Elizabeth Taylor – 2/27/1932 – 3/23/2011 RIP

March 24th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

It is so unfathomable to look and actually digest the fact that Elizabeth Taylor, American icon if there ever was one, has finally succumbed to the inevitable end – 3/23/2011. There was absolutely no stone unturned with regard to the coverage (internet, print, TV, radio, blogs and every other conceivable medium) of Taylor’s life, career, multiple marriages, addiction problems, her very admirable role as an AIDS activist and her friendship with Michael Jackson. The extensive newsgathering even scooped out the fact that Elizabeth was blessed with the mutation (mutations are usually curses) of having two rows of eyelashes; as a word of note a 10 year old Elizabeth was asked to remove her erroneously assumed false eyelashes during the filming of ‘Lassie come Home.’

I have for decades been waiting on line at the local supermarket and have been peering at the impossible to avoid glaring headlines from the inane tabloids about the imminent demise of Elizabeth Taylor from drug abuse, cancer and every other affliction under the sun.; and yesterday, March 23, 2011, Elizabeth Taylor did die for real this time.

Whadawethink covers news breaking stories and the death of famous people is certainly something we will always spill ink on, however there are more than a million so called “standard obituary pieces” some better than others and whether one is superior really depends on the style and writing of the author. I think everyone knows everything there is to know about Elizabeth Taylor (including perhaps the double rowed eyelash mutation – I personally did not so it was nice little piece of trivia to insert here.) Therefore, an obituary really is a rehash of things we already know and it is more a less something one would see on the Biography channel but we are respectfully saying goodbye to an extraordinary person and the marvelous and eclectic life the person led.

I read an article stating that Elizabeth Taylor was the last of the real movie stars and I think that says it all. Who of the golden era of Hollywood when movie stars were looked upon as gods is left? The only thing Elizabeth Taylor failed to do was die young. The larger than life icons who die young and still are in his or her prime live on forever and their names and images will be plastered all over the tabloids until the end of time. No, Elizabeth Taylor will fall short of the immortals Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elvis Presley (even though Elvis got fat and was losing it he still was on top.)

To illustrate my point further, Elizabeth Taylor was in her prime before my time (I am 47) and a friend said to me very sincerely that Taylor was not really ever beautiful (obviously not a fan of old Hollywood movies). I corrected my ill-in-formed buddy and declared that not only was she beautiful beyond words in her prime, but she was even perhaps the most breathtakingly, elegant and Pulchritudinous woman who ever lived. God bless Elizabeth Taylor and may she forever rest in peace!

Now it’s your turn WHADAWETHINK? Were you a fan of Elizabeth Taylor? What did you like about her? What didn’t you like? Do you these old stars and starlets are prodigiously eccentric (Brando, Bettie Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, etc.) & if so why? Please open this up, gallons of ink can be spilled on this extraordinary woman.

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7 Responses to “Elizabeth Taylor – 2/27/1932 – 3/23/2011 RIP”

  1. Sal Paradise Says:

    In my opinion, Taylor was ‘in her prime,’ from both career and appearance perspectives, before we were born (I’m also 47). The 50’s were definitely her decade, and roles in “Suddenly, Last Summer” and, especially, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, her apex. Her Maggie the Cat in the latter production was, I believe, her best performance. I think the abomination of “Cleopatra” and her concurrent introduction to Richard Burton was the beginning of the end of her as a notable actress; from that point forward she was more a celebrity. I know her work in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” was lauded but I find the film unwatchable. (One also has to wonder if Edward Albee wasn’t prescient given who ended up being cast as George & Martha; as in, are Taylor & Burton really acting?)
    What more needs to be said regarding the shabby husband stealing, annual marriages, and the ridiculous “Liz & Dick” years? I do commend Taylor for her tireless charity work on behalf of AIDS awareness and treatment, but in my adult years my general impression of her is that of long faded glory. For the past 15-20 years few things had me reaching for the TV remote quicker than hearing Liz Taylor was coming up next. I found the continued fawning over her unfathomable, but in the context of our cult of celebrity perhaps it shouldn’t have been surprising. Her ‘stealing’ of Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds was the original Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt-Jennifer Aniston tabloid love triangle. Evidence that her legacy of ‘celebrity scandal’ is certainly thriving. I think I’ll try to focus on her charitable work as my lasting memory.
    One issue of contention Mr. Tabor: while I certainly recognize Taylor’s 50’s era beauty, I’d take Ava Gardner or Grace Kelly over her in a heartbeat.

  2. le duke de fromage Says:

    Classic screen beauty,absolutely, However i suspect she was never emotionally capable of handling the life her legend and fans demanded.Hence, her alcohol and drug dependency, her marriage of two absolute bums, and her affinity of becoming overinvolved with gays and disturbed actors.[ monty cliff, james dean, m. jackson]. While you can applaud her charitable work, her legacy will be more defined by scandal and undisplined lifestyle,her acting when viewed in total leaves a beautiful woman with average ability.

  3. Michael Tabor Says:

    It’s interesting to note that people who were not alive when she was in her prime (50’s) don’t see her as the stunning beauty that she was. I hate to be cynical but there is no better marketing strategy than dying, young beautiful and in one’s prime. People who never saw Brando young and in his prime think of him as a wildly eccentic awful person, especially at the end of his career and life. When icons live too long, what’s left is just a man or woman just like you and I but with exagerated flaws that are glaring because they were once treated as gods and when they lose it they still expect that she’s special and entitled to privleges.

    Thoughtful and winsome comments from Sal and and Le Duke de Fromage. I wish more readers would read their comments and follow suit. In time…….

  4. Sal Paradise Says:

    I suppose the same scrutiny could be applied to ‘rock stars’ and, when such things mattered to me, I’ve wondered how the careers of those such as Hendrix, Morrison, and Cobain would have played out had they survived. Sustained creativity or the subjects of “Where are They Now?” episodes?

    Hey Mr. Tabor, check out your ‘mjtstaffing’ e-mail.

  5. Watch 2011 Movies Says:

    that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

  6. Ariel Lee Says:

    Having two rows of eyelashes is very common in my familly my mum has 2 and I have two no lie i’ll flutter ther or close them if you don’t believe me (lol) I love my eylashes and never have worn mascara along with that my eyebrows are naturally arched and im left handed thank god they dont bother me elizabeth taylor was beautiful although if you dont want your eylashes to stick togethr u must BLINK!

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Wow ! I never heard of it before. Thanks for the input – keep coming back.

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