Donald Trump Declaring That He’s Running For President is Business As Usual

April 12th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Donald Trump is in the business of promoting entertainment, Trump entertainment that is. The only redeeming characteristic about Trump is that I believe whatever he does (I do not even know what he does half the time, he has his hands in everything) is just an act. He is privileged with a capital P, knows it, and will admit it. Donald Trump claims he is contemplating running for president. I think it is obvious that he just wants to promote himself and his silly show – the reality show ‘The Apprentice’. Incidentally I have never watched the show and never will so his marketing ploys will not work on me but the ratings are there so people apparently like it.

I spent many hours researching Donald Trump and I must admit there was so much about him I did not know. Let me say this first – he and Paris Hilton are the luckiest human beings on the planet except the former is smart and actually works (it’s not back-breaking blue collar work or the stressful mental exertion on the floor on Wall Street) but his job is marketing. Donald has a magical last name and he is a genius at selling it – Trump.

The real businessman and real estate developer was Donald’s father – Fred Trump. The record shows that Fred Trump was a builder who made hundreds of millions of dollars and anyone who knew Fred would tell you that he was a visionary and real state genius. Therefore, despite attacks and criticism about his son, Donald’s building acumen is not fair. Donald was taught by the best in his very own father. Being the son of a very prosperous man of course afforded Donald to get the finest education a person can get as well – he earned a B.S. in economics and finance from The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. I’m sure Donald is a real estate guru and he demonstrated it early on in his professional career but we’re talking about a man who literally feels entitled to everything and refuses to stick with just building.

This is not a bio piece on Donald Trump so I won’t elaborate on his accomplishments and failures but let me just give you a laundry list of what Mr. Trump has ventured into, it is simply unbelievable: Real estate, Beauty Pageants (he’s a grown-up kid in a candy store), Golf courses, Football (he was the owner of the New Jersey Generals in the laughable USFL), hotel and casino, airline, television, publishing, vitamins and nutrition, World Wrestling Entertainment and more.

“The Donald “has by far failed more than he has succeeded and in fact was in debt, in 1994, $900 million personally and $3.5 billion in business. This would have destroyed any other man but Donald because the banks are only too willing to give as much money as he wants because they think he as the Midas touch but it’s his name – Trump.

Donald doesn’t seem to get too upset about his setbacks because to him it seems the world is a big monopoly game. I laughed hardily when Trump said that the rest of the world thinks of the U.S as a joke. What would they think of this country if the silly socialite, “business magnate” became president? Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a serious man, a hugely successful businessman who is most definitely a viable presidential candidate. Donald Trump is a joke but there is nothing to worry about when the appropriate time comes he will drop out of the race and go on being “The Donald.”

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3 Responses to “Donald Trump Declaring That He’s Running For President is Business As Usual”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what do you think people thought when Reagan ran….an actor??? This country needs Trump! He’s no bull-shit! I thought at first..what a joke, but then I heard him, and there’s no politic-ing….he’s straight up. He’s full of himself, but he’s fallen…financially and gotten back up. America has fallen and needs a pick up. Stop being a liberal. I’ve searched his name and everything I see is liberal left bs. For once be bi-partisan and see whats good for the country.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    At this point I must admit that Obama is just not getting the job done. What do we have to lose ? Maybe “The Donald” is the answer. Thanks for your input and keep coming back.

  3. J. Spirko Says:

    I have been a fan of Trump for a long time. One of my all time favorite books is the Trump classic, “The Art of the Deal”. What I have found in Wealth Building 101 however is far more valuable. The book is a literal blueprint for success and wealth. It tells you exactly what to do, how to do it and why you should start yesterday.

    Much of the wisdom of this book I am already applying to my life but there are new things even for an old timer like myself in this book along with methods to tie things together in a much more organized way.

    Some love Trump and some well, not so much, what I will say though is this if you want to build a wealth portfolio this is the book you simply must have. This is a how to manual by a dream team of Donald’s personal advisers. Trump clearly can afford the best, now you can to for the price of a book.

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