Bucklebury – A Piece of the Pie

April 23rd, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor
As you know from my previous blog, I’m very excited about the upcoming Royal Wedding scheduled for next Friday, April 29th. I normally limit my submissions for Whadawethink to poetry and the Rhett & Oracle cartoons which, by the way, I hope you are enjoying. However, today’s entry took shape in the form of another blog instead of the poem I wanted to write about Catherine Middleton’s home town of Bucklebury. But somehow, the name Bucklebury only conjured up thoughts of some sort of dessert and the intended poem morphed into a recipe/timeline of Kate’s life. Before you read it, I thought I’d provide some background so you can make the connection to the ingredients mentioned.
For one thing, England is famous for its roses. They climb and clamber around doorways and trellises all over the idyllic countryside known as the Cotswolds. (I must go there one day and so should you). Catherine actually hails from an area just south of this bucolic region, perhaps a stones throw if you’ve got a good arm. She has been called an English Rose, a title bestowed on beautiful young women possessing admirable English virtues.
Catherine Middleton comes from a long line of laborers, working class people, the everyday man (or woman). Her parents worked in the airline industry but later developed a business called Party Pieces, a firm that caters to the distribution of material for birthday parties and other celebrations. This line of work proved so successful that they became self-made millionaires and have recently commissioned a Royal Coat of Arms to be drawn up since the upcoming marriage of their daughter to a future King of England entitles them  this distinction.
We know that Catherine has sustained a rather long courtship with Prince William and survived a breakup before reconciling– this is how she acquired the name Waity Katie from the media as every nuance of her expression was held under the microscope. Through all this she bore up, retaining her grace and composure with all the dignity she could muster while she surely must have suffered inside . She is to be admired for this and so much more; for her warmth, her patience and good humor throughout . She will make a fine Queen one day. Unbeknownst to all, Bucklebury held a future monarch in their midst. To them she was just “Kate”. This is why the whole event is so captivating. It makes for a great story, for all those who believe in fairy tales or simply want to revel in watching history come alive. So, here’s the recipe.
Bucklebury Pie
2 cups English Roses (omit thorns)
1 full cup Laborers Love
½ cup Flights of Fancy
¼ cup Party Pieces
Sweeten with honey as much as needed
Bake until golden – be patient!
Remove from oven taking care to preserve “upper crust”
Top with a Royal Crest
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4 Responses to “Bucklebury – A Piece of the Pie”

  1. gr995 Says:

    Is there anyway we could change the Queen’s birthday holiday to something less imperial, keep it in June & have it incorporate Mexican food?

  2. Magdalena Tabor Says:

    Point of interest: The Queen actually has 2 birthdays. April 21st, which is her date of birth – she celebrates this day with her family. The other is in June celebrated with the nation. There is no specific date scheduled each year in June but it is appointed ahead of time. But very funny…….Mexican food indeed! Enchilllada anyone?

  3. SuperSonic Says:


    hay algo parecido?

  4. Nelda Lavalley Says:

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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