Egypt Runs Amok in Chaos Leaving the U.S. with a Very Thorny Situation

January 31st, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Protestors in Egypt

I would be remiss if having mentioned the forever ongoing Israeli – Palestinian conflict in my earlier blog yesterday and not make mention of the revolt and turmoil which is now sweeping Egypt.

Mubarak became president when Anwar Sadat was assassinated – 30 years ago (I was a senior in high school and the last thing on my mind was geo-political world affairs; if something newsworthy happened outside Bloomingdale or Butler, NJ it wasn’t news for me.) He has openly remarked to lawmakers that he plans on remaining president until the day he dies and unlike Sadat he has led the country with an iron-fisted rule for 3 decades defying democracy and denying its citizens of freewill. I think its incumbent upon the U.S. to demand that its friend and ally Egypt insist that the president of Egypt step down.

Why do we, The United States the most democratic and open country on the planet support despotic regimes? (very good question for Rhett & Oracle) I don’t suppose oil, money, strategic planning and a particular country’s natural resources have anything to do with it, do you?

The citizens of Egypt are anything but free; they can’t vote, the information they receive is censored with limited access to the internet (as a matter of fact the internet has been shut down completely at this very present time with all this turmoil), the women are treated as 2nd class citizens, there is no choice in the matter when it comes religion, and to abbreviate the situation and put everything in a nut shell the people have no universal rights.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the quintessential politician and our Secretary of State said on one of the weekly Sunday news programs that it’s not a question of who rules the country (Really? It doesn’t matter who rules the country? I mean I’m sure they will just insert another dictator, if there should be a change of leadership, but clearly Mubarak as ruled for 30 years and must step down period!)

It’s very interesting to see what happens here in Egypt and how the U.S. handles the situation. The A.P. said the last thing the U.S. wants, is to lose Egypt as a strategic ally and certainly Barack Obama does not want to become another Jimmy Carter who is known as the man who lost Iran forever. (The way the Carter administration handled the Iranian crisis and the hostage situation in the 1970’s could not have been more disastrous if one purposely tried to mishandle the situation. Remember the rescue attempt which resulted in a helicopter crash? That was sadly laughable; something akin to the Keystone Kops)

So WHADAWETHINK? What is going to happen in Egypt? How should the U.S. handle the situation? What are your thoughts about the United States strategically befriending dictatorial regimes? (I will be writing a lot about what countries the U.S. supports and why; a great source for this kind stuff is to read Noam Chomsky. When you read his stuff it’s impossible not to become enraged, it’s so outrageous that one hardly believes that this benevolent country, the U.S., could frame foreign policy in such a manner, but it’s all factual supported by more than ample documentation.) I am hardly an expert in geopolitics and would love to hear from people who study the Middle East and foreign affairs. There is a whole lot to talk about. Please comment and feel free to provide facts, opinion and commentary of any sort regarding this situation in Egypt.

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6 Responses to “Egypt Runs Amok in Chaos Leaving the U.S. with a Very Thorny Situation”

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    You just know every member of Mubarak’s security is having an inner conflict once they realize they ‘d go down in history. jan25 egypt

  3. Gerald Oates Says:

    We’ve come too far to accept to the demands of the democratic fringe!

  4. Floyd Says:

    I voted for Obama but he is starting to really disappoint me and slowly changing my opinion of him from a positive one to a negitive one.

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