Money Doesn’t Talk it Screams!

March 14th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Money is not everything but it is pretty darn close to being so at least in this life anyway.

Let us begin by ascertaining what money is, or more apropos, what money can’t do or not buy for you and then let’s see what we’re left with.

The only two things I think money can’t buy is your health (although if one is wealthy he or she can afford the finest health care, the most competent doctors, drive the safest motor vehicles,  reside in a neighborhood with a statistically low crime rate and a plethora of other things, etc.) So, at the very least, if you should have the great misfortune of being a victim of some inherent genetic disorder you can be assured of the finest healthcare. Also, as I stated in the aforementioned you’re furthermore less inclined to be the victim of a natural disaster (the wealthy live atop of any given community rather than below, which is why Katrina is more apt to annihilate the poor; incidentally this has always been the case since the beginning of real civilization some 6000– 8000 years ago.) A rich individual will also be more educated (educated from the best schools to boot) which will give them the wherewithal to know what lifestyle is healthy and what lifestyle not so healthy. (Whether Charlie Sheen elects to self-destruct is another matter.)

So you see, being a prodigiously wealthy person, statistics will show that the likelihood of your having a longer, safer life. (I know there are exceptions to the rule and for  those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that I repeatedly and emphatically clearly and in no uncertain terms declare that there is only 1 rule which is “The only absolute rule is that there are exceptions to every rule.”)

The 2nd thing money can’t buy is immortality! We are all going to die and there is nothing anyone can do about it, in fact, death has been called the great equalizer because for all the injustices, the poor have endured and for all the privileges the rich have assumed, in the end it’s nothing. (Religion is an altogether other issue, which I will blog about very frequently and at length in the future) Shakespeare has been quoted as saying – “We live life with such sound and fury, but in the end we end up as nothing.” Sartre grimly quipped, “What is life but an unpleasant and monumentally short interruption from non-existence.”

So the two things that money cannot buy are – for all intents and purpose your health (maybe longer and safer but still….) and immortality.

I consider myself a happy individual and I am not a wealthy man. Many folks believe that money can buy happiness and I believe it can for some people. If you have a thirst for power and that is what makes you happy, money can bring you a lot of power. Money can even buy you love, it may not be real love, but wealthy people never have any problems getting dates. Mark Zuckerberg (I pick on him a lot – I’m sure it’s just latent jealousy) is not Brad Pitt but Mr. Zuckerberg will never, ever have a problem finding a woman.

To the gist of the Op-ed blog – money does not talk, it screams! It covers the entire spectrum from the individual to whole nations – if an action results in more money or profits, that procedure will be enacted. If a country happens to have natural resources we want, i.e. oil, sure enough the good old U.S.A. will support a despotic regime in a heartbeat. (Sure Hillary Clinton will clamor about humanitarian rights, etc. but that’s just talk, it’s the MONEY that SCREAMS !

Now it’s your turn – WHADAWETHINK? Do you want to be wealthy or have just enough to be secure? Do you think it’s healthy to have more money than one can possibly spend? I will say this – I am probably in the minority inasmuch as I do not care about having more money than necessary (subjective). I am middle class and enormously content with my lot. However having said this, I am not ignorant to the fact that people are dirt poor and can’t even afford the basic necessities like food and shelter, never mind TV and the internet.  I have said my part for today so WHADAWETHINK?

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March 14th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor

An exchange of information,

Greeting, consolation.

A form of expression.

An indication

Of the composition

Of one individual

To another, (he’s all talk)

Or the disposition of one.

The Jibber jabber

Incessant chatter

Of peopled noise

Like so many birds


In a single tree,

Causing me

To shut the window.

But in my mind

The talk reverberates

And the frown

Says it all.

Magdalena Tabor

Poetry is not hugely popular today and I think it’s a shame. I suppose Magdalena was born in the wrong era; during the late 18th century – early 19th century, poets were considered to be almost God-like – the big three being Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and John Keats. The celebrity and adulation upon which they basked perhaps will never be seen again. It is interesting to note how we change and what we deem as important then and now. Here is an item from Amazon which may interest you, but again please shop as much as you wish for whatever it is your heart desires and WHADAWETHINK will get credit as long as you go to Amazon by clicking the widget shown her. Thank you, enjoy and keep coming back.


Kafkaesque Bureaucracy

March 12th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

What can be more exasperating than bureaucracy and red tape ? Anyone who has had to deal with a bank, DMV, a phone company and now cell phones and Internet provider services knows precisely what I am talking about. Sadly, bureaucracy seems to be insidiously creeping into every aspect of one’s waking life; improved technology is supposed to make life easier and better and it does in one regard but it reduces efficiency from a different  perspective when one considers the prodigious red tape involved with same.    

Franz Kafka was a very unhappy young man despite having the precious gift of superb writing skills ( just to note scholars today regard him as one of the world’s greatest stylist and his works as nothing short of masterful. I highly recommend everyone who hasn’t read him to do so, even though the work is grim, Kafka describes  with laserbeam precision the very unpleasant bureaucracy with which every human being will inevitably have to at one time or another deal. The eponym Kafkaesque was appropriately posthumously given to Franz) and I sometimes even wonder if he, himself, ever contemplated just how monstrously omnipresent kafkaesque bureaucracy has become.     

On the front page of the NY Times the terrible story of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Northern Japan is extensively covered and I am in no way suggesting that kafkaeque bureaucracy is in any way shape or form as awful as this, because red tape after all is not a tragedy – it’s a senseless, frustrating and quite often disorienting annoyance.

As I write this, I am also waiting  for Verizon and an IPS to arrive so they can rectify and finish the the shoddy workmanship they have thus far wreaked (it’s been a week of hell to date), and there is nothing but Murphy and I (Murphy’s Law – ‘If anything can go wrong it will’) can conceivably do but wait, hope and pray that some competent individual will successfully do and complete his or her job and perhaps even disregard red tape in order to facilitate matters. (this Phone and internet set-up could have been completed days ago had the technician had the authorization # which I painstakingly procurred and which they ineptly never received from the “proper” channels.)

So there you go, the technician was expected to be here 8 am and it is now 5;30 pm – let ‘s hope kafkaesque bureaucracy leaves me alone ! I suffered a week already and I know everyone must go throught it – but why? Life is too short!

Now it’s your turn WHADAWETHINK ? I’m not even going to ask whether or not you’ve experienced any of the aforementioned because if you’re and adult and if you have any of life’s modern convieniences (that’s an oxymoron) or if you even possess a checking account or maybe just stepped outside – red tape will be there to greet you. Please tell us your stories – I found that by writing about this, I feel less frustated – writing or talking about it has a cathartic effect.

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Partisanship Must Stop! The United States is In a State of Decline and if Partisanship continues there will be Dire Consequences!

March 10th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Vivian Schiller, the President and CEO of NPR news was asked to step down yesterday simply because of a video (conservative activist James O’Keefe cleverly posted a hidden-camera) of fellow NPR executive  shown and being heard spouting his convictions that tea party Republicans are racist and xenophobic. 

This is an absolute outrage! I don’t know about you folks reading this but I have personally attended a tea party convention here on Long Island and this executive was speaking truthfully; I barely got out of there alive. I am serious! I am center-left and thought at the time, I was lucky enough to be afforded a chance to speak on stage (what a mistake); people rushed the platform and were physically attacking me simply for voicing my support for President Obama and elaborating and addressing the very difficult task of what should be done with illegal Mexican immigrants (I merely stated that these immigrants want life, liberty and pursuit of happiness just like everyone else; furthermore sending in the National Guard to patrol the borders and demanding that immigrants wait at least a decade for a visa, while their children have nothing to eat is not the answer.) 

 We are deadlocked, and if we as a country want to remain the greatest country in the world in terms of the economy, our way of life, and the multitude of freedoms we enjoy, then we have to stop caring so much about whether or not our politicians have an (R) or a (D) in front of his or her name. 

We are all Americans and if one just happens to watch the Sunday morning political talk shows, we can sadly see how prodigiously partisan this nation has become; You have to scratch your head and wonder, how does any legislation go through ? This is clearly not what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote about the necessary checks and balances so beautifully and eloquently written in our constitution – 1787. 

People are out of work, the economy is still in the dumps, we are enmeshed in two wars and we’re also trying to fight the war on terror. 

So Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter on the right and Al Franken and Barney Frank on the left – and all you other loudmouth partisan blowhards – Pipe down! America is in trouble and we have a lot of work ahead of us. Let President Obama, the Senate and the House of Representatives do their job and fix the seemingly unfixable; I can guarantee you this – it’s unfixable if we don’t cooperate and remain deadlocked. Enough already! No more partisanship; let’s save our beautiful country. God bless America. 

Now it’s your turn WHADAWETHINK ? Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Are you a member of the Tea party? If you are, I hope you’re not an extremist. Do you have any solutions to our terrible problems?  Please contribute. 

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Update: We are adding a new website to our Op-Ed blog

March 9th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

 We will be launching a new web site in addition to Whadawethink. It will tie in nicely with this Op Ed blog and we plan to get it off the ground sometime in May. When I tell you what it is you will probably cry out – how boring! GRAMMAR! Believe me, we’ve been planning this for years and we’re going to make grammar fun and believe it or not “Sexy!” I know for a fact that many employers (I used to be a Recruiter) will dismiss a viable candidate from consideration for a job just because his or her grammar is less than perfect. Grammar is MUCH more important than simply having a broad vocabulary.The domain is  however don’t visit it just yet – it’s under construction; the closer we get to the opening day, the more details I will divulge. English is difficult and everyone makes grammatical errors even the so-called experts in grammar – grammarians do; but there are some tricks and secrets to make learning perfect grammar not quite so Exasperating!

Keep reading whadawethink – unique, genuine and fresh material everyday !


No More Talk Therapy – Just Take a Pill

March 7th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

I earnestly believe that there is not a single individual (sane, neurotic or insane) who could not benefit from regularly seeking treatment from a professional psychotherapist. Even the President of the United States, at whom we often look as perhaps the sanest, calmest, coolest and most collected person one can ever set eyes upon, can certainly profit from psychotherapy (especially the president  – the guy with the most important job in the world and all the stress that comes with it); after all therapy is merely sitting down (or lying down) and openly and honestly discussing one’s problems, doubts and troubles with an intelligent and understanding trained professional whose greatest strength is perhaps listening (a very rare and undervalued attribute). But, most of all talk therapy along with medication is a necessity for people who suffer from severe depression or clinical depression

Sadly, I read yesterday on the front page of the NY Times, that very few of the 48,000 psychiatrists in this country (U.S.) offer talk therapy and instead simply take out their prescription pads and write out scripts for an SSRI (a Paxil-like anti-depressant now universally prescribed for depression) and perhaps a benzodiazepine (Xanax or Klonopin) for that dreadful anxiety. Why is this the case? And why no more psychotherapy? The answer to this question and the reason for most problems we Americans and all people face is simply – MONEY!  

Allow me to elaborate; insurance companies don’t consider clinical depression to be a disease, though the American Medical Association does, and therefore won’t cover the expense. And as a result of this egregious and unjust system we now have millions of clinically depressed people walking around contemplating suicide and even perhaps harming others. (As William Styron pointed out in is amazingly short yet awe-inspiringly accurate book – ‘Darkness Visible – A Memoir of Madness’, clinical depression at its extreme is, make no mistake – madness.) Furthermore we now have an epidemic of depressed people who in addition to battling their depression are also addicted to Psycho-pharmaceuticals.  

Here is another Catch-22 – if you’re severely depressed, you can’t work, and you have no money and no insurance anyway. Those who are lucky enough to work through their dire situation will more than likely see a psychiatrist because only a psychiatrist (who is a Medical Dr.) can write out a prescription and honestly with real clinical depression, medication is more important but sadly not enough. And again we have the money situation – it’s cheaper to spend 15 minutes with a Psychiatrist every 3 months for $150 than see a psychologist at $75 for 45 minutes but in order for talk therapy to work, a patient should be seen at least once a week. So you see – talk ends up being more expensive than the pills. 

Now, as for the rich – of course there are no problems – Woody Allen and Howard Stern can have a psychiatrist/psychologist and pay anywhere from upwards of $600 – $2,000 an hour (another blog – one of the plethora of privileges for the rich). Also, trust me on this one; there are a lot of awful, inept psychologists who are “nuttier” than anyone out there. Bottom line is all the good talk therapists are taken (another blog). 

My Opt. –ed. Blog is an open forum and I am brutally honest, and furthermore I consider the people who comment, read, and support my (our) Opt. ed. blog as family. So I will reveal to my readers that I have suffered from clinical depression, addiction and a panic disorder (I’ve had it since high school). Fortunately, I have had help from amazing doctors and loved ones and haven’t suffered from the ‘Black Dog’ (Winston Churchill coined this –a great man who perhaps saved western civilization as we know it – see there is nothing to be ashamed of ! Life is hard – people get sick) in more than 5 years and though I do get anxiety attacks from time to time, I am a very happy man and consider myself cured.   

So now it’s your turn WHADAWETHINK ? Our country is in debt as it is and our health care system is just a mess. Does anyone have a panacea? Any solutions out there? Have you ever suffered from depression ? Please share ! 

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Broken Things

March 6th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Find things

To make up for the loss.

A bit of china.

A rusted timepiece.

A cardboard angel tossed aside.

Gather your treasures

And place them, piece by piece,

In the shadows of a box.

And make what you will of it.

The beautiful broken things.


Rhett & Oracle

March 6th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor


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David Gabriel Watson killed Christina Mae “Tina” Watson – Watson makes a Deal with the Australian Court System and Serves One Year for Manslaughter – I am angry !

March 3rd, 2011 by Michael Tabor

The Alabama Attorney-General Troy King can redress this gross miscarriage of justice and yet to date has done nothing! 

Allow me to explain in a nutshell what happened on that dreadful day in October, 2011 and further elaborate on the circumstances and specifics relative to this case. 

Tina Thomas and Gabe Watson met while they were students at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama – they obviously were attracted to each other, dated for a while and then subsequently married in October of 2003. 11 days later on her honeymoon in Queensland, Australia (Great Barrier Reef) the lovely and talented and loved by many, Tina Thomas Watson was murdered by the man she married, David Gabriel Watson – the same man with whom she was in love and sadly as circumstances have revealed this very same man was a manipulative, vile, unconscionable, sociopathic, homicidal monster. 

Here is what the evidence clearly shows: On 10/22/2003 Tina and Gabe Watson boarded a passenger (dive boat) boat to do some SCUBA diving; both were certified divers, however Tina was a beginner and Mr. Watson was deemed as an expert. Tina and Mr. Watson dove off the boat, went off on their own and according to the dive computer (which is attached to all divers like a wrist watch and registers every single moment of any given diving excursion – gauging depth, pressure, air and water temperature, oxygen toxicity and is used to ensure the safety of the divers and to also determine whether not there has been any foul play which may have occurred following a diving accident.) and the LEGITIMATE coroners report it clearly indicates that Mr. Watson turned off Tina’s air regulator and held her under water until she was dead and then cleverly turned the air back on and let her sink (please try to fathom and imagine how unspeakably horrible this must have been for Tina; not only is she drowning, she is also cognizant of the fact that the person holding her down is her very own husband on her HONEYMOON – it sickens me to no end.)  

Motive: money and nothing more! It’s sad and pathetic what people will do for a little bit of money! According to Tina’s father, Gabe Watson had asked his daughter to increase her life insurance and get this – he made sure that he was the sole beneficiary just before the wedding – sociopathic murderer! (Sorry that’s 3 exclamation points in a row but I am enraged! 4 now)   

Please spread the word and call your congressman – no matter where you live; write and call everyday until justice is served. This man cannot and will not get away with this. I am blogging about this and am urging my readers to please follow up on this case. I know there are a plethora of injustices that occur around the world, but this awful event just yanks at my heartstrings and makes me so angry that a monster of this caliber could kill someone he loves (obviously the cruel fiend didn’t love her) just for money and get away with it !

I end all my blogs the same way – WHADAWETHINK – but there is nothing to think about here – try him here and let justice be served. David Gabriel Watson ought to be on death row and at the very least be in jail for the rest of his sick, twisted and pathetic life.    

 What’s most important is that David Gabriel Watson be incarcerated for the rest of his natural life. I will put an Amazon ad up here and ask that you click on the widget shown here and buy whatever you want (only if you can afford it – a $5.00 purchase helps. We get 4% of any purchase so do the math –we’re starving artists indeed. Both my wife and I have other jobs just to put food on the table, but imagine if we could do this full time and add a staff . Incidentally I have this very Kindle shown here and it is just awesome – even I (a traditionalist who likes physical books) love it. So if  you can afford to help WHADAWETHINK thank you but more importantly Help Put David Gabriel Watson where he belongs!  

RIP – Christina Mae Thomas  2/13/1977 – 10/22/2003


Antique Shop Photograph

March 2nd, 2011 by Michael Tabor

They beg to be rescued,

Trapped in Time.

The black and white stills

Of their colorful lives.

Eyes inerlocking with my own

Vision of the past,

Drawing me into their world.

There is no one left

To remember them.

To prop their image

Aongside the clock on the mantle.

To consider the alternative

And be left inside the drawer

Amongst all of the other

Forgotten things.

Still I put them back

Avoiding the somber gaze

Of strangers so familiar.

Note: Isn’t this beautiful ? Where else can you find such quality on the internet ? We intend to add a whole staff of writers and are in the process of adding an encyclopedia, called (to be launched in April); we wish we were independently wealthy but sadly we both have other jobs in order to put food on the table (just like everyone else.) We don’t want to clutter our site with obnoxious ads and we also don’t want to just ask for money (like wikipedia does). We use one advertiser – Amazon. You don’t have to purchse the item you see here, you can purchase a kindle or a $5.00 book if you wish. Just click on the widget you see here and shop – every little bit helps. If you are having financial difficulties and can’t afford to shop at Amazon, that is ok too. Just keep coming back and enjoy !