I Hate Facebook!

February 25th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Facebook is nothing more than the premium version of MySpace – it’s faster, more invasive and has more features. As a matter of fact, the guru himself, Mark Zuckerberg (who looks like he’s in the middle of puberty – imagine that boy a billionaire) even alluded to this in the movie about Facebook – ‘The Social Network’. (Whether or not Zuckerberg actually said this, is another matter – after all it was just a movie.) 

Here’s a coincidence; Zuckerberg was born in 1984 – George Orwell’s classic book is entitled ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ which is a work of literature about surveillance and invasion of privacy which is exactly what Facebook is – spooky! 

There is nothing wrong with networking and perhaps connecting up with long lost friends but Facebook is nothing short of EXPLOITATION and invasion of privacy! And how shallow is this site? Let’s face it; the people who regularly go on Facebook (who are over 25) are dumber than a box of rocks. Again, I understand if grandma wants to see a picture of her granddaughter then that’s fine, but as for me personally I don’t want to see pictures of someone else’s kids. It’s tantamount to going over some friend’s house and having to sit through a video of his or her last vacation. I don’t want to see your dopey kid standing next to Donald Duck at Disneyland. 

I’m just now using Facebook to promote my blog (hey I’m honest) and as a matter of fact, in the course of doing so I managed to connect with a few old friends; I just got off the phone with him and it was an absolute pleasure to hear from him after 25 years. But please – I’m begging you keep the photos away – Name and contact information is enough (and when I say contact information I mean name and e-mail only – no pictures!) 

The only legitimate social networking site is Linked-in, and I must say I have been prodigiously remiss in terms of utilizing the incredible networking potential of this site. Linked-in is for intelligent, mature individuals who are interested in interacting with other bright folks. 

So if you are here and reading this now that’s good. My goal is to get all 500 million of you Facebook people over here (and clicking on the Amazon widget and purchasing something – anything at all would help WHADAWETHINK – LoL) I think by doing this I would be providing a service – collectively raising the intelligence of the American Public. 

Update: I know that oppressed people in the Middle East (Libya and Egypt) have been using Facebook to organize protests against despotic regimes; Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak have to go. They have been ruling over their people for 42 and 30 years respectively. 

So now it’s your turn. WHADAWETHINK ? I know I have ruffled a few feathers by criticizing you FaceBook-loving people but I am just telling you the truth. Let me know your thoughts.

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9 Responses to “I Hate Facebook!”

  1. Katie Says:

    I don’t think you realize what Facebook really is. It is just for fun. I am over 25 and I might go on Facebook a half hour a day. I get a lot of laughs, I see what my children and other family members are doing and I enjoy looking at the pictures!! Obviously you don’t have children because you don’t understand the joy of capturing a picture of your child having fun, playing sports, etc., etc. I really don’t understand you anger. Facebook is for enjoyment and there is nothing wrong with that in peoples lives. As far as an invasion of privacy, I disagree. With the security settings you can let people see as much about you as you want. You should never go on this site again because it is not for you…it is for fun and nothing more. When I want to gain some intellect I certainly don’t look for it on Facebook…I go on other sites.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    Hi Katie,

    Thank you for your comment and your very incisive remarks. You like the site and you get a lot of enjoyment out of it – I think that’s awesome ! Furthermore you are a woman,a mother and have children of your own and I think that it’s just natural for you to enjoy seeing other people’s children – it’s a maternal thing. I don’t think men care as much. I, personally don’t get any enjoyment whatsoever seeing other people’s children; now if I had children of my own, I may feel differently – I just don’t know. I know men enjoy posting pictues of their own children but that’s it – the men with whom I am friends (who are fathers) don’t care nor do they enjoy seeing children other than their own. Additionally, I sincerely apologize for making a sweeping generalization about people over 25 who like Facebook not being intelligent. The statement certainly doesn’t apply to you and there is nothing wrong with spending a 1/2 hour a day on the site. I should have re-phrased the sentence by saying something like -“more than 4 hrs or every waking moment, etc.”

    Having stated the aforementioned, I still maintain my stance about Facebook, the self-absorbed and narcissistic society and the dumbing down of this generation as result of sites like this. Moreover I have nothing but absolute disdain for Mr. Zuckerberg; you mention invasion of privacy – according to Business Insider, there has been suspicion that Mr. Zuckerberg has been hacking into competing companies’ systems and changing user information to make his competitors less useful. Look for an imminent idictment.

  3. Beanie Babies Says:

    Really interesting reading with a lot to take away and apply. Thanks! We’ll be back.

  4. le duke de fromage Says:

    mr. tabor,agreed, Zuckerberg is of less than sterling character,however Facebook can be a goldmine of information, or a threating dilema. , the bad, shallow, inane, deceptive, sometimes dangerous ,i lasted three days after reading relatives bio’s, i didnt recognize them. the good, helped facilitate the overthrow of a despot, giving joy to a young woman sharing, [see katie’s comments]. i maintain Facebook will become what we make of it. the future is in doubt.

  5. Michael Tabor Says:

    Yes Thank you Le duke fromage – you’re indeed the voice of reason and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your comments. I obviously hit a nerve (my own family is pissed off @ me for writing this) & truth be told, I initially went on Facebook to promote my blog and ended up getting in touch with old high school friends – & what a joy it was.

    Yes I did mention that @ the end of my blog. Facebook is evolving into a more legitmate site – not just a gossipy social network. Thanks and it goes without saying – keep coming back.

  6. Paul Salerno Says:

    I tend to agree with both Michael and Katie. Facebook can be used to your advantange in some ways, but many people have lost jobs, or delined jobs due to their bahavior and Facebook postings, identities stolen, underage children molested (Facebook is a molestors dream site), etc, etc, I tend to agree more with Michael.
    I think Facebook is sort of like alcohol, everything in moderatin is okay. BUT, remember when it comes to computers, nothing is private, I mean nothing. If large banks can be hacked, your computer or Facebook can surely be. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want published in tomorrow’s NY Post.
    Reading 30 mins a day (which is probably more like 2 hours a day for most people) is fine to keep in touch, and to spy on a lost love, friends of friends, but reading about how wonderful each others spouses are, can sometimes get sickening.

    Adios and peach out…

  7. Michael Tabor Says:

    Thank you. I could not have expressed it better. I must blog a facebook part 2. Paul, the problem is that people don’t READ anymore and that irrititates me to no end ! I actually have been on Facebook and have been able to connect with old high school friends – I have to be honest, I am becoming addicted to the very site I blasted. I will clarify things in my next blog. Thanks & of course keep coming back !

  8. LeLe Says:

    hahaha I think this blog is absolutely hilarious. Who doesn’t love a good facebook rant? Yes, facebook is great for socializing and catching up with old friends, etc. But, people have a tendency to post their whole life stories and most intimate details on their pages. Honestly, no one wants to hear about your “hot date” last night, or that you are getting ready to leave your house for a doctor’s appointment to get that itchy rash taken care of. We do not need a play by play of your entire life. Thanks anyway.

    And don’t even get me started on teenage girls on facebook. I wonder how long it takes them to prepare themselves for their photo shoots before they post up a hundred pictures of themselves half-naked and looking like amatuer porn stars… no wonder they are friends with the whole world except for their family members. They would be disowned if daddy dearest saw his baby girl groping her best friend’s breasts while dressed up like a catholic school girl in hooker heels.

    As for mommy posting a picture on her page everytime her son drools on himself.. I think its great – cause my kids cuter then yours! And Ill post pictures of my handsome little boy all day long until you realize your kid really isn’t as cute as you think he is. And its true – people really dont care about other people’s kids. Yes, you reproduced, and we are happy for you, one photo is sufficient.

    Thanks for letting me join in on the ranting.

  9. Michael Tabor Says:

    Great Post ! I can’t top what you just said !!!! keep coming back – the reality is the readers make the site.

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