Egypt Runs Amok in Chaos Leaving the U.S. with a Very Thorny Situation

January 31st, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Protestors in Egypt

I would be remiss if having mentioned the forever ongoing Israeli – Palestinian conflict in my earlier blog yesterday and not make mention of the revolt and turmoil which is now sweeping Egypt.

Mubarak became president when Anwar Sadat was assassinated – 30 years ago (I was a senior in high school and the last thing on my mind was geo-political world affairs; if something newsworthy happened outside Bloomingdale or Butler, NJ it wasn’t news for me.) He has openly remarked to lawmakers that he plans on remaining president until the day he dies and unlike Sadat he has led the country with an iron-fisted rule for 3 decades defying democracy and denying its citizens of freewill. I think its incumbent upon the U.S. to demand that its friend and ally Egypt insist that the president of Egypt step down.

Why do we, The United States the most democratic and open country on the planet support despotic regimes? (very good question for Rhett & Oracle) I don’t suppose oil, money, strategic planning and a particular country’s natural resources have anything to do with it, do you?

The citizens of Egypt are anything but free; they can’t vote, the information they receive is censored with limited access to the internet (as a matter of fact the internet has been shut down completely at this very present time with all this turmoil), the women are treated as 2nd class citizens, there is no choice in the matter when it comes religion, and to abbreviate the situation and put everything in a nut shell the people have no universal rights.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the quintessential politician and our Secretary of State said on one of the weekly Sunday news programs that it’s not a question of who rules the country (Really? It doesn’t matter who rules the country? I mean I’m sure they will just insert another dictator, if there should be a change of leadership, but clearly Mubarak as ruled for 30 years and must step down period!)

It’s very interesting to see what happens here in Egypt and how the U.S. handles the situation. The A.P. said the last thing the U.S. wants, is to lose Egypt as a strategic ally and certainly Barack Obama does not want to become another Jimmy Carter who is known as the man who lost Iran forever. (The way the Carter administration handled the Iranian crisis and the hostage situation in the 1970’s could not have been more disastrous if one purposely tried to mishandle the situation. Remember the rescue attempt which resulted in a helicopter crash? That was sadly laughable; something akin to the Keystone Kops)

So WHADAWETHINK? What is going to happen in Egypt? How should the U.S. handle the situation? What are your thoughts about the United States strategically befriending dictatorial regimes? (I will be writing a lot about what countries the U.S. supports and why; a great source for this kind stuff is to read Noam Chomsky. When you read his stuff it’s impossible not to become enraged, it’s so outrageous that one hardly believes that this benevolent country, the U.S., could frame foreign policy in such a manner, but it’s all factual supported by more than ample documentation.) I am hardly an expert in geopolitics and would love to hear from people who study the Middle East and foreign affairs. There is a whole lot to talk about. Please comment and feel free to provide facts, opinion and commentary of any sort regarding this situation in Egypt.

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I Want to be an Entrepreneur!

January 31st, 2011 by Michael Tabor

‘Working for a Living’ – Huey Lewis

You know what one of the worst things about being an employee for any given company is that you have to work for someone else. (Bob Dylan said it best when he nasally sang – ‘Everybodys’ gotta serve someone’ because the truth of the matter is even entrepreneurs have to be servile and obsequious with one’s customers if he or she is going to be successful; although you are your own boss.) How often do you hear people scream I hate my boss and I wish I had my own business? Ahhh the luxury of no one to report to and of being able to work whenever you please and logging in how many hours your heart desires; furthermore all the hard work and energy that result in profits is for you and your company and no one else. (But you and your company have to pay all the bills keep in mind.)

I have always had an entrepreneurial bone inside of me and always knew that I would ultimately end up someday with a thriving business sooner or later (This is my 3rd business venture and so far I’ve had my own businesses but I’m still waiting for the success part; I’ve also had numerous other business exploits such as trying to be an inventor to being a sports agent, promoter and many other pursuits which need no further mention.) despite the overwhelming odds at actually being successful (I know success is relative; I don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg mind you to consider a business enterprise of mine as being a prosperous undertaking.) and the prodigious risk one takes when earnestly pursuing one’s own business.

Some individuals just can’t start a business simply because they have no money to invest. Every business venture requires an investment (even blogging) and enough money to live on until one sees the fruits of one’s labor come to fruition. The rule of thumb is different for every undertaking but your first year one wants to see that money can be had and you really want to just break even. Year two is where you may see some profits (minimal but nevertheless something) and after that it’s just anyone’s guess how big you may get; preserving no matter what, working 7 days a week and then eventually growing big enough to hire staff.

What amazes me is how few people are willing to take the risk; even people who have money;(which the sad truth reveals is really the single most important factor in determining whether or not your business will succeed. Note: see my ‘Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer blog’) don’t people want to stand out and set their own mark? Not that I am interested in the following so much, but the reality is unless you have your own business, own law practice, own medical practice, etc. you may reach that upper middle class tier; you may be the  top litigator in a firm but unless you’re a partner , you’re not and will never be wealthy. (I’m happy with middle class, not even upper middle class holds much appeal.) Exceptions to this rule are working for really good companies with stock options. And of course any CEO of a big company earns more money than he or she deserves.

Just to follow up on the last two sentences of my last paragraphs; those great jobs with great companies are not available. Those jobs are taken before they’re even posted. These sexy high paying jobs are held for rich people’s sons, nephews, nieces, daughters and are given to friends of people who have favors to be carried out. (There are exceptions I know that – ‘there are no absolute rules except that there are exceptions to every rule.’ But they are few and far between.

So that’s why I say if you can start your own business? Take a chance; so what if you fail, pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and try again.  I find the biggest reason people don’t take the plunge is fear. People have no idea about how to begin, most people don’t even know to get incorporated. And the terrible irony is they don’t teach these things at business school; I think that instead of writing a thesis, the universities should require the student to start up a successful business. Throw them to the wolves – the real world. How often do you hear people say ‘I don’t use any of the stuff I learned in school, I learned everything on the job.

Lots of ink spilled on this so now it’s your turn. WHADAWETHINK? Would you want to have your own business? Those of you out there who do have your own business, what are the pros and cons? Do you have more free time running a business or less? Maybe you’re very conservative and love perhaps having the freedom of making a salary, working 9-5, and not having to suffer sleepless nights worrying about whether or not the business will make profit this quarter.

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An Israeli – Palestinian peace agreement was nearly achieved in 2008

January 29th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

On the front page of the New York Times yesterday there was an article stating that Ehud Olmert, the former Prime Minister of Israel, and Mahmoud Aabbas, the Palestinian president, almost reached a peace deal in 2008 as per new memoirs published earlier this week in an Israeli newspaper.

Some novel and interesting details about the agreement such as an American-Led international security force being stationed on its border and a multi-national committee; handling tough issues regarding perhaps one being the number of Palestinian refugees allowed to work in Israel, another being perhaps redressing the mistreatment of Palestinians and a plethora of other contentious matters were outlined.

I didn’t finish reading the whole article because well I’ve been reading and hearing about peace in the Middle East ever since I was old enough to read and understand that there was an immense and complex world out there; billions of people in fact and a colossal number of diverse cultures outside of Bloomingdale NJ, the town in which I was raised, just like me pursuing life, liberty and happiness.

I came to the conclusion many years ago that there would never be peace between Israel and Palestine, Jew and Arab. Both are referred to as Semites (I learned this back in high school, much to my great surprise, when I believe I said someone was  anti-Semitic and a pal of mine said oh yeah he’s prejudiced against Jews and Arabs; look Semite up in the dictionary) but both could not be more different in terms of RELIGION.

How can there be peace when one’s holy book and guide to living come from two very different texts – the Bible and the Koran. If you eliminated religion from the equation one would expect that reasonable people would be able to come up with a peaceful way of living together. Unfortunately religion is their culture and the dogmatism that goes along with it could not be more rigid and inflexible. Individuals are gladly obligingly willing to kill themselves for God; the sickening action of strapping makeshift bombs to one’s person and killing oneself along with extraordinarily sadly innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with shaping and determining policy is a painful example of how strong the dogma is.

Millions of pints of ink have been spilled on the chance of a possible peace agreement between Israel and Palestine (and of course the Arabic countries surrounding Israel come into play) that in my opinion will never come. 500 years from now (if the human species has not destroyed itself) there will still be Israeli – Palestinian negotiations. How can there be peaceful coexistence when one side’s motif and mandate is ‘Push’ the Jews into the sea, dead or alive.’

Princess Ave, Jerusalem - 1947

Now WHADAWETHINK ? Is it possible to have peace in the Middle East? Can Jew and Arab get along with one another? Is religion the cause of all this hatred between the two Semites? Let’s open this up; comment with examples and create discussion. Maybe WHADAWETHINK can resolve this most thorny issue (note: tongue firmly placed in cheek)

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Only legtimate comments will be posted

January 29th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

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I will attempt to respond to legitimate comments coming in from legitimate sources only. Unfornutately this very brief but important and neceaaary blog must be posted. We have been inundated with “bots” and this has wasted everyone’s time. My deepest and most hearfelt apologies go out to those who have visted Whadawethink, read the articles and put time and effort into writing a comment. The “bots” are pretty easy to spot but I naively let some slide through. Certainly everyone is welcome to whadawethink but please only comment if you have something to contribute.


Why do people cheat and scam ?

January 28th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

I am a full time blogger and am in the process of monetizing my site. (For a non-IT person this is tantamount to scaling MT. Everest.) In an effort to create a blog that separates me from the rest of the blogs I must invest a lot of time and energy. I am a journalist and a professional writer and was initially contemplating working for a reputable newspaper. In my earnest opinion old-fashioned tangible newspapers, magazines, and books are here to stay and will never go away. It goes without saying that not only do I write, I am a voracious reader. I love the smell of publications; that goes for all three – newspapers, magazines and books (each has a very distinct smell), I adore the texture, the look, the feel (when I’m reading something on the web that’s lengthy, I’ll very often print it out because it must be tangible and it’s a compulsion of mine to underline and make comments in the margins) all senses are engaged, not just vision, when I’m reading. That’s why I believe these e-books, the Kindle and the like, will never make it in the long run. Real readers need the physical publication. Trust me on this one.

Now having said all this why did I elect to become a Pro blogger and communicate electronically; seems like I’m contradicting the aforementioned. The answer to this is simply put – books are here to stay forever but Cyberspace is here to stay too and it’s just going to get bigger. The internet will never kill the book but it will injure the book industry. The e-books are a winner for people who don’t read like my brother (a little personal but he out rightly will say I’m not a reader I’m too busy) and that’s fine.

Now to the point of the blog; there are a plethora of scammers and cheaters on the World Wide Web. They will utilize whatever unsavory tactic imaginable to sabotage your efforts, somehow mislead you, and drain you of whatever you are monetarily worth. The good news is that scammers usually read from the same book. They’re easy to spot. Anyone with even marginal intelligence can detect a scam. It’s simple – anyone promoting the notion of instant wealth without working for it. The only real work involved is opening your wallet and freely giving the scammer all your personal information such as your Visa number. To prevent this from happening to you it’s very simple. This always works for me; if I say to myself this is too good to be true then it is. Nothing supplants time and hard work. Nothing! Physicians must go to college, medical school and be a resident – 12 years of your life after high school before making a dime.

However, every once in a while you will get a subtle scammer. This individual perhaps won’t use the hackneyed methods and is cleverer than a fox and you wind up scratching your head and say why someone so intelligent would spend so much effort into cheating (because subtlety involves time and hard work) when with all that much painstaking ingenuity and time the cheater could make a fortune legitimately.

Well Enough ink on this for now, WHADAWETHINK ? Have you ever been scammed? Is there any worse feeling than being cheated? Everyone gets duped at sometime in his or her life that’s why they call it experience; but the problem with experience is that the lesson comes after the incident not before. What is the psychology behind cheating? Doesn’t everyone want to earn a living legitimately (I’m going to ask Rhett & oracle about this) Please comment but elaborate. What precisely did you like about the blog? What didn’t you like about it? Create interaction. I appreciate the positive sincere praise but what I really want is to fire up exchange and interaction and stimulate thought.

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Snow Fort

January 27th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor

The day tastes of black currant tea.
A woodsy offering
Steeped in reflection.
Stone cold if left too long;
It’s porcelain cup
Chipped at the lip.
I traverse the trail at my door
With eyes only,
Sipping my past,
Contented to stay.
The snow fort is stockpiled
With useless ammunition;
Cannonballs fused into one.

Magdalena Tabor


Rhett & Oracle

January 27th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor


Jack LaLanne dies

January 27th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

How is this possible? Mr. Lalanne died Sunday, January 23 of respiratory failure at the ripe old age of 96. This is not good for business. Jack lalanne was a fitness guru indeed but he was even more so an entrepreneur and a businessman. All kidding aside he himself recently said he planned on living for a long, long time and that he in fact felt terrific and was still working out two hours a day at the physically fit age of 96 and indeed death was not expected to occur not at all in the foreseeable future. I am sincere when I say that Jack probably thought that if he continued to workout without fail he would really live forever and never die – see this interview

This actually ties in nicely with the other blog I wrote about death and dying. Surely Lalanne wasn’t insane and knew that he would have to go sometime but I’m sure he figured if he continued with his exercise routine he wouldn’t die that day, the next day, or even next year for that matter. We all compartmentalize (again read Ernest Becker – Denial of Death; it’s all about the things we do in order to not face up to one’s own demise) and fiercely deny that this grim day will come. Can’t come! How can the earth continue to rotate on its axis and circle the sun without me?

My own form of denial is working out too. If I go out jogging for 40 minutes and come back without incident and feel healthy and refreshed well chances are I’m not going to croak that night. Why do you think people run in the 1st place? I mean it certainly doesn’t make you look any more physically fit (I’m talking about the obsessed fanatics – the marathon runners and Iron Man competitors) and it’s been documented that rigorous exercise for more than 40 minutes a day does more damage than good. Just look out the window and you will invariably see some jogger running in 20 degree weather while it’s snowing and sleeting because the runner needs his fix. And the irony is that this individual is increasing his or her odds of accidental mishap and death because he or she elects to run in inclement weather in order to avoid death.

Oh and speaking of fix. Remember Jim Fixx; the running guru who wrote a number of books about running and health and how by having a jogging routine you will increase your lifespan, etc. Well when he died in 1984 of a massive heart attack while running, runners across the country were saddened and shocked and were rendered unable able to get out of bed, so grieve-stricken that their guru was dead.

Let me wrap up this blog with Jack Lalanne the man and his accomplishments; I won’t list all of them here (watch him work out on you tube; it’s remarkable how strong and fit he was, just amazing watching him do the 1 finger pushups) but he certainly was an advocate of healthy living; diet and exercise. He had his own TV show, sold many books and was certainly an Icon of the 20th century.

Now WHADAWETHINK ? Is this country obsessed with exercising? How long do you think it prolongs your life – 6 months maybe; all that work for 6 months. Does it even prolong your life? Professional athletes don’t live longer than non-athletes. Do you think all this exercise is worth it? How much is enough?

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Introducing: Rhett & Oracle

January 27th, 2011 by Magdalena Tabor


My name is Barack Hussein Obama II and I am the President of the United States

January 26th, 2011 by Michael Tabor

Mr. President, there as never been a president or politician for whom I have the most unadulterated utmost respect and admiration; my adulation for you is borderline worship. I will just touch on one unthinkable hurdle over which you triumphed and then ask a question regarding your foreign policy game plan. My name is Michael Tabor and the really banal obstacle of overcoming certain erroneous associations with just your name Barack (Muslim- blessed one) Hussein (last name of the leader with whom we were at war) and Obama (one letter away from the first name of the worst enemy the United States has ever had)…..

I don’t know if people were aware of the fact that Barack Obama will be interviewed and fielding select questions for a YouTube interview on 1/27/2011 just two days after the big State of the Union address tonight. Inasmuch as the address will take place tonight, Tuesday, January 27, 2011, YouTube was really promoting this opportunity to actually have a chance to ask the President a question. Anyone who would say I was being a bit pollyannaish to think that my question would be selected would not be wrong. (After all who none other than a pollyanna would quit his job and become a fulltime blogger with no other qualifications other than the ability to write and knowingly persevere despite being severely challenged in terms of any marketing and IT skills.) Well unfortunately I only got this far as the aforementioned today before the site advised me that my question was too long and then in an attempt to abbreviate my query, I had technical difficulties so I abandoned it and I figured I would just blog about it.

I firmly believed that Obama was indeed easily the most qualified candidate and a force to be reckoned with but I must admit I earnestly thought that the American people were going to extirpate him simply because of the man’s name. Not to mention the fact that he was also black; The 1st African American president.

President Obama inherited a host of some of the most troublesome problems this country has ever had to face; two wars – one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and a crippling economy as bad as the Great Depression. As a matter of fact I think we would have to probably go back to FDR in 1933 in terms of having to grapple with so many problems.

I am enormously pleased that the American public elected the right man for the right job. Obviously I can blog several books on Obama and his presidency up until the midterms but I really wanted to just touch on the quite trite influence a person’s name may affect people’s decision making.

So whadawethink? Did the name bother you? Did it affect you in any way shape or form? Or did you view it as sheer coincidence, as I did and focused on the real issues at hand and the terrible condition in which the country was left after the Bush administration.

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