“I am a deeply religious nonbeliever”

March 26th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

“Science without religion is lame”, “Religion without science is blind” and “God does not play dice with the universe.” The title and the three quotes chosen to start today’s Op-ed blog came from the man who although dead for more than half a century is more relevant, talked about, debated over and referred and alluded to perhaps more now than when he was alive. The quotes resonate deeply with me and articulate my very own worldview except in terms of word choice, I would supplant “spirituality” (religion conjures up a self-promoting organized belief system) for “religion” though I think it is obvious Einstein meant the same thing.

I want to write about the two most important disciplines and branches of knowledge one can possibly study and analyze and arguably the only (if one considers the W’s – who are we, what are we, where did we come from and where are we going to the most important question of all – what is the meaning of life ? )fields of study worth pursuing – science and religion.

Everyone alive including you are here by accident. (Religious fundamentalists will argue that your existence is preordained.) Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and utterly jaw-dropping summation of the odds of YOU – I mean you being here alive today on Sat. 3/26/2011 or anytime thereof is as unfathomable and even inexpressible that it can only possibly be conveyed metaphorically. Bill Bryson does just that in his introduction of his brilliant and enormously enjoyable popular science book – ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’.  It’s about 8 pages in length and I strongly urge everyone of my readers to read this; you needn’t even purchase it or read the whole book, just  take it off the bookshelf at your local Borders (they better not go out of business – Ch. 11 – I love Borders) and read the introduction. I know it left me with a completely new perspective on the likelihood of being here – alive now – in a nutshell everything, I mean everything to the tiniest most imperceptible occurrence, happening or event had to be just the way it happened or there would be no you. I am going too long on this I will not re-iterate this great writing – just read it!

Moving on to the meat of the text, I believe and would like to think that religion and science are not incompatible and that the incredible advances of man in terms of understanding consciousness, the cosmos and multiple universes and viewing certain aspects within this terrain with a certain ineffable metaphysical lens can lead to perhaps more similarities than differences.

I think the key here is having an open mind and be willing to tolerate other people’s belief system without attacking it. Though I agree with everything Richard Dawkins has to say and in my view the Christian apologists embarrassingly fall short in those inane evolutionary/creationist debates, I question not whether Mr. Dawkins is triumphant but why he is so adamant about utterly diminishing the Christian faith to nothing more than a fairy tale or a Santa Claus for adults.

We do not have the answers – theologian or scientist. But I think they ought not be enemies – I think it’s been more than amply proven that these so- called holy texts – The Bible, Koran, etc. – were written by man to help  man understand his world. Science can easily decimate the argument for a 7000 year old earth or an ark that held two of every species, etc. but I personally still hold onto that mysterious and spooky  universe that Einstein embraced.

So now it is your turn WHADAWETHINK ? Eastern religion or philosophy welcomes the advances of science whereas the monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam seem to view science as somewhat as a threat , do you see this as being the case ? Do you see religion and science becoming more at odds with each other or perhaps maybe working together and the only real difference being the fact that the world is looked at through a different lens? Please open this up and present your opinion; this is obviously an area in which the greatest thinkers of the world have been pondering since time immemorial.  

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