Jack LaLanne dies

January 27th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

How is this possible? Mr. Lalanne died Sunday, January 23 of respiratory failure at the ripe old age of 96. This is not good for business. Jack lalanne was a fitness guru indeed but he was even more so an entrepreneur and a businessman. All kidding aside he himself recently said he planned on living for a long, long time and that he in fact felt terrific and was still working out two hours a day at the physically fit age of 96 and indeed death was not expected to occur not at all in the foreseeable future. I am sincere when I say that Jack probably thought that if he continued to workout without fail he would really live forever and never die – see this interview

This actually ties in nicely with the other blog I wrote about death and dying. Surely Lalanne wasn’t insane and knew that he would have to go sometime but I’m sure he figured if he continued with his exercise routine he wouldn’t die that day, the next day, or even next year for that matter. We all compartmentalize (again read Ernest Becker – Denial of Death; it’s all about the things we do in order to not face up to one’s own demise) and fiercely deny that this grim day will come. Can’t come! How can the earth continue to rotate on its axis and circle the sun without me?

My own form of denial is working out too. If I go out jogging for 40 minutes and come back without incident and feel healthy and refreshed well chances are I’m not going to croak that night. Why do you think people run in the 1st place? I mean it certainly doesn’t make you look any more physically fit (I’m talking about the obsessed fanatics – the marathon runners and Iron Man competitors) and it’s been documented that rigorous exercise for more than 40 minutes a day does more damage than good. Just look out the window and you will invariably see some jogger running in 20 degree weather while it’s snowing and sleeting because the runner needs his fix. And the irony is that this individual is increasing his or her odds of accidental mishap and death because he or she elects to run in inclement weather in order to avoid death.

Oh and speaking of fix. Remember Jim Fixx; the running guru who wrote a number of books about running and health and how by having a jogging routine you will increase your lifespan, etc. Well when he died in 1984 of a massive heart attack while running, runners across the country were saddened and shocked and were rendered unable able to get out of bed, so grieve-stricken that their guru was dead.

Let me wrap up this blog with Jack Lalanne the man and his accomplishments; I won’t list all of them here (watch him work out on you tube; it’s remarkable how strong and fit he was, just amazing watching him do the 1 finger pushups) but he certainly was an advocate of healthy living; diet and exercise. He had his own TV show, sold many books and was certainly an Icon of the 20th century.

Now WHADAWETHINK ? Is this country obsessed with exercising? How long do you think it prolongs your life – 6 months maybe; all that work for 6 months. Does it even prolong your life? Professional athletes don’t live longer than non-athletes. Do you think all this exercise is worth it? How much is enough?

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13 Responses to “Jack LaLanne dies”

  1. le duke de fromage Says:

    mr. tabor, its probably an individual choice more than anything else.i believe your d.n.a. is probably the biggest factor in most things, physical junkies are really no different than any other addict. overindulgence in any category can produce the high you seek. winston churchill lived to be in in his 90’s and drank and smoked every day of his life. most people wouldnt put in the effort to work out excessively even if promised an extra 6 months.i will sit at my window on a snowy day and wave as the joggers run bye.

  2. Michael Tabor Says:

    I love the way you wrap up your posts – I am still laughing as I reply to this sad but real truth to longevity. My father always told me that your fate is in the hands of the Gods (your DNA); don’t smoke, don’t drink, moderate exercise, good diet and a a laid back reaction to life’s ‘events’ (Mark Twain said that the secret to happiness was a sleepy consciousness)& the rest, well ……

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