Blogger’s Dilemma

February 28th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

I love writing! I love reading and I love learning – my whole life centers around higher education. The blogger’s dilemma is that I must be concise so people will take the time out of his or her busy day to read what I write. 

If I had my druthers, I would spill more ink – MUCH more ink on any given topic; but if I wrote a 10,000 word blog I guarantee nobody except for perhaps a few scholars (and then I would have to cite my sources, footnotes, etc and hence it would no longer be a blog) who had the time to read it and who happened to be interested in or in the process of researching the very subject I’m writing about. Incidentally, I put my heart and soul into every word I write and a tremendous amount of research is conducted in order to be factual and correct. I.e. if I were writing about stem cell research I would diligently and systematically gather as much pertinent information so that even though I’m a layperson, a scientist just may get something out of what I write. Every writer will tell you that they learn just as much and probably more than the reader does (because of all the research that is involved.)  

Believe it or not some people (thankfully the minority) think my blogs are too long. Too long? My blog is typically between 750 and 1000 words per article; the average blog is 350 and 550 words – including the #1 blog in the world Huffington post. I tend to think that my blog is more of an online op-ed (FYI, most people believe that op-ed means opinion – editorial when in fact the abbreviation merely stands for opposite the editorial – I was just informed of this today; which illustrates my point that writers learn when they write.) and surely one can pigeonhole my blog as opinion journalism but that simply means I’m maintaining my objectivity, providing useful information as well as giving my opinion and asking for yours WHADAWETHINK ? 

My blog (or online op-ed – I think I’m going with this because my articles are not going to be abridged; I will not compromise integrity as a writer.) is very open and covers a lot of ground; it actually covers everything !(as you regular readers know , we even have poetry and cartoons. It should be no secret that we love New Yorker Magazine and we would like to see ourselves as miniature New Yorker online – & we are going to continue to grow.) If it’s interesting, thought provoking, trending and newsworthy we will write about it. 

Just to re-iterate our mission statement– “If it’s worth spilling ink, then it’s whada We Think” We know people are busy (sadly too busy) and no one is reading Tolstoy’s – ‘War and Peace’ anymore so we attempt to provide reams of information along with subtle commentary that’s fun, thought-provoking, sometimes controversial and educational. We want to make learning SEXY! 

Update: Our long term goal is to have at least one writer covering each category cited on the home page (not unlike Huffington Post but of course better) we are also adding 2 new niche websites which will be linked to this online op-ed. The first site will cover grammar and the site domain is  and out our 2nd site will be an online Encyclopedia (not unlike Wikipedia) called We are planning to launch these two sites in late March, early April. 

So now it’s your turn WHADAWERTHINK ? I hate “selling soap” but obviously it takes money to create quality websites and we hate Ads – so we don’t use Adsense. We currently use one Advertiser – Amazon (thanks to my very talented Web Designer – the Amazon ads are very unobtrusive), so instead of blatantly asking for contributions like Wikipedia does, we ask that you click on the widget shown here and make a purchase from Amazon. You don’t have to buy what is displayed in the ad, but you do have to click onto the Amazon widget here and buy whatever you want. We get a small commission from each sale. And if things  are tight in terms of money that’s OK too. We’re not interested in making money – so  just visit and comment – it’s fun and educational

Thank you and we hope you have as much fun with this site, as we do.

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