we’ll film it.

  4. daigoume Says:

    Valuable info. Lucky me I found your site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  5. madison ogima Says:

    nicolas cage isnot overpriveliged! he is the best actor hollywood will ever see!!! people think that just because he got into a little trouble in april that he is a horrible person i think he is a great perso because he helped reconstruct louisiana after katrina. Face it if it wasn’t for nicolas cage there would be no hollywood!!!!!

  6. nicolas cage Says:

    People need to get off my back! I am a great actor and person! So I got into trouble in Neworleans! It won’t happen again. You people are critical! I bet you watch my movies then talk behind my back! I am Nicolas Cage and I am a great person who isnot overrated like other actors in hollywood!

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Mr. Cage I am a fan and I praised your work and talent. I printed one sentence about the incident in New Orleans but as you well know there are pros and cons of being a star. You have more houses than you can count (when the average person is lucky to have one) and can afford to splurge on luxuary items only people could dream about. On the flip side, because you’re a public figure you are under a microscope.

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